Sunday, September 27, 2009

Savate forme basic moves

Giorgo Ali - SAVATE seminar PACK

Did anybody see this master of savate attending any official FIS savate tournament?

3th October

24th October

12th December

Friday, September 25, 2009

Branko Cikatic - teacher of K1 in University sport - Croatia

In Croatia there will be substitution beetwen FISU savate and K1 discipline in university sport .Do you know a country with National Olympic Committee member where all this could be possible? YES. Every Balcan country including Slovenia. Wonderland.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manuela Massari - I don't understand why - called "The Witch"

Nice compilation of smart moves.

Dalila Adoui and Pierre Rysiewicz assaut demonstration

Semi finals of France Elite 2009 championship in Beaumont les Valence. Dalila Adoui and Pierre Rysiewicz demonstration of assaut.

and from history to these days:

Savate seminar with Alain Tardits - 17th July Berlin, Germany - IMAG

Friends were month ago in Berlin. Boat trip.
And if I don't find at the moment the right words - I can just mention savate seminar in Germany.

Before seminar:

After seminar:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Luigi Alessandri - Imperia, Italy

Demonstration of "so-called" Silver glove exam programe on Memorial Rocchetti - Andora 8th August 2009. We are presenting School of savate Imperia and master Luigi Alessandri.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canne de combat on a windy beach - sparring with father

Canne de combat - Sainkt Petersburg, Russia

European Wu-shu federation meeting in another continent?


NOTICE OF EWuF CONGRESS: The EWuF Congress 2009 is planned for the morning of 24th October 2009 in Toronto Canada, exact time and place will be notified to you soon. Proposals or motions to be presented at the EWuF Congress must be sent to the Direct General and received before 23rd September 2009 for inclusion on the agenda. Only proposals sent by the President or Secretary General of a current “Active Member” can be considered.

IOC President visits the Belgian Olympic Committee


On September 4th the IOC President was attending a Belgian Olympic Committee event, after this event he attended the "Memorial Ivo Van Damme" one of the biggest athletic event in the Olympic stadium of Brussels nearby the Belgian Olympic Committee office. Our Director General Patrick Van Campenhout met the IOC President on this occasion.

On September 4th the IOC President was attending a Belgian Olympic Committee event, our Director General Patrick Van Campenhout met the IOC President on this occasion

World Games Kaohsiung - Wushu as demonstration sport

I hope that all of you had a very good holiday time. During this holiday there were some big events going on. The 2009 World Games had place from July 16-26 and some 31 sports were participating in this very big event. Some 5000 athletes from 103 countries took part in the competition in Kaohsiung. The Organising committee had recruited 6000 volunteers and there were some 280.000 visitors on the different venues all over Kaohsiung.

For the first time Wushu was presented as an demonstration sport, this is a very important step for Wushu. This is the result from our lobbying during the last years in Sportaccord meetings. The next step is the application to become a full sport in the World Games. Next year in April we will have the next Sportaccord meetings and also the International World Games Congress. During this General Assembly a new executive committee will be elected and the agreement of new sport federations and sport disciplines will be discussed. The World Games are always considered as the "anti-chamber" of the Olympic programme.

The World Games editions are every 4 years, the next World Games are in 2013 in Cali, Colombia. Let's work hard to be accepted by the IWGA as a full sport on the programme.

Wushu as a demonstration sport in the World Games Kaohsiung. Gleb Muzrukov, Peter Warr, Tatiana Kuprianova and Patrick Van Campenhout in the Wushu competition venue

Patrick Van Campenhout with the IWGA President Mr. Ron Froehlich and Mr. Max Bisschop executive member IWGA

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Savateur: Silvia La Notte on WAKO K1 kickboxing world championship in Austria in October 2009

K1 RULES - World kickboxing championship WAKO, Villach, Austria, 19th-25th October.
She is a chosen one. For Italian BLUE team.











Pro Fighting Sesto





University of Fighting





Real Sport SS





Pro Fighting Prato





Ski Sport Kombat Messina







Team Marceddu FI





Real Sport SS





Tiger Sporting Club SA





Pro Fighting RM





Pitbull Team KB Tivoli





Pro Fighting Roma





Pro Fighting RM





Pro Fighting Prato








Fight & Fitness LU

Pro Fighting Santeramo






Pro Fighting RM


Compilation of fights

Muay thai fighter Petrosian in Italian kickboxing federation

Ennio Falsone (FIKB - Italian kickboxing federation), Carlo Di Blasi, Alfio Romanut club Satori (town Gorizia) and his pupils brothers Petrosian.
Brothers Petrosian will become technical coaches for FIKB. But before - K1 max in October in Japan, Tokyo.

And who said that names are just names - just to cover the same players behind?

President of IFMA Member Federation in Belgium Visits the Thai Embassy In Brussels


On September 4th 2009, Mr. Patrick Van Acker, President of the Belgian Kickboxing & Muaythai Organisation (BKBMO), a member of IFMA together with Mr. Karl Lauwen, President of the Thai-Belgium Association paid a visit to H.E. Ambassador Pisan Manawapat, at the Thai Embassy in Brussels.

Mr. Van Acker discussed the development of muaythai in Belgium and told the Ambassador that he aimed to popularaise the sport to the Belgium people as it is a sport which blends together the Thai culture and traditions. He also conveyed to HE the Ambassador that muaythai is yet to gain recognition from the State Government of Flander, due to their judgement that muaythai is a violent sport. It is because of this that the BKBMO are having difficulties in obtaining monetary support from the government to participate at International events such as the IFMA World Championships and the 2010 Sportaccord Combat Games.

H.E. the Ambassador agreed to help to lobby with politicians and the Minister of Sport, to ask the media for help in publishing stories to help promote muaythai as a martial art rather than a violent blood sport.

This cooperation will endorse muaythai as a beautiful art form which reflects the respect each athlete has for his or her teacher as well as for one another. The Thai embassy in Belgium also sees it as a way to develop and nurture Thai-Belgium relations.

The embassy have proposed some projects specifically geared towards these aims pending the grant for funding from Bangkok. These projects include inviting a minister or politician with decision making authority together with some Belgian muaythai athletes and Belgian media to travel to Thailand, inviting Thai muaythai trainers to train Belgian athletes for a duration of one month and focus on the traditional aspects such as Wai Khru and arranging for representatives of the BKBMO to visit the Belgian Embassy in Thailand to lobby for the Belgian Embassy to support the cause.

We wish our Belgian member federation the best of luck and continued support in the goal of gaining recognition from their highest sport authority in the near future.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Savate fighters: Marina Horvat and Ida Kovacevic in jail in Ukraine

From right to the left: Miljenko Rozmaric - NEW President of savate federation Croatia and active as a women selector in (AIBA) Croatian boxing federation also, trains: Marina Horvat and Ida Kovacevic.

President of Savate federation Croatia Mr. Miljenko Rozmaric - selector of woman team - english boxing federation of Croatia was probably dissapointed.
No VISAS were obtained for both fighters. (Or maybe this was just a smart decision? kickboxing - savate - boxing internal problems?)
And they were prepared for European woman boxing championship - 2009 (Ukraine) but police had another strategy.

What is the moral of this story?
Don't mix savate - french boxing with other combat sports (and especially not with english boxing) - in other case you will go in jail.

Bulgarian lottery repeat probed

Bulgarian lottery shop
The chance of the same numbers appearing were one in four million

The Bulgarian authorities have ordered an investigation after the same six numbers were drawn in two consecutive rounds of the national lottery.

The numbers - 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 and 42 - were chosen by a machine live on television on 6 and 10 September.

An official of the Bulgarian lottery said manipulation was impossible.

A mathematician said the chance of the same six numbers coming up twice in a row was one in four million. But he said coincidences did happen.

Minister of Physical Education and Sport Svilen Neykov said the commission established to investigate would provide answers towards the end of the week.

The lottery organisers described it as a freak coincidence and pointed out that the numbers were drawn in a different order.

Nobody won the top prize in the first draw.

But a record 18 people guessed all six numbers in the 10 September draw.

Each will win 10,164 leva (5,196 euros; $7,643).

Source: BBC

"Honneur" IDF league

Raouf Essadi (Cergy) vs David Naze (Bobigny)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moring lontan in Toulouse, France

Savate old cousin Moring is getting better and more realistic. If Rio de Janeiro - Brasil won Olympic Games everything will change in martial art world. Capoeira and all ground fighting kicking styles will start with competition activities. Can you beleive me?

Savate forme Creteil

Jogo do Pau will you join savate after/before AGFIS inclusion?

Savate animation

Savate club Riaille

Savate forme Corbeil

Savate club Cluses

Jean Pierre CHATEL

Savate forme in RIVAT integral dresses

RIVAT company with strong ambitions. In France.

Rambo Amadeus - trilogy on Balcan savate

Plastic Fantastic

Comedy, tragedy, drama

My scooter

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ethiopian Suri Stick Fighting - Last Man Standing

If you are a beleiver then it's all true...

Six intrepid athletes travel the world to compete against the most remote tribes on earth at their own sports. The world's most brutal form of stick fighting. It's insanely dangerous; no outsiders have ever before taken part. The idea is to use a seven-foot pole to knock your opponent down, draw blood, or make him give up. As far as the rules are concerned, that's about it.

Buitron Savate Academy, Laredo, Texas

Friday, September 11, 2009

Savate almost with both feet in AGFIS,11411,5148-0-155465-0-custom299748,00.gif

FIS president is pleased to inform you that the International Savate Federation submitted its application for membership of SportAccord (AGFIS) this summer. The final decision will be made at the time of the SportAccord General Assembly in April 2010 - Dubai. Let us continue to work together with enthusiasm for the future of the Savate.

Seminar in Iran 6th of september 2009

Written by Julie

125px-flag_of_iran_svg.pngThe Iranian Savate Association ran a technical seminar on Friday 6th September. Participants had the opportunity to practise different levels of technique and strategies of fighting in combat.

The President of the Iranian Savate Association, Mr. HamidReza Hesaraki, invited Mr.Mohammad Hamzepour, 2009 world championship bronze medalist (60-65kg) to participate and demonstrate Savate techniques.


Anti doping - STOP drugs in savate

At the 2009 world championship tournament in Serbia in June, the Serbian anti-doping agency tested a selection of 5 men and women athletes. The FIS is happy to announce that all results were negative.

How will the structure of future savate federations in Europe look like

Whatever happens in this brave new world it is a product of a strong plan from the past. China's birth regulation was possible, Europe's immigration was possible like the US immigration beetwen world wars. But the producer of that kind of scenarios in the the past will never be reveiled. Only people are always guilty. Small people.

You remember ARISF

Olympic recognised sports (IOC) - The Association of Recognized IOC International Sports Federations (ARISF)

But their domain expired. Yes, they worked hard and serious and now you can see that Olympic movement is still alive.

Mr.Ching-kuo Wu knows what savate is?

Xiamen Olympic Museum, one of the twelve members of the International Olympic Museum Network, is a non-profitable international organization approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee. It is the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” in China. The museum was planned, designed and founded by International Olympic Committee Member, the president of International Boxing Association (AIBA), Mr.Ching-kuo Wu, who is also a world-renowned architecture expert and the curator of our Museum. The museum has rich collections of Olympic culture relics with the purpose of promoting Olympic cultures, spirits and making more people to know, experience and share Olympic history and glory.

INSEP integral savate dress

Savate combat category mi-moyen - David Tuquet (U.S Melun) vs. Yvan Bubanja (Paris Belier association) 07th of April 1991 in Melun, France.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Surname Zapata

This is an occupational surname recorded originally in its various spellings in France, Italy, Spain, and Rumania. The derivation is from the Old French word 'savate' meaning slipper, the surname being a metonymic or nickname for the maker or seller of shoes and slippers. There are at least thirty spelling forms ranging from Sabattier, Savatier and Sabatini, to Zapata, Zavitteri, and Ciobutaru. Occupational surnames, unlike those of habitation, were not originally hereditary, and only became so when the son followed the father into the 'family business'. Most of the derivations of the surnames and the most popular forms, are themselves patronymics. In this case examples of the surname recordings taken from authentic church and civil registers include Antonio de Munea Zapata, christened at Albacete, Spain, on June 11th 1609, and Abraham Savatte, born at Marck, Pas-de-Calais, France, on January 1st 1649. Francois Savatier was christened at Vaux-sur-Vienne, France, on June 26th 1749, and Clara Zapater was married to Bernardo Calbo, at Santa Maria, Tudela, Spain, on January 6th 1760. The coat of arms has the distinctive and appropriate blazon of a gold field, charged with a red shoe fesswise. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Andres Cabellera Zapatero, which was dated April 12th 1588, born at Villa de Esqueva, Valladolid, Spain, during the reign of King Phillip 11 of Spain Emperor of Mexico, 1556 - 1598. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Boxing history

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Asian Savate Federation

The FIS President would like to inform member countries that there is currently no president of the Asian Confederation. There will be a congress of Asian member countries to elect a President and Board Members. Meanwhile, an Acting President has been appointed to organize the congress - he is Mr HamidReza Hesaraki, who is President of the Iranian Savate Federation, which is based in Tehran and recognized by the Iranian authorities. In addition to organizing the congress, Mr Hesaraki has been asked by FIS President Gilles Le Duigou to begin the organization of the 1st Asian Savate Championships - provisional arrangements have been made for the championships which will probably take place in 2010 in Thailand. Further information will follow.

University Savate in Mexico

Written by Julie (traduction: Jac)

The Mexican Savate Federation is pleased to announce the opening of the Queretaro State Savate Association AC. It is the first University-based association in Mexico, and has been set up to encourage women to participate in Savate.
Samuel Ramos recently gave a seminar there and awarded grades to 18 participants. Although it is a 7 hour drive for Samuel, he intends to support them with regular visits, and is convinced that they will enter a team in the University World Championships in Nantes.

Summer training camp in Reims

Written by Ola Svensson (traduction: Valerie)

Three of us from Sweden went to this year’s summer training camp in France: me, Ulf from Karlskrona and Katharina from Växjö. Ulf and I attended the preparation for combat fighters course and Katharina was there for the technical training.
The camp was in Reims in the north of France which made the travel easier than the last couple of years when it has been in the south.
We flew to Paris on the Sunday before the camp, rented a car and managed to find Reims in reasonable time. The only difficulty was finding the CREPS once we were in Reims. At the train station I found a tourist office and tried to ask the way but the girl who worked there had the same level of English as my French - impossible to understand so asking didn’t make me any wiser but I managed to get a map. With the map and a lot of patience we managed to find the way from the city centre to the CREPS in a little more than an hour. Later we found out that the actual drive way took ten minutes but we were just happy to find it.
Once at the CREPS we found Jerome Huon who gave us our keys to our rooms and food tickets and all things practical. He also told us that the following morning at 7.30 there would be a morning run to wake our bodies up. So the next day started with a forty minute slow run together in a group and after that it was breakfast. The breakfast at CREPS seems to be the same no matter where in France you go and it consists of white bread, cereal with or without chocolate and coffee. Besides not being that healthy, it gets incredibly boring but after the morning training it went down easily.
The second training of the day for the combat group was physical evaluation where we did a number of different exercises to determine our physical level. There were static weights tests and running. Short explosive runs and also a longer one where you would run as far and fast for as you could for six minutes and after that see how long you had run and count your pulse.
The combat group was small, there were only seven of us in all which is less than previous years but it was also a good thing because we got more time from the coaches. The coaches were Jerome Huon and Tony Ancelin from Levallois in Paris. Jerome works for the French federation and is a former top level fighter and Tony is still fighting and came in second in the French Elite Championships this year.
After lunch, which was a lot better than breakfast, there was some time to rest before the afternoon training. The third training session of the day was to evaluate fighting skills and consisted of five rounds of hard sparring. It was interesting to see the others fight and they were good, especially one guy, Christoffe who was impressive. For me the sparring was ok, a lot more time has been invested in coaching than in training this spring so it was kind of tough to do a hard sparring session and for me it ended in the end of the third round when I blocked a fouette with my nose.
Tuesday also started with a run and then some other balance and strength exercises before breakfast. The second session of the day was French boxing. First we got some evaluations from the coaches - they told us what to think about and what to concentrate on during the week. After that we did a lot of different themed assaut and the same thing in the afternoon.
Wednesday morning, there was no running, but instead there was some kind of relaxation exercise together with the whole group. Since it was done completely in French it was difficult to understand what it was all about but it was nice to relax a bit, together in a group.
The second session was pure physical training. After warming up we did explosive short runs of thirty metres where we started from different positions and just ran as fast as possible when the coach blew the whistle. After this there was circuit training where you did different exercises like pushups, sit ups, some static exercises and so on where we worked for thirty seconds and then changed exercise. We did this for two blocks of twelve minutes each and after that everyone were really tired and there were actually some small old injuries showing their ugly faces.
Because we were all tired Jerome and Tony took pity on us and the afternoon session was a little bit shorter, only about an hour of sparring.
Besides us three Swedes there were two Finns, two Germans and an English girl and because the Finns understand and speak Swedish and so did the Germans (one being Gerhard who is a language wizard) the second largest language at CREPS this week was Swedish (!)
Thursday morning was no training before breakfast so we got to sleep in. The first session was English boxing and in the afternoon we had some personal training with Jerome, everyone got a couple of rounds of pad work. In the evening a couple of us foreigners went to the nearest shop and bought some champagne, being in the heart of the champagne district and all sat down and talked about how things are going for Savate in our different counties and future plans while sipping on the beverage. It was a really nice evening watching the sun go down and learning more about how the Savate family is developing in the rest of the world.
Friday there was only one session and it was sparring and since there were not so many of us in the combat group Jerome went and got some more fighters from the youth group that also was attending the training camp. They were young but good and some of them were crazy fast. Fighting the fastest one of them I felt like the bullet in The Matrix that Keanu Reeves ducked under, I felt like I was moving in slow motion.
It was a really nice training camp and Reims was a nice city to have seen and training wise it is the absolutely best way to spend a vacation week.