Saturday, May 31, 2008

GBSF Assaut Savate League 2008 Event II

Tatami is an expensive thing. Video: Tabaqchali vs Whitmore in fight in Cambridge on 25th of May 2008
Women - under 48 kg Agnes Aubert Cambridge
Women - 48 to 52 kg Julia Christofeul Lille
Women - 52 to 56 kg Julie Gabriel Cambridge
Women - 56 to 60 kg Annie Conklin Cambridge
Women - 60 to 65 kg Rachel Shore Guildford
Women - 65 to 70 kg Sophie Sabih London

Men - 60 to 65 kg Vincent Masschelin Lille
Men - 65 to 70 kg Alain Jean-Baptiste Birmingham
Men - 70 to 75 kg James Antill Guildford
Men - 75 to 80 kg James Southwood London
Men - 80 to 85 kg Darren Hook Guildford
Men - Over 85 kg Rafal Tichanow Cambridge

International combats in Marseilles 20.4.08

20th april 2008 in Salle Vallier in city of Marseille - France.

University OPEN Vojvodina - Srbija Novi Sad 2.11.08

FIS - Federation Interantional de Savate is now member of FISU (International University Sports Federation). AGFIS martial art members Kickboxing, Ju-jitsu, Sumo, Sambo, Kendo, Aikido, Muay Thai and Wu-shu didn't make yet this big step forward.
In Slovenia OKS - Olympic comitte of Slovenia and MSS - Ministry of Sport and Education didn't make rules for accepting savate as sport from 2004 when Savate federation Slovenia joined OKS.
But all in all - Slovenia is a member of EU - European Union and they say we are country with normal western democracy taking care for all aspects of human involvement in our society.
But unfortunatelly for savate in Slovenia this certainly isn't true. Savate as a sport is blocked totaly from the begining of 2004 (now it will be 5 th year). Savate federation asked for help everywhere - also in French Embassy, Francophone forum, French industry in Slovenia (Renault, Peugeout, LeClerk, Societte General,...) and didn't get any useful help.
But blocked we keep on going ...further and further. And on University OPEN Vojvodina we will go also.
Slovenian Olympic Comitte probably won't make any valuation of our competitive results till november although we expect new results again and again.
We are a sport without any value :).
Funny thing is that Slovenia (involved is also Slovenian parliament) prepare everything for FISU - Maribor 2013 Winter Student Games, but on the other hand Ministry for sport and OKS still ignore savate as part of FISU as competitive sport.

FISU President George Killian and a number of the FISU EC members officically opened the promotional booths of the 2013 candidates for for Winter Universiade (Maribor, Slovenia).

They say we are only some different recreational sport. And big Francophony can not help our case in any case :).
Ah, let'say that Europe has that luck that Slovenia at this moment is a president country of EU and also could be a good example of how things should work. And after Slovenia there comes France to presidency of EU, and then everything will be allright. You think so?

Should have patriotic feelings after all?

Slovenian rulz EU from here :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Yong Tjun or Makotokai

You want something oriental, traditional and of course good demonstrator of martial art skills. We have chosen for you today Yong Tjun (wingtsun - kung fu (master: Heinrich Pfaff) and Makotokai (karate - maybe similar to kyokushinkai but with much more moving and other precision skills (master: Paolo Bolaffio)).
What would you choose?

Savate club Buhlbronn - Germany

Ari Papadopoulos: team trainer and combat fighter from European championships 1986 in Paris: Results:

Savate club Buhlbronn
and training of Frey and Abella Berhu from 1985 in Buhlbronn (near Stuttgart).

Bridgeman Savate - Roland Armarego in Germany 2006

We see freiendly and educational visit of Roland Armarego (Bridgeman Savate - Australia) in Moers in Germany. But I didn't see Australian competitors on World savate championships yet. Now I see that financial problems aren't the only reason of their absance. Link to Moers Savate.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kyokushinkai - International karate friendship in 2008

After Fred Royers's savate career, kyokushinkai developed very fast in Holland. After kyokushinkai also muay thai got popularity, and Dutch fighters are known as low kickers later in that period.
These days karate WKF, taekwondo ITF and WTF and WAKO kickboxing are very similar sports with very little differences and the danger of unification is suspected.
Karate needs something new - and probably there are tryings to invent continious fighting with low kicks as original style came to Okinawa from Chinese Kung-fu. For sure. Yes. In near future expect many changes in karate world and answer probably lies here in Kyokushinkai. And for IFMA Muay thai - don't worry - they are in good hands - like EBU - European boxing Union . I talk about WBC - World boxing council and Don King's team which put hands on WMC - World Muay thai council and no contender should worry about anything. Savate with shoes is to similar to boxing and no cheaf wants to have a dangerous partner.
There is nobody who works on his own. And probably you know it.
Ah: just a small anecdote out of this context:
Interesting is the story from an old Rome when rich women chose chimpanzee when they took a walk throuh the city - and the difference was evident.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gilles Ledigou - seminar Pavia (ITA)

Stage for all levels from 10.00 to 12.30 with FIS president Gilles Le Digou in JKS-GYM V.Vercelli, 2 in city of Pavia. Price: 15.00 euro. Promoter: President of savate section in Kickboxing federation of Italia (FIKB): Alfredo Lallo

Salem Assli - 3 savate DVD

Buy this savate videos. LINK
This excellent DVD series by Professor Salem Assli, shows all the fundamental Kickboxing training drills necessary to develop a perfect sense of distance and timing in combat. From the basics combinations to the more advanced technical progression in the art of Savate, Professor Assli systematically instructs you through the use of training with equipment (heavy bag, focus mitts, forearm pads, etc…) and the lethal Self-Defense techniques developed in the streets of Paris by the old savateurs. It’s a dynamic series including all the essential elements to become proficient in the art of Kickboxing Savate.

Buy this savate videos.

Measuring your kicking and punching power in ITF

Taekwon-do power test machine. Replaces boards (and injuries) in power test competetion.

MCA Open, Taekwon-do Power test competetion organised by use of new electronic power test machine safeTT.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The word sambo is a Russian abbreviation that means “self-defence without weapons” (самозащита без оружия). This combat technique was developed by Vasilii Sergeevich Oshchepkov, one of the pioneers of the soviet judo in the ‘20s. Sambo has around five thousand defence holds from the various national wrestling styles – Georgian, Tadjik, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kirghiz, and Armenian – as well as from disciplines based in defence. It was officially recognized as a sport by the National Committee of Physical Culture and Sports on 6 November 1938. The first USSR championship took place in 1939.
Weight categories are split as follows:
Men 55kg, 60kg, 66kg, 74kg, 84kg, 96kg and 120kg
Women 48kg, 51kg, 55kg, 59kg, 63kg, 67kg and 72kg

But SAMBO exist in two different world federations: First one is Olympic FILA - Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées (Federation of International Wrestling Associations) and the other is non-olympic FIAS - Federation International Amateur de Sambo (International Amateur Sambo Federation).

FILA - SAMBO (Guillaume ALBERTI - World Champion (-68Kg)

FIAS - World Sambo Championships Praque 2007

But all in all - AGFIS doesn't have any problems with duplication of sports. Like inline hockey sambo exists also in two parts. Do you think there is everything OK in sport Olympic and Non-Olympic structures on the highest level?

European Muay Thai Championship 2008

European muaythai championship in Poland (11-18 May 2008) organize by Arkadia Gym Kalisz.

And the other place - probably changed:
European muaythai championships 2008 will be held in Zgorzelec from 22nd to 28th of June, which coincides with the celebration of "Zgorzelec City Days"

Source: - see homepage

French boxing GALA - Villiers-sur-Marne

31. may 2008 19:30, Gymnase Léo Lagrange, Avenue de l'Europe, 94350 Villiers-sur-Marne. 6 combats in organisation of Club VILLIERS SPORTS JEUNESSE.

Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing – Savate

Francophone games 2009 will be in Beiruth in Lebanon. We hope to see savate - french boxing on a sport programe hand to hand with English boxing which already exist as a real franchophone sport.

CAMA - Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts

CAMA link

They take care also for children education in savate. Tigers children's group logo you see.

From UK

Interesting link of new savate seminar from Great Britain. Is this instructor connected with GBSF - savate?

Monday, May 26, 2008

France Elite Adib Fatima vs. Oudoul Valerie (-56 kg)

Finals of french championships - FRANCE ELITE - French boxing - 4.4.2008 in city Oraison - women duel: Adib Fatima vs. Oudoul Valerie (-56 kg).

Strategy on low battery

Old karate crashing technique. When you progress very fast and you are satisfied only with muscle weight.

Teddy and Anthony Soyez talented

1.3.2008 in Calais - young fighters Teddy and Anthony Soyez. Organisation of tournament: club "Savate" de Wattrelos.

Canne de combat attractive jumping

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Farid Khider and Djibrine Fall Télémaque in kickboxing

Savateurs in kickboxing shows their best.

Khider vs. Mebenga

Night of champions 2005

Djibrine Fall Télémaque vs. Tony Coté

Farid Khider vs. Samir Berbachi

Source: PUNCHMAH - please visit their sites

Naseem Hamed Amatuer Fights

Brilliant punches, nice moving, smart decisions. Very frustrating for his opponents.

Domain www.savate.XYZ

You heard a story about promotion?

Savate web domains you can search are:

Wide known:

Weird domains:

Non-existent: (other domain exist) (other domain exist) (other domain exist)


FISU magazine No. 73 - savate

From left to right:
- Vincent Rognon, FFSU National Vice-Director,
- Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary-General / CEO,
- Alexandre Walnier, Secretary-General of the FIS University Committee,
- José Savoye, FFSU President,
- Gilles Le Duigou, FIS President,
- Laurent Briel, WUC Director
(photo Yvan Dufour)

Magazine FISU No.73 - LINK

New Championships Allocated
New world University championships were allocated for 2010 at the last FISU Executive Committee meeting held in Harbin, at the end of February 2008. Four new candidates have been approved by our Executive Committee, for a total of 22 championships scheduled for 2010! The four new events are: beach volley in Colakli, Turkey, equestrian in Sangju, Korea, field hockey in Edinburgh, Great Britain, and finally savate (foot boxing) in Nantes, France.
Savate will be one of the new disciplines for 2010. Gilles le Duigou, Chairman of the Fédération Internationale de Savate, came last January to promote his sport at a working meeting at the FISU headquarters in Brussels together with the FFSU president. Savate is a martial art in a spirit totally in keeping with the university
philosophy. It can count on the enthusiasm of the French Federation of University Sports and the city of Nantes that will proguarantee participation at the top of the scale in both the men’s and women’s categories.

Savate - French boxing vs. Kyokushinkai karate

Championship was held in city Tarija - country Bolivija - South America.

Pelea Cabezas vs. Tarraga

K1 light contact in Italy - FIKB - WAKO

Will Semmy Schiltt participate in such event in near future? This is light contact amateur tournament of K1 style. Some countries practice K1-style as soft discipline and on the other hand other countries don't even know that it is possible to organise such competitions under the same sport WAKO umbrella.

ZIPOTA - some version of early savate?

Although it is claimed to be a Basque variant of Savate, it is unclear whether the sport truly originates in the Basque Country. Its practitioners may have borrowed, used and coined a number of Basque terms such as zipotedun (one who has zipote), zipotelari (a zipotero), lamiak and sugaar (names for kicks), makila (a Basque walking stick used in some Basque dances and sports), and others.

The name zipote is described by practitioners as being from the Basque, meaning shoe. The word zapata in Basque is a loanword from Spanish. The Spanish word itself, and the French word savate, are loans from Arabic sabbat, via Italian ciabatta or old Occitan sabata. There is no evidence that the word zipote or zipota has a meaning of "shoe" or a martial art in Basque.

Another possible derivation for zipote is the Spanish word, cipote.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Savate baton defense

Demonstration of SBD. Many karate styles have organised promotion through visits of their masters in each country where they practice it. Unfortunately this is not done in savate defense segment. Many new savate federations could be invited in FIS through savate defense not just through competitive boxe francaise activities.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Klub Lučki Radnik - Rijeka - Club dock labourer

In Rijeka in Croatia there was one upon a time THE man called Boris Ilić. Some say he was a big hope for SAVATE - boxe francaise at that time in ex - Yugoslavia. Savate club named dock labourer in Rijeka was the strongest in ex - Yugoslavia. Boris tragicly died in motorcycle accident. What happend then with savate in Rijeka we all know. Many clubs in area started with kickboxing and ITF taekwondo although Boris as savateur succesfully won a match against Branko Cikatič (K1 star) as some stories in Croatia say.

Gala: Belgium vs. France - Malmedy - Belgium 10.2.2007

5 x 2 min, Sébastien Mallart (BEL) vs. Aurélien Devooght (FRA) (-72kg)

5 x 2 min, Boris Essere (FRA) vs. Julien Lapauw (BEL) (-63 kg)

5 x 2 min, Cedric Lapauw (BEL) vs. Mohamed Diaby (FRA) (-68 kg)

History of Jogo do Pau

Jogo do Pau: The Ancient Art and Modern Science of Portuguese Stick Fighting Voted the "Most Effective Stick Art" at the International Congress of Stick Arts, 2000, Jogo do Pau is the stunningly effective form of long stick native to Portugal and practiced today as a growing martial art. Jogo do Pau is the ancient and deadly art of Portugese stick combat. Based on the use of the staff, Jogo do Pau combatants wield the staff with efficient power, as it has been used for centuries in the rough countryside of Portugal. Originating in the Middle Ages, the long combat stick of Portugal was mentioned as a favorite weapon of the Portugese champion Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira, who secured Portugese independence in the Battle of Aljubarrota. In Brazil, Capoeira combatants encountered Jogo do Pau and were shocked at its efficiency. In the 1970s, legendary undefeated master of the stick Nuno Russo combined various national forms into a scientifically-refined system of combat that held up in International competitions, culminating in the election of Jogo do Pau as the "Most Effective Stick Art" at the 2000 International Congress of Stick Arts. In the 21st century, Jogo do Pau enjoys a wide reputation for nearly brutal effectiveness, but it has also been adapted for International stick competitions. There is debate as to how "Jogo do Pau" should be translated and what it means. "Jogo", in Portuguese means "game" but it can also mean "throw" from the verb "jogar". "Jogo do Pau" literally means the "Game of the Stick" or the "Throwing of the Stick". It is commonly referred to as "Stick Fencing". There is a deep history behind this Portuguese martial art. There are books on the subject and I've seen at least one video on it. There is also a lot of free information, which may or may not be accurate, on the internet. I have also heard of the existance of some old Portuguese documentaries about Jogo do Pau. There is also a martial art in the Canary Islands called "Juego del Palo". It is similar and, in my mind, there must be a connection between the two. What it is, however, I do not know. I can only speculate since the history of Portugal and Spain are intertwined, both being Iberian/Hispanic people. -Lusitano Some more information: Jogo do Pau: Origins and Evolution -

Portuguese soldiers learn "Jogo do Pau" in order to use the rifle as a stick and to use the bayonet.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

KFC - Kickboxing federation Croatia - assembly 2008

Some say there were naughty things in there. KFC is one of the strongest kickboxing federations in Balkan region (see picture map).

Savate federation Bosnia

Savate club Grčica in city BRČKO district BIH. Trainer: Slobodan Garič.

AGFIS - General Association of International Sports Federations

AGFIS meetings are on SportAccord annual conferences:
On this meetings all sports world federations accept new sport federations in AGFIS familiy. This year it will be in Athens on 6th of June. But unfortunatelly we don't see FIS (International Savate federation) in its trying to become new AGFIS member.

See the list of participants: Attendee list

2011 Winter Deaflympics Organizing Committee Slovakia
2nd. Lusophone Games Organising Committee - Lisbon 2009 (LUGOC - LISBON2009) Portugal
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Active Rights Management United Kingdom
AEG Europe United Kingdom
Agence France Presse (AFP - Athens bureau) Greece
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AGFIS Monaco
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Savate in FISU

Should we fight for inclusion on 2010 list of students sports?
On the first page we can see savate but the championships list is not updated with french boxing and the location of tournament. Worry? Not at all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Savate clubs in Belgium

12 strong clubs in Belgium savate federation.

Auderghem Le Gaulois
Avia BC Bruxelles (Vilvoorde)
Charleroi le Tireur
Esquive Frasnoise
Euro Liège
Les Brigades du Tigre de Laeken
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Savate clubs in USA

USA savate newsletter

9 clubs: California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia.
President Todd Rork (MD), Vice President Jeff Conley (CA), Secretary Dana Moore (IL), Treasurer Alan Tominack (MD)

Cambridge - Great Britain - assaut 2/4

Great Britain is great also in Savate. Welcome on Cambridge assaut league 2/4, where FIS president Gilles from time to time helps with technical seminars. Remember Sunday 25th of May.

Richard Sylla on FIKB seminar in Italy 24.4.2008

Cooperation between FIKB (Italian Kickboxing federation) and (FFSavate)French Savate Federation becomes warmer and warmer. Cattolica was the city where the seminar with legendary fighter from France was made on topic savate - boxe francaise. Only for technical directors from Italy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Savate training in CRETEIL - France

Savate club Creteil -

Jogo do Pau - Portugal traditional stick fighting

Savate friends from Portugal could tell us more about their traditional both handed stick fighting. But till then, German TV documentary is enough to satisfy our hunger. Jogo do Pau could be additional discipline to French Baton and cooperation would be fantastic.

Spiele der WELT - documentary LINK

Saturday 7th of June in Genova - Italy

Assaut in the morning and combat in the evening. 1000 EUR is the price for the best team.