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Canne de combat is a science

From Bordeaux. Thank you for every video.


Le Brise:

Shadow Lent:

Shadow Moyen:

Assaut de Style:


Lateral Exterieur:

Lateral Croise:

Croise Bas:

Feint Avant

Anthony Mezaache - adidas

From assaut to boxing and vice versa. From family Mezaache. You need one to become champion.

AS Quetigny prepartaions with Raphael Chapell, Villaume Romaric

Yves Vincent - trainer.
In Besancon not far from Geneve - so Switzerland ...

Anthony Fremont, Jacques Quaglia and Robert Christian - SNCM Corsair

Chauss fight creators in a short interview.

In South Africa he learned French boxing called SAVATE....

Tom Harinck - creator of Chakuriki lerned savate in South Africa?
But who actually teached this very rare sport in S. Africa?

Chanbara - stick fighting for "IDIOTS"

French team attended this great competition.

First they destroyed fencing and turned it in line karate-fencing. Then they ignored savate and copy it in new promoted sport called karate and other new born asiatic systems and later from them invented kickboxing. Now they try the same with canne de combat and long history of European fencing. This modern karate kendo fencing - one point touching is well known principle of rediscovering American continent.
But who will kill all Indians?

Peter Straub - Trainer and competitor in club Konstanz, Germany

In Kostanz there was also National German championship assaut 2009.
Peter Straub - trainer of savate in a Budo Circle Konstanz e.V. But also 3rd DAN ju-jitsu.
Actually this club teaches just kickboxing. WAKO - of course. And WKA at the same time.
And Vogel Uwe, who trains "Kickboxen" was also second on a National German asasaut championship 2008. What a lucky guy. (In the ring stepped for Konstanz also his club mates: Peter Straub, Daniel Gorgels and Malko Muller)
Thomas Gabele und Andreas Scherf
And this club is not a member of Savate federation Germany - but very nice one to prepare them National championship. I wish to have that kind of friends.

Peter Straub einer der führenden Männer im Savate in Deutschland und Mitglied im Budo-Circle Konstanz hat diesen Event für Konstanz gewinnen Können. Danke, Peter!

And Peter thank you from our side too, to help "kickboxen". We enjoy watching correct ju jitsu kicks towards our genitals under savate assaut rules calling them - begginer's mistakes.

Seminar savate defense in Loano, Italy

Master of savate Alfredo Lallo makes another big step in Italian savate. Now - they need to develop only savate defense and savate forme. In all other disciplines they are more than grown up.

Their website (of Kickboxing federation Italy - that one experimental of Boxing federation Italy) reports about stronger activities in the field of savate forme as strong weapon to popularize savate in "Macaroni" land.

God bless all savate enthusiasts who wears every day sportshoes on their seminars and of course all their international contributors who recognise those licenses.

Italian kendo federation under Italian fencing?

Organisation of Italian Olympic Committee surprises me more and more every day. - Italian kendo federation - Italian fencing federation

CISM Academy & SAVATE?

Previous Definition
CISM Academy was a scientific and pedagogical study centre dedicated to research in all areas of physical activity and sport manifestation – high-performance, social, educational and military in the Armed Forces worldwide.

Previous Objectives
1. Spread new methods of training used by troops around the world;
2. Keep a nucleus of military and civilian authorities in the field of sporting training, medicine and social inclusion;
3. Collect and file information on the modern methods of training;
4. Lead research in specific areas according to the necessity of CISM;
5. Lead symposia in which selected authorities could present studies and material brought up to date in all area of physical activity manifestation;
6. Spread new discoveries, methods and techniques of training for the countries members through technical booklets, symposia and clinics; and
7. Foment and divulge initiatives in the field of the social inclusion by sport.

Military Sport and CISM are acknowledged within the World of Sport

XIII IOC Olympic Congress
3-5 October 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark

After 15 years since the last edition in Paris on 1994, the IOC held again an Olympic Congress, very well organized in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 5 October 2009. The Congress was attended by more than 1000 participants in representation of the IOC, the International Federations, the Organizing Committees of the next Olympic Games and many other representatives and observes from the worldwide sport movement.

The Congress considered the following themes:

1. The Athlete
2. The Olympic Games
3. The Structure of Olympic Movement
4. Olympism and Youth
5. The digital revolution

The Final Resolution at chapter 1 out of 5, point 11 out of 66 declares that “Consideration should be given to the identification of ‘athlete-friendly’ structures, including schools, universities, technical institutes, public institutions, the Armed Forces and corporate sponsors, with whom sport and educational partnerships can be established.”
This document represents a milestone for military sport and CISM because it is expressly stated, for the first time, the positive role of the Armed Forces within the world of sport.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Boxing professional - Roy Jones Jr Highlight

Regional savate federation of PARIS bankrupted

How much money dissapeared 827O4 €?
In the heart of France in city of love, in the savate city of the cities.
Who will save our savate planet?
All weight is now on Alain Szenicer's shoulders.
And we hope that Paris will become in the near future as a center of savate with top quality seminars, competitions, clubs, competitors, teachers ....

21st June 2009 in Paris - Chauss fight DIED

Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe dreamt of a beautifull baby called CHAUSS FIGHT.
When he was born, was beautiful as his father and ...
This mission was aborted.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Italian muay thai: FMTI vs FIMT

FMTI - sent this document around Italy. Then FIMT protested as a true IFMA muay thai organisation. Here stands that boxing - FPI - Federazione Italiana Pugilistica - Italian boxing federation gave permission to an experimental Kickboxing federation (FIKB) (to join Olympic Italian Committtee) which has also sector of Muay Thai -
Try to find out what kind of information did they want to send to the world.

Poor Italian sweet lies.
Two different muay thai italian federations. First non legal, second IFMA legal.

1 - FMTI - Federazione Muay thai Italiana - KL - Kombat League - president: Max Baggio (WMC - World muay thai council recognised - or better World boxing council recognised - Jose Sulaiman)

Here we can see Mr. Max with all IFMA representatives:


2 - FIMT - Federazione Italiana Muay thai (member of IFMA) - president: Davide Carlot


Poor Sauwer. And another Octagon will be in Palasharp , Milan, Italy on 13th of March. And Buakaw is the next victim.

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Andy Souwer

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Yuya Yamamoto

Gevorg Petrosyan vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Italian kickboxing federation - Associata sperimentale alla Federazione Pugilistica Italiana

Associata sperimentale alla Federazione Pugilistica Italiana

And probably it means: Experimental association (of CONI) of Italian Boxing federation (FPI).
And again thesis: Is boxing almighty and controls kickboxing, muay thai and savate?

This thing is written on CONI's (Italian Olympic Committee) website:

Federazione Italiana Kick Boxing (FIKB) (

Associata sperimentale alla Federazione Pugilistica Italiana

Ennio Falsoni

Stefano Rigamonti

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 18
20052 Monza (MI)
T. +39 039321804
F. +39 0392328901

Technical kickboxing championships in WAKO

One of the interesting copies, that I found in kickboxing. The original you can find in savate - assaut sport - or technical duo competition - well known in France.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Russia - Oleg MATYTSIN Candidate to the position of the FISU Vice President/ FISU assessor


On behalf of the Russian Federal Agency of Sport and the Russian Olympic Committee we would like to express our support to the candidature of Dr. Oleg Matytsin, President of the Russian Student Sports Union, as an applicant for the position of the FISU Vice President/FISU assessor.
We know Dr. Matytsin for a long time as one of the Russia’s best sports managers and true student sports enthusiasts. We firmly believe that his strong academic background along with sound experience in sports and energetic personality well qualify him to hold one of the senior positions in FISU.
The Russian Student Sports Union (RSSU) is a prominent national sports institution traditionally serving as one of major foundations of Russia’s mass and high performance sports. Since Dr. Matytsin’s joining to the organization the RSSU received a significant impetus to further development. He has introduced a plan of turning the Union into an effective body dedicated to expansion of student sports movement in Russia. One of his key goals is to upgrade the RSSU status tying it closer to the Federal Government and to attract more substantial state funding.
Enhancement of the students’ participation accompanied by an improved and institutionalized funding will certainly transform the RSSU into a successful sports development body.
We are also aware that Dr. Matytsin is an ardent supporter of the proposal to expand FISU base through the development of the Continental Associations and generally to breath new life and energy into the global university sports movement.
We believe that being a reform promoter in his national association Dr. Matytsin will bring great energy and expertise to implementation of your vision of the revitalized FISU.
In this connection and with great pleasure and confidence we would like to recommend Dr. Matytsin to the position of the FISU Vice President/FISU assessor and support him as Russia’s representative at your distinguished organization.

It would be a great honor to be elected FISU Vice President/ FISU asscessor and I will do my best working for further development of the University
Sports worldwide and FISU better future - a development based on the following
  1. Improvement of the legal framework for all aspects of the FISU (structure and timing of the FISU Executive Committee and the FISU Commission).
  2. Enhancement of cooperation between continental federations and providing the balance of representation in the FISU Executive Committee and the Commission of FISU.
  3. Organizational and financial assistance to developing countries for University Sports
  4. Establishment of cooperation conditions with the International Olympic Committee and the Continental Olympic Committees. Gradual development of interaction between FISU and the International Olympic Committee.
  5. The development of a strategic partnership with international sports federations.
  6. Expanding the scope of cooperation with continental and regional Association of University Rectors.
  7. Establishment of modern information management system in FISU. FISU PR-project elaboration intended to promote the image of the organization responsible for the future of humanity.

ARISF is alive ... AGAIN

several times dead, and several times alive again . . . we can give ARISF a status of the SAINT.
Miracle status.
You can not destroy it, you can not poison it, it wakes up everytime.
Reminds me of Iggy Pop.

Un Yong Kim (WTF taekwondo) is a founder of World Games

READ AND LEARN - oh those Russians (Boney M)

Alexey Kylasov met the World Games founder Un Yong Kim

Alexey Kylasov and Un Yong KimOn July, 15 Secretary General of the Multisport Association of Russia, Alexey Kylasov, had an official working meeting in Seoul with the founder of the International World Games Association (IWGA), former president of the World Taekwondo Federation and the IOC vice-president Un Yong Kim.

‘The meeting with Un Yong Kim took place in the sport bar of baseball legends of “Lexington” hotel in the heart of Seoul near the National Assembly – Parliament of Republic of Korea’, noticed Alexey Kylasov. ‘Baseball was one of the sports the international federation of which became a founder of the IWGA. Looking around Kim said, ’Here we had our first meeting in 1980 when we had the idea to hold the World Games’. Later Kim said that the expenses on keeping the new organization office were paid by the United States Olympic Committee. It is worth mentioning that the IWGA office is still provided for by the USOC and it is situated in the USOC headquarters in Colorado Springs. ‘In fact, the American paid the organization of the first World Games and suggested to hold the Games in 1981 in the small town of Santa Clara in California’, said Kim.

Of course, we met not to share memories about the past but to discuss the prospects of the World Games development. I informed Kim about the refusal of the city of Duisburg (Germany) where the 7th World Games were held in 2005 to host the 9th World Games 2013. It became known from IWGA President Ron Fröhlich’s letter to the multisport Association of Russia in which he suggested that a Russian city should host the Games. Unfortunately, neither Moscow nor Saint Petersburg showed any interest in the offer. And now the IWGA executive committee in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) has to choose the city out of just two candidates – from SAR and Colombia right during the VIII World Games. It was very interesting the way Un Yong Kim reacted. he expressed himself exquisitely saying that both SAR and Colombia are not “comme il faut”. In his opinion, in SAR the Games won’t be noticed because of the FIFA Cup and in Colombia it is not reasonable to hold anything because the flight to Colombia is too expensive for most participants and, besides, it is just not safe there. Kim considers that in this situation it is high time for Fröhlich to admit the IWGA administration inconsistent. Kim and I agreed on the following: absence of applications from candidate-cities is connected with the fact that the Games haven’t become interesting to TV and consequently to sponsors. Kim reminded that some time before former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch had sincerely declared that the IOC was bankrupt, though of course nobody was going to declare it legally. For Fröhlich the situation is even easier. It is possible to blame the global financial crisis. Many people do it now to get away with their strategic mistakes.’
Alexey Kylasov expressed the opinion that one of the mistakes of the IWGA administration was the absence of national organizations integrated with the head organizations and established according to the head organization principle. To Alexey Kylasov’s surprise Kim said that it had been conceived initially. Kim planned to create the network by the national committees but his successor never worked in that direction. As a result there appeared a chimera. In some countries such organizations have been created, e. g. Lithuania, Ukraine, Japan, but their activities stop at NOCs. IWGA does not work with those organizations directly. The only exception is the national Olympic Committee of Germany which unites all the sport federations.

14th non-Olympic Sport's Festival

On March, 26 – 28th 2009 - 14th Non-Olympic Sport's festival was held under patronage of the Multisport Association of Russia in the bounds of the 16th Specialized Exhibition “СПОРТ-SPORT” in Sport-concert complex.
With the purpose of extending regional cooperation the Multisport Association of Russia took the decision to assist the traditional festival held by the exhibition organizers. Among the participants there were Russian and regional federations representing various sports: kettlebell lifting, mini-golf, motorcycle sport, table hockey, novus, dancing sport, French boxing Savate and Japanese chess shogi.
At the end of the event “СПОРТ-SPORT” exhibition management and the multisport Association of Russia agreed to continue cooperation and hold a more significant sport forum next year.

Finals world championship savate combat 2009, Paris, France

Amri Madani vs. Sportouch Jeremy (Sportouch lost - KO in plexus solaris)

Mohamed Diaby vs. Georgy Fernante

Youssef Boumoula vs. Widens Innocent

PARIS / EAUBONNE 28th November 2009

-75kg: Yannick FOELLER (France) vs. Shamil GUSEYNOV (Russia) (Guseynov lost)


Women :
-52kg: Heloise THOUROUDE (France) vs. Mariko HARA (Japan)

Finals world championship savate combat 2009, Tarbes, France

Domain name: Boxing EVENT? Where is savate?

TARBES, France 5th of December.

The strongest one and not (arranged ones)

Men :
-56kg: Antonio HORVATIC (Croatia) vs. Terry DRONNE (France)

-60kg: Alena FASKHUTDINOVA (Russia) vs. Ahlem GLISSET (Tunisia)
-70kg: Koprek KSENIJA (Croatia) vs. Jelena KUNIC (Serbia)

Rozenn Haet interview:

Hirachidine Saindou interview:

Highlights - but take a look at:
Trela Virginie vs. Hammadouche Maeva

If you compare savate with a marmaid?

In Jeet koon do weapons are incorporated in the whole system.
There is no question whether you like sticks or not - if you want to execute Jeet koon do properly you should know something about kali.
In savate most experienced and wanted teachers think the same way.
Savate these days looks like mermaid where you can get only half of a whole system. And which part do you want? Canne de combat or boxe francaise?

Semi finals - France Elite 2009

Semi finals - France Elite 2009 category - plumes. In Beaumont, Valence.
Carbone Richard (Loire Boxe Francaise) vs. Courville Wesley (Choisy Le Roi)

AIBA boxing on FISU Universiade 2013 Kazan, Russia

Source: AIBA

AIBA President shares platform with President of Russia - 26.10.2009

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu listens to the Russian President

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu met with the President of Russia, Mr Dmitry Medvedev, on the occasion of the inaugural Russian National Sports Forum in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, this past weekend.
The forum was established by President Medvedev to serve as one of the world's largest platforms for discussing the role of physical education and sport in the social and humanitarian development of modern civilization.
At the opening ceremony, following President Medvedev's address, President Wu delivered a speech on AIBA's reform and future development plans. Among the 3,000 or so guests were politicians, athletes, coaches and heads of leading Russian and foreign sports organizations.
The forum focused on preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi as well as the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, when boxing may appear on the program of the World Student Games for the first time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First European Students Championship, Elista, Russia, 16th October 2009

Don't know if EUSA gave its patronage to this tournament. Sorry. I am sure.

Kholyavko Sergey (Russia) - Sidikov Sukhrob (Russia), 7:5, 3x3 min, 75 kg semifinal,

Radchenko Sergey (Ukraine) - Afonin Andrey (Ukraine), 6:3, 3x3 min, 91 kg semifinal,

Shidaev Sukhrab (Russia) - Mitrofanov Dmitry (Ukraine), 9:7, 3x3 min, 69 kg semifinal,

Quarterfinals results

AVTORCHANOV Alikhan (RUS) def. RYSHKAN Alexander (MDA), 15:3

MAGERRAMOV Rafik (RUS) def. POTAPOV Nikolay (RUS), 9:2
BUDAK Ridvan (TUR) def. MIKHNEVICH Pavel (BLR), 10:4

IVANOV Evgenij (RUS) def. MATVIENKO Georgiy (UKR), 10:3
BATALOV Viktor (RUS) def. AGAEV Likin (AZE), 5:3

ABDURASHIDOV Adlan (RUS) def. ZHDANOV Nikita (RUS), 11:7
BERINCHIK Denis (UKR) def. EJNULAEV Ismet (AZE), 14:9

SHIDAEV Sukhrab (RUS) def. USTAKHANOV Apti (RUS), 9:7

AGAEV Farid (AZE) def. EVLOEV Magomed (MDA), 7:5
SIDIKOV Sukhrob (RUS) def. KAVA Ulus (TUR), 7:0
KHOLYAVKO Sergej (RUS) def. KHITROV Evgenij (UKR), 11:5

KELESH Vladimir (MDA) def. EGOROV Petr (RUS), 13:4

AFONIN Andrej (RUS) def. MADAEV Arbi (RUS), 8:3
RADCHENKO Sergei (UKR) def. KATIONOV Mikhail (MDA), 7:4

MAKHMUDOV Arslanbek (RUS) def. KODZOEV Rashid (RUS), 15:6

Mauritius savate these days

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Taekwondo/CISM - ITF Conference

War games in ITF taekwondo federation No. 3 -

There has been vast amounts or propaganda spread by other organisation claiming unification talks with WTF and the CISM, while we have continued to silently work for our members and press forward. We were the first to host ITF Championships in South Korea, the first WIareOne joint ITF and WTF event and now the official announcement of the ITF inclusion to the International Military Sports Council - CISM. ITF has returned home to Korea and the Military...

On Tuesday October 6th, the CISM Taekwondo Committee organized in Brussels a "CISM-ITF Conference" to promote the cooperation between both organisations.
Representatives of CISM Taekwondo Committee including President Lim Soeng Sup, Bruce Harris, Wolfgang Thormahlen, Joseph Baek accompanied by the ITF President Choi Junghwa, and ITF High dignitaries Ligai Volmi Vasiliyevich and Trevor Nicolas participated in the conference at the CISM Headquarters. Further to a Presentation of the CISM general activities, the CISM Secretary General, Colonel Morisod and its Executive Manager, Mr. Olivier Verhelle, especially focused on the various achievements of Military athletes in Taekwondo.
The participants of the conference shared a consensus on the need for the unification of ITF and WTF, the two split Taekwondo bodies. They also agreed that the admission of 128 pro-ITF member countries to CISM Taekwondo Committee, which currently recognises 131 pro-WTF countries only, would lay the groundwork for WTF-ITF integration.
CISM and ITF discussed on the different means to cooperate for the development of Taekwondo in the military and civilian society. The signature of a Memorandum of Understanding listing the different areas of that collaboration CISM and ITF shall be one of the coming steps in this endeavour. Currently international Taekwondo community is split into ITF and WTF, while ITF is again divided into three factions each led by Choi Junghwa, Chang Ung and Tran Trein Quan. It is of a great interest to see if the conference between CISM and ITF led by Choi Jung Hwa would provide a momentum to end the struggle within ITF and lead to WTF-ITF unification. Precedent to the meeting, President Choi Junghwa of ITF met the newly elected Secretary of CISM, Alexandre Morisod, at the CISM headquarters to request CISM to play a leading role in the Taekwondo unification process.President Choi Junghwa, the son of the late ITF founder General Choi Hong Hee, is a symbolic figure in international Taekwondo arena who devoted his life in spreading the korean martial art worldwide. The CISM Headquarters are very proud to have received the visit of these high ITF and CISM dignitaries.


Source: ITF taekwondo federation No. 2

ITF Congress scheduled in St. Petersburg, Russia on 13th October that this year would extremely be important and significant for ITF and its members because of the particular agenda to elect the new President.
It was the sincere wish of the current President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung that the more capable person would take over his job and lead ITF into the future.
However, a plenty of members and NGBs including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chinese Taipei, DPR Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and Nepal from Asian Continent and Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Russia, Scotland, Serbia and Sweden from European Continent and Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico and Grenada from Pan Am and Cook Islands and New Zealand from Oceanic Continent so far have tendered their petitions and requests to the ITF HQ that Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung should remain in the post of President for next term and continue his job to accomplish the last words of late Gen. Choi Hong Hi including the Olympic issue.
Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung has no choice but to accept the sincere minds and hearts of our members for it and, on this occasion, we express our thanks to him for his final determination as of today to respect & follow the requests from our members.
However, we still have one week more until the deadline to submit the candidates for next President to the ITF HQ if any NGBs have in your country.

Kyokushin karate - world tournament 2nd-4th October, Budapest, Hungary


420 fighters from 57 countries.Oh and WTKA from Italy was there too. What a surprise?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

6th EUSA Symposium in Zadar, Croatia

Was savate assaut mentioned in Zadar?

From 16th to 17th of October, 2009 the 6th EUSA Symposium took place in Zadar, Croatia. The title of the symposium was ‘EUSA Future – Ideas and Goals’. Three subthemes were offered in presentations and workshops: Volunteering, Values and Priorities (fair-play and equality), Trends in University Sports (funds and sports marketing). EUSA Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee of the EUSA Symposium invited Dr. Verena Burk, FISU Assessor and Chair of the FISU Women’s Committee to report about women in the international university sport and to organize a workshop. In her presentation Verena Burk described the situation of women on a national, continental and international level, spoke about the barriers for women to take leadership in university sport federations, discussed the challenges the university sport federations are faced with and explained the measures the FISU Women’s Committee initialized for the period from 2007 to 2011. In the following workshop the participants discussed about the promotion of women in the university sport and best practice models from the different countries. Delegations like Germany described the equity policy, the action plan and special programs to support the participation of women in all areas of the university sport federation.

Mr. Patrick VAN CAMPENHOUT (EWUF) in Combat Games Committee

SportAccord has the pleasure to announce that Mr. Patrick VAN CAMPENHOUT has joined the Combat Games Committee as Deputy Chairman in charge of sport technical matters. He will replace Mr. François BESSON, Sports Director of the International Judo Federation (IJF), who stepped down from his position in the SportAccord Combat Games Committee due to new professional assignments.
Treasurer of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) since 2001, Director of the ARISF Council since March 2009, member of the National Olympic Committee of Belgium’s Executive Committee, Patrick VAN CAMPENHOUT is a man with many interests and activities, a remarkable expert of Martial Arts and Combat Sports. His long-term experience will certainly be an added value for the Combat Games Committee from now on. The SportAccord Combat Games Committee wishes Mr. VAN CAMPENHOUT every success in his future responsibilities and takes this opportunity to thank Mr. BESSON warmly for his collaboration and valuable experience in setting up this ambitious project.

Alfredo Genchi - Genoa, Italy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Person in charge:Mr Kenneth E. MARCHTALER
Membership:Active International
Street:1359 McKenzie Avenue
Postal Code/Place:Victoria, BC Canada V8P2MI
E-Mail: ken.marchtaler@wmagc.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

IOC and TAFISA Presidents Meet in Copenhagen

(06.10.2009) TAFISA President, Dr. Kang-Too Lee, met IOC President, Dr. Jaques Rogge, in Copenhagen on the occasion of the IOC Congress. During the meeting Dr. Rogge emphasized the significant role TAFISA is playing in the international world of Sport for All and physical activity and congratulated Dr. Lee for his recent election as the TAFISA President. TAFISA is officially recognized by the IOC and has enjoyed a longstanding and excellent relationship between the two organizations.
In a second meeting, TAFISA Secretary General, Wolfgang Baumann, and IOC Sport Director, Christophe Dubi, discussed fields of future cooperation between IOC and TAFISA. There is agreement on both sides to strengthen the bonds and focus on a selected number of practical projects for the promotion of Sport for All worldwide. President Lee took the opportunity to meet other personalities of the Olympic Movement during his visit of the Copenhagen Congress.

Japan Martial Arts Federation - Under Japan Wrestling (FILA)

The new Japan Martial Arts Federation, which is under the umbrella of the Japan Wrestling Federation, held their inaugural press conference today. Figures such as WVR PR Kokuho, Sumo wrestler Asashoryu, Hidehiko Yoshida, and Hayato “Mach” Sakurai were present.
The president of this new Federation, Tomiaki Fukuda, said that MMA and the like has spread around the world, so Japan must not fall behind. That’s the reason for this new Federation.
As mentioned previously, pro organizations WVR, Shooto, Pancrase, ZST, and 9 internal amateur organizations (Combat Wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ, etc.) are participating in this.
The first action that the Federation will take is to send 8 fighters to the 2009 Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi in Vietnam at the end of this month (for Muay Thai, Belt Wrestling, and Kurash). After that is the World Grappling Championship in Florida in December and of course the Martial Arts Games in Beijing in 2010.
Also, this federation, while clearing questions such as weight classes and rules, is aiming at an All-Japan MMA Championship.
I think that this All-Japan Championship will have a limited rule-set if it happens (since All-Japan tournaments usually don’t last more than a day) but with an annual championship it could definitely make MMA look more like a real sport in Japan. Especially with Shooto and Pancrase involved and the Federation saying that they will be strict on drug testing. Of course a weeked of MMA tournaments also sounds like a good watch and future Japanese stars could emerge.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Jogo do Pau - I like it

French boxing - AS Evry, France

Mickael BABDOR vs Daouda NIOKANE - French boxing

Gerald GASTAUD vs Sounkarou SISSOKO - Chauss fight

What the hell is this? French veteran championship 2005

Shin kicks meant for savate and Giorgio Ali

Sunday, October 18, 2009

WKA rating April 1990 and savate fighters

How many well known savate fighters can you find out when you click this picture?
I wonder who invented kickboxing when savate sport was already present.

Finals world championship savate combat 2009, Longwy, France

7th of November - Longwy, France

Final fights:
Chloe Cabareck (FRA) vs. Silvia La Notte (ITA)
Doya (FRA) vs. Chemeret (RUS) (oh..... changed to Slobodan Popov (SERBIA))
Slimane Sissoko (FRA) vs. Milos Golic (Monte Negro)

I thought that Milos Goliccompetes in some other country. KBS Rajko Kusic - Pale, Republic Srpska (ex - Bosnia) and his trainer: Dragan Rabota. He was very active in kickboxing also for Monte Negro in WAKO kickboxing - Balcan championship and Sarajevo Super World Cup - may 2009 (low kick -91kg).

Seems that savate is not created for savateurs but for other sporstman of other martial arts to compete under savate rules. Said.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

SAVATE - University sport federation of Monte Negro

University sport federation of Monte Negro is here. Still I don't see savate activities, but I am sure that the Tiger from Monte Negro will make also university activities. Will you Tiger? :)

2nd University championship of Serbia (Voyvodina) in ASSAUT SAVATE

15 competitors competition.

Zrenjanin, Saturday 03rd october 2009 - Sport hall “Medison” in Zrenjanin.
Universities: University of Novi Sad (Voyvodina) and even Beograd.
Organisation: University sport federation Novi Sad, Savate club “Banat” Zrenjanin and Savate federation Serbia.
Why University sport federation of Serbia wasn't involved as official representative???


- 60kg:
Sinisa Zeljkovic-Novi Sad (Visa poslovna skola, Novi Sad) vs. Strahinja Jovovic -Ruma (Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja, N.Sad)

- 65kg:
Darko Knezevic-Novi Sad (Visoka skola strukovnih studija, Novi Sad) vs. Nenad Hornjak-Novi Sad (Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja,N.Sad)

- 70kg:
1. Goran Kasic-Zrenjanin (Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja,N.Sad)
2. Marko Nenadic-Beograd (Vazduhoplovna akademija, Beograd)
3. Miroslav Belosevic-Ruma (Visa zeleznička skola, Beograd)

- 76kg:
1. Predrag Darijevic-Zrenjanin (Fakultet za poslovne i pravne studije, Novi Sad)
2. Mihajlo Paljevic-Beograd (Fakultet za ekonomiju, finansije i administraciju, Beograd)
3. Vladimir Karanovic-Beograd (Saobracajni fakultet, Beograd)

- 82kg:
1. Andrien Genic-Sombor (Elektrotehnicki fakultet, Novi Sad)
2. Milan Cvijic-Beograd (Pravni fakultet, Beograd)
3. Nikola Najic- Ruma (Pravni fakultet, Beograd)

+ 82kg:
1. Goran Bajsanski-Novi Sad (Fakultet za usluzni biznis, Novi Sad)
2. Zoran Ristic-Ruma (Visa poslovna skola, Novi Sad)

+ 82kg: Goran Bajsanski, Novi Sad vs. Dejan Gavrilovic, Beograd 3:0

FREE SAVATE - FISU Office in Lausanne Up and Running

The office contacts are:
FISU Office Lausanne
Maison du Sport International
c/o FISU
Avenue de Rhodanie 54
CH-1007 Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel.: 41.21.6143069

Sitting: Paulo Ferreira and Eric Saintrond

Since October 5th, FISU has a working office in Switzerland. The Office is located on the International Archery Federation (FITA) floor within the Maison du Sport International (MSI) in Lausanne.
The MSI is the official headquarters of over twenty international sports federations and international sport organizations, as well as a number of active business companies in the field of sport, a mixture of top-level solution providers and partners to the previously referred organizations.
In this light, it is a unique opportunity for FISU to establish closer ties with numerous leading parties in international sports administration, as well as higher education institutions and other international sports organizations (ISO).
On October 12th and 13th, FISU General Secretary/CEO Eric Saintrond held various meetings with local city authorities, legal representatives and international federations, along with Paulo Ferreira, FISU Lausanne office executive assistant, who will be working full time in Lausanne.

National kickboxing federation in International savate federation

Italian kickboxing federation called FIKB (Federazione Italiana kickboxing)is a member of International savatre federation FIS. Is it realy so hard to bluff and cover those kickboxers under new established Italian savate federation.
How long will we wait till Sumo federation of Poland will join also our savate organisation? But is it possible? Yes. Everything is possible.

Muay Thai boxing footage

This is rare Muay Thai boxing footage from the Bangkok Film Archive. Datation is not precise, but it could be before WW2. Like some kind of wai kru dancing in the ring and not so bloody as it is presented today. Interesting.

Seminar Brasil savate

Richard des Forest -> 29+30+31th October 2009.


17th NOVEMBER 2007 - France ELITE - 1st part of competition.
LUDO in action. WIDENS INNOCENT's coach was Amri Madani.
Very experienced judge allowed unusual extension of the fight after KO and also weird fouette and chasse kicks. At this moment boxe francaise turned to chauss fight and clean savate techniques are not anymore recognisable. And this surely is not the way of developing this beautiful sport.

Canne de combat - Reunion - Africa/Europe - Technical seminar OCTOBER 2009

Technical seminar OCTOBER 2009 (Roland HOFFBECK DTN, Luc CHEYNIER, Florian ADAMI and Marie TORRENTE)


Florian ADAMI vs. JENAHA David

Florian Adami vs. Nicole Chane Foc

Friday, October 16, 2009

WAKO meets WTF in Korea

WAKO President, Mr Ennio Falsoni, was in Korea where he had the pleasure to meet Mr Un Yong Kim (in the picture), who was IOC Vice President and founder of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). (and of course this guy was in prison - coruption things)
He went to meet the highest sport authorities of the country in order to support the official recognition of WAKO Korea, leaded by Mr. Kim Beom Suk.
In the same day Korean members organized for him three meetings in a row: at lunch time a private reception with Dr. Un Yong Kim, former IOC vice-president, founder of modern taekwondo that he brought to the Olympic Games; then in the afternoon with Mr. Y S Park, president of Korean Olympic Committee who guaran teed a fast track for the recognition of WAKO Korea; and last but not least , at dinner time, a meeting with Ph. Dr. Yun Tak Lee, former president of Korean Olympic Committee. All meetings were very cordial and everybody expressed their total support to the cause of WAKO Korea which in just a year of life has reached the incredible figure of 10.000 members.
The news of Mr. Ennio Falsoni's visit to Korea was then spread in the different websites and that brought to an incredible response from different martial arts schools in Korea: just 2 days later, 200 new gyms called to join now WAKO Korea.
In WAKO they say:
That's incredible, but...true.
Mr. Falsoni, immediately after Seoul, went to Busan, city where the WAKO Korea headquarters is located, for a visit to the local Municipality and a meeting with the young leaders of WAKO Korea. A real great experience!