Sunday, August 31, 2008

Savate forme 4th Nationals - Calais, 5th April 2008

Two equipes of Team Form France on "4th Nationals of Savate Forme" in Calais 2008. 2nd place and prize for the best style.

CFSA Baincthun

Arnis world champioship 2008, Manila , Philippines

The Manila's 2008 world Arnis championship, July 12-13, Ynares sports center . At the right side - Marcial Chavez.

10th WEKAF 2008 - Kali - stick fight - tournament

Team GB vs. team Philippines at the 2008 WEKAF full contact stick fighting world championships, July 22-25, 2008, SM City Shopping Center, Cebu City, Philippines.

Website - USA but also as it seems international:

Interesting is that many videos of national championships have sign: Embedding disabled by request. Does it mean that this super knowledge shouldn't be transfered to larger publicity?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Analobic steorids

In theory:

In a real world:

Friday, August 29, 2008

World championship assaut - light contact savate 2008

19.9-20.9.2008, Paris, France. I wish that this competition would be the triumph of sport savate and very important milestone for inclusion French boxing - Boxe Francaise as official sport in AGFIS and all Olympic Comittees all around the world. We wait for this moment for years.

Sambo (FILA) deleted

Things are changing quietly, said my grandfother. And it happens also in FILA. Now you see it and later it is gone. The only trace of sometimes exiting SAMBO we could see on FILA web TV:

FILA - wrestling sports on the left side of the webpage:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Savate in Brasil

Hardly wait for another video from Brasil. Go Brasil go. Together we will build also Capoeira - Chausson fighting style which will be the premier fighting style of the future called ground K1.

and here french boxing combined with mma principles

Deep crises in WAKO Croatia

From left to right: Mr Predrag Znaor and on his right Mr. Romeo Desa

Mr. Romeo Desa

Mr. Nikola Bozic - Kickboxing club Kutina


One of the biggest kickboxing clubs from Croatia writes about Lolek and Bolek brothers from well known Polish cartoon, and compare them with president: Predrag Znaor and vice president: Romeo Deša also member of Organizing Committee WAKO.
They accuse them for almost everything you can imagine. You can read or translate words from Kutina kickboxing website. I think something is changing in Croatia.

Unfair decision

By my opinion, bald headed is much better. Judges? Will you have on 2008 WC eyes like on 2006 world championship where kness were broken on light contact match one after another? And we saw also KO? How this could happen? Do we have FIS official judges licences and passports? Judges circulate like ghosts on our competitions, without evidence.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miss sport Zrenjanin - Serbia

She is number 10 - Teodora Vaić – and practice Savate:


European Budo Games 2008

Immenhausen, Germany, 4-7th September 2008.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wu-shu kung fu on Beijing olympics 2008


China has pushed unsuccessfully to have the ancient martial art of wushu — better known as kung fu outside of China — included as a demonstration sport in the 2008 Olympics. Instead, the International Olympic Committee has granted permission for an international wushu competition alongside the Games, something Chinese state media are promoting as an Olympic showcasing of the sport.

Presentation in olympic village:

Croatian tai chi teacher visited Beijing OG 2008 - and in Croatian Olympic Comitte there is still no wu shu federation:

Fast learning of fighting and fast kicks in the groin

MMA styles of fighting -guarantee you fast learning of all techniques and of course their use in the ring or cage (maybe also street). Look at the precise kick in the groin of Japanese fighter Kazunori Yokota vs. Slovenian Bojan Kosednar (look 2:00 minute on youtube counter) on Sengoku - Fourth Battle.

Silambam - great master

Demonstration of long stick fighting - style RAJAKALAI SILAMBAM - martial art of SRILANKA - India - master RAJAKUMAR KANDASAMY in a house of PUEBLO JAVIER DEL CASTILLO DE JAVIER in Spain - NAVARRA on 18th August 2008. And connection is here again. Reminds me on Jogo do pau.


DEMONSTRATION of RAJAKALAI N°6 1st JUNE 2008 (hidden under kung-fu wu shu)

Let's sing a song: Western arts transform to eastern through India and later as authentical China moment to become new art in a long after war process of creating and understanding all martial arts as Asian invention.

Pushing with the head and grappling

Dangerous elements for savate combat tournaments. Every move like that calls judges to decide whether for warnings, minus points or even disqualifications. In a small and young Slovenia combat fight still try to find its real shape to develop form that satisfy international savate standards and judging rules on official FIS tournaments.

Savate - Croatia vs. Serbia in Novi Becej and Ruma

Novi Bečej: -33 kg - Ferenc Kormanjos (won in all 3 rounds) vs. actual european champion (youngsters) Luka Hunic (Croatia)

Other results:
Youngsters - -33 kg: Kormanjoš (Jedinstvo, Novi Bečej, Serbia) - Hunić (Croatia) 3:0, -52 kg: Vereš (Jedinstvo, Serbia) - Vasiljević (King, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia) 0:3. Cadets - 60 kg: Đember (Jedinstvo, Serbia) - Kozarov (BFC, Beočin, Serbia) 0:3, -65 kg: Carić (Ms gyins, Senta, Serbia) - Ivanov (Buda klub, Senta, Serbia) 0:3, -70 kg: Glavaški (Jedinstvo, Serbia) - Godinić (Croatia) 0:3 (TKO in 2nd round). Senior women - -52 kg: Ivana Popadić (Banat Zrenjanin, Serbia) - Marina Horvat (Croatia) 0:3, Seniors -70 kg: Rudan (Best, Bečej, Serbia) - Odžić (Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia) 0:3.

Picture from 2005. Popov vs. Bukal.

1500 spectators Novi Bečej

4th GALA. First year - 2005 it was kickboxing gala, later in 2006 and 2007 only savate. Savate Serbia vs. Savate Croatia on Saturday 23th og August - 19:00.

After summer school (with French instructors help) in Vrdnik - Serbia:
Novi Bečej fighters: Kormanjoš Ferenc, Vereš Čaba, Reznić Moma and Bolozanov Nemanja.
Gala - prefights:
Novi Bečej savate club vs. Srbija.
Novi Bečej fighters: Vereš Čaba, Reznić Moma, Glavaški Tomislav and Pešić Vojislav.

1. combat savate:
Kormanjoš Ferenc WIN KBS „Jedinstvo„ N.Bečej (SER) vs. Hunić Luka (CRO), cadets, both fighters are national champions

2. aso savate:
Popadić Ivana SBK „Banat“ Zrenjanin,(SER) prvakinja Srbije vs. Horvat Marina WIN, senior women, world and european champion of savate combat.

3. kombat savate:
Eva Halaši, SBK „Gozo Šioda“ Kanjiža, (SER) world champion kickboxing WAKO (Beograd 2007) and C(France 2007) vs. Ksenija Koprek (CRO), world champion in savate combat

4. Glavaški Miloš, KBS „Jedinstvo„ N.Bečej,(SER) ex-champion Serbia vs. Hunić Tomislav (CRO) WIN (KO 2nd round), Savate national champion of Croatia and Savate world junior vice-champion - combat

On gala we could see: Gilles La Duigou president FIS, presidents of USA and Croatian federation.

International judges: Hunić Ivica (CRO) and Tadić Radenko (SER) Novi Bečej, Karanović Velimir (SER) Beograd and Milosavljević Zoran (SER)Senta.

in a city of Ruma, Serbia - 3000 spectators

Igor Šivoljicki (SER) WIN - Sremska Mitrovica vs. Tomislav Hunić (CRO) (title for the best fighter of tournament)

Slobodan Popov (SER) WIN Zrenjanin vs. Mario Bukal (CRO).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelin - Everlast boxing boots

HydroLast Boxing Boots - French technology on american brand. And we try to find historical differences between english, american and french boxing. Are we crazy?

Iraq team

Iraq team of kick-thaiboxing and savate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Afghanistan Savate Association

New savate federation in Asia - you can see on Asia savate confederation site.

Afghanistan Savate Association
Dr.Babodin Tajik

Les lascars

French boxers answer on using shin bones in chauss fight. Funny. Honest. But if you want to follow crazy world's taste than you have to compete also with shins. Although it is dangerous, causes bone cancer, reduce speed of leg kicks and destroy very useful learning of tactics. All in all - creators of worlds fashion knows things better than we think. Of course.

UFC vs. Boxing

ESPN Joe Rogan and Lou Dibella talking about MMA vs. Boxing with short clips of Chuck Liddell and Floyd Mayweather.

Cuban Taekwondo athlete Angel Matos attacks the referee

It happend in WTF olympic version taekwondo on olympic games in Beijing. Nothing special. It happens also in football so why shouldn't it be also in martial arts tournaments.

National championship Croatia, savate combat

Zabok, Croatia, Europe 20th May 2007

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Doctorate Awarded to ITF President Ung Chan

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- Chang Ung, president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, was awarded the doctorate in socio-politics of the DPRK. He made thorough-going analysis of the history of the international Olympic movement and the relations between the Olympic movement and politics, and explained and proved in depth the experience and lessons drawn from them. The awarding ceremony was held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall today.

The State Commission for Conferring Academic Degrees and Titles of DPR Korea conferred Prof. CHANG Ung, IOC Member and ITF President with Doctorate of Sociology and Political Science on the Thesis of «Study on the Olympic Movement – Olympics and Politics» at the Conferring Ceremony held on 30th July 2008 at “Mansudae Assembly Hall” in Pyongyang. Prof. CHANG Ung, IOC Member and ITF President received the Doctorate Diploma and Medal from Mr. GWAK Bom-Gi, the Chairman of the Conferring Commission at the Ceremony.

AIBA Boxing Academy to open in Moscow


The International Amateur Boxing Association has named Moscow and Betancourt in Canada as the seats of its new Boxing Academy to advance educational and training programs for athletes, referees, doctors and managers from around the world.

AIBA launches revolutionary World League

AIBA President Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu with the President of IMG International, Mr. Eric Drossart

A new ground breaking tournament designed to reshape the world of international boxing at both the Olympic style and the professional level - the World League of Boxing (WLB) - was unveiled today to the international sporting community, media and all of AIBA's 195 member federations during an official AIBA dinner in Beijing.
In announcing the WLB, AIBA also introduced its new business/marketing partner in connection with WLB - IMG, the world renowned international sports marketing agency.
WLB will be an annual, franchised based professional boxing league with cities/venues/commercial 3rd parties applying to "own" a franchise and enter its team of boxers into the League. The WLB will feature both team and individual based competitions.
AIBA will, with support from its national federations, help facilitate the participation of the world's best boxers in the League, and IMG will source and negotiate the franchises, and sell the commercial rights (media, sponsorship, licensing) around the world in consultation with AIBA.
The exact format of the WLB in respect to the number of teams/franchises, the number of boxers per team, the weight categories and all the finer competition rules are currently under development and the final decisions will be released in due course.
In addition, it is AIBA's intention that boxers that compete in the WLB will be allowed to compete also in future Olympic Games.
AIBA plans to launch the first of WLB in the early part of 2010.
AIBA President Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu praised the new initiative, pointing to its global reach. "The World League of Boxing will revolutionise the sport of boxing like never before providing a universal form of entertainment which will capture the imagination of boxing fans around the world," he said. "With IMG's expertise and commitment to developing a highly valued boxing property which will survive for generations, AIBA aims to provide a boxing legacy which will change the sport forever."
Ian Todd, the President of IMG International, said - "IMG is extremely proud to have been selected by AIBA as its business and marketing partner in connection with the World League of Boxing. With our 40 years of experience in working with some of the world's leading sports federations we are confident that with our skill sets of producing/selling media rights, procuring sponsorship and negotiating franchise agreements we can build the World League of Boxing into one of the world's premium annual sporting events with AIBA."
About the International Boxing Association
The International Boxing Association (AIBA) is a non-profit making international organization, which was founded under the name Fédération Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA) in 1920. In 1946 a new start was given with the launch of AIBA to replace the dissolved FIBA and now, more than 60 years later, AIBA, with its 195 member federations, continues to govern the sport of Boxing, working for the benefit of the sport and all its participants, to help Boxing realise its potential within the Olympic Movement and the international sporting arena. For more information please visit
About IMG
IMG is the world's premier and most diversified sports, entertainment and media company. We partner with the world's leading marketers and media networks to help them grow their businesses through our event properties, media production and distribution, talent brands, sponsorship consulting, brand licensing, sponsorship sales and other services. From emerging leadership in areas like digital media, licensing and entertainment programming, to our long-standing strength in sports, fashion and traditional media, IMG is committed to providing business-building solutions. Our partners include many of the world's most famous brands, media outlets, sports governing bodies, national and local governments, athletes, entertainers, models and fashion designers. For more information please visit:

Lacrime - tears of joy

I scream for ice-cream said Roberto Benigni in Night on Earth. On olympic games tears of joy are coming out too. But on this video taers are on both sides.

Friday, August 22, 2008

10th world WTF and ITF taekwondo festival & Korea Open


The 10th anniversary of World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Classic Open 2008 was ended extending over 5 days, competing in the presence of 1,500+ people attending from 53 countries across the different parts of the world.
This will be remembered not only as the first instance of an ever lasting dream of WTF being together with ITF, rewriting a book of Taekwondo history but also as one of most productive and beneficial time spent by the members in attendance as we would reconfirm that “we are one thru Taekwondo.“
The time spent and the results produced will unite all WTF +ITF members world wide with better understanding and harmony for true family environment.

How to explain that we have two versions of taekwondo? No need to explain - because they say they are united under the name of the same word taekwondo. Should it be the same for boxing? English, American, Thai, French, Kick and other versions of boxing?

Here - both versions compete together but of course separate by ITF (non-olympic) and WTF (olympic) rules.

Savate forme in Ville de Calais, France

4th edition of Savate forme national championship on 5th april 2008 in Ville de Calais, France.

Didier Buch - systematic savate teacher

Ploeren - France and Didier's well equipped gym. Very nice photos from Russia. Combat Russia vs. France. I follow his work and I can say he is one of biggest enthusiasts I ever saw in savate sport.

AIBA approved Green Hill

We wrote about 3 trade marks Adidas, Top ten and Everlast to be AIBA approved. And Turkish boxing federation got suspension because of use Green Hill on one of their tournaments.
Here in Beijing Olympic Games 2008 - Green Hill probably is not represented.


Croatian boxer Sivolija vs. Kurbanov: Green Hill boxing gloves (probaly earlier photo - not from Olympic games 2008)

Green Hill head guard (probaly earlier photo - not from Olympic games 2008):

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wish it would be

Kickboxing in new Croatian Olympic Comittee site is probably by some administration mistake ( on 21th of August 2008) written as Olympic sport. Many people wish this dream come true.

Choose: Olimpijski sport than category (I-VI)and finally sport Kick-boxing.

Showtime Reality Show

European Fighting Network (It's Show Time - Simon Rutz (Holland)) and WAKO cooperates well. Professionalism is today also brother of Coubertain olympic amateurism.


Many kickboxers practicing K1 Rules study and train also Muay Thai techniques.That's a fact. Since we are cooperating in Holland with the prestigious group of people promoting "It's Show Time" who have a luxury camp in beautiful Koh Samui island in Thailand, if you wish to train there and enjoy, please go to: for more info.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Military world games 2011 in Brasil with savate?

First we joined students FISU (AGFIS member) (for 2010 Student World Championship in France) now we have chosen next goal - military CISM (AGFIS member) to accept us (probably for 2011 Military World Championship in Brasil). In many countries results from students and military games are still not accepted as regular ones but ... strategy is all in all good. We move forward slowly but surely.

Military games in Hyderabad, India 2007:

Opening ceremony:


IFMA and WAKO members

Can you help me to find all IFMA member states - just to see contacts with federations?
Maybe I just didn't see them on their site.

And by the way - why there are two representatives of WAKO in France?

Federation Francaise Full contact et d.a.
Mr. Eric Leclercq
Hamey Angoville-27520 Berville En Romois France

Fédération Française de Kick Boxing et DA
Mr. Francis Hamdaoui
9 rue Gabriel Péri-94200 IVRY SUR SEINE

Asian martial art games & Olympic Comittee Asia (OCA)

IFMA Meeting With OCA

A special meeting was held between OCA President H.R.H. Sheik Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, OCA Director General Mr. Husain Al-Musallam, Dr. Santhiparp Tejavanija, advisor to the OCA president, and Mr. Stephan Fox IFMA general secretary.

IFMA, which has been a partner of the OCA since the inclusion of Muaythai (Muay) as a demonstration sport in the 1998 Asian Games, has gained huge popularity and is included in the SEA Games, Indoor Asian Games and also in the TAFISA World Sport For All Games under patronage of the IOC.

The sport has also experienced a huge boost in popularity since the production of the Contender Asia Muaythai reality series, which has been at the top of the ratings in 23 countries across Asia on AXN. Many important issues were on the agenda such as the next Indoor Asian Games, the 2010 GAISF Martiad Combat Games and the planned Asian Martial Arts Games under the OCA.

IFMA and the OCA agreed on close cooperation towards martial arts in general.

The 17th IFMA General Assembly & Martiad


The Convention Hall of one of Korea’s most famous hotels- the Lotte Hotel Busan- has been chosen for the 17th IFMA General Assembly.

Representatives from over 100 countries are expected to participate in this important meeting, which will include important agenda points, such as the upcoming Martiad - the first Martial Art Games under GAISF and IOC, in which the 13 world recognized Martial Arts will join together in 2010. Other important agenda points are the Arafura Games in Australia and the Asian Martial Art Games.
The General Assembly will be held during the Busan TAFISA World Sport for All Games, TreX-Games, which is under the patronage of the IOC.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Electricity in boxing gloves?

Guess what kickboxer Nicolas Wamba-Barzic (defeated Fabrice Aurieng savate champion) has in his gloves - looks like some additional frequency meter or heart bit rate monitor or ...? Do you have an answer? Please help me with comment. Thank you.

Cooperation in sports is not so bad

Look at the tournament: Federations of Muay Thai as we see - WBC, IKKC, IKF, IMTC, WIKBA, WCK united their powers to show extra powerful fights in World Muay Thai champion of champions in Montego Bay in Jamaica. Is Muay thai as sport controlled by IFMA?

IKF Pro Middleweight World Title. John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs Marco Pique (Holland) Parr: 56-19-4,/28, Pro Boxing: 10-3/10. Pique: Dutch WPKL Champion.
IKF Pro Cruiserweight World Title. Manson Gibson (USA) vs Edwin Aguilar (Mexico) Gibson: 103-9-2/63, (30 Kick KO's) AM KB: 10-0-1/8. Aguilar: 119-3/87, 10-0 Boxing, 15-7 MMA.
IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Title. Rick Cheek (USA) vs Patrice Quattron (France) Cheek: 19-0/17, 2-0, Team Kickboxing, 4-1 MMA, 245, 6'4", Quattron: 26-0/26, 265, 6'6"
CO-SANCTIONED TITLEIKF & IKKC Muaythai Light Heavyweight World Title. Manu N'toh (USA, IKKC Champion) vs Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)
WBC WORLD TITLES WBC Muaythai Super Welterweight World Title. Malaipet Team Diamond (USA) vs Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand, Current Welterweight Champion)
WBC Muaythai Middleweight World Title. Lamsongkram Chuwattana (Thailand, Champion Middleweight) vs Farid Villaume (France )
WBC Muaythai Super Cruiserweight World Title. Ashwin Balark - (Holland) vs Steve McKinnon (Australia) -
IKKC WORLD TITLES IKKC Muaythai Cruiserweight World Title. Clifton Brown (Canada) vs Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand)
IKKC Muaythai Women's Lightweight World Title. Germaine de Randamie (Holland, Champion) vs Julie Kitchen (England)
IMTC WORLD TITLES Baxter Humby (USA-Canada) vs Jiangtao Dong (China) -
IKKC Super Welterweight World Title.

Claudia Vidaurri (USA) vs Joanna MacEachem (Australia) - Women's Featherweight Bout Dylan Resnedov (Australia) vs Genki Nakamura (Japan) - Jr. Lightweight Bout

Will it be like this?

If we negotiate about 2010 World university savate championships (WUC) FISU in Nantes how it will look like:
Than we have here just two samples from 2006:

taekwondo WTF WUC (9th World University Taekwondo Championship) Valencia, Spain

and karate WKF WUC (5th World University Karate Championship New York City, USA)

Canne de Combat World Championships 2008 - PROMO

Promotional video of Canne de Combat World Championships 2008.

Monday, August 18, 2008

French boxing demonstration in Calais, France

Nice stage.

Bollywood Silambam - long stick fighting

Interesting presentation of long stick fighting from India.

Reunion Canne de Combat stick fighting - If you decide to spend a holiday on a beautiful island Reunion near Madagascar in Africa please visit this Canne de combat school. I think they are one of the best fighters of la canne de combat in the world.


Delphine DELGARD vs. Adelaide DELGARD

Savate club Cleres, France


Begginers in assaut savate in Italy

Savate clubs from cities: TORINO vs RIVAROLO.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

France - Kingdom of fighting sports

All other things are martial arts...

Little tricks from pre-combat

Precombat on 11th December 2005. Location: Arpajon, France. Fighter: Nicholas Behr. Trainers: Said and Farid Khider.(Bagnolet)

Frederic Bellonie in kickboxing

Savate star in kickboxing.

Frederic Bellonie vs. Marco Ross


Enoch Effach on TV5 - French TV Channel

Enoch heavy weight savate bombarder from France. You can see him also with Zankifo.



Fight record:

National championship Combat 2006: Mi-lourds place : 7th
National championship Combat 2007 poids : Mi-Lourds place : 4th
National championship Combat 2008 poids : Mi-Lourds place : 2nd

French championship HONOUR 2005 Finalist Victory anonymous

French Tournament SENIORS 2005 Finalist Victory anonymous
France ELITE 2006 Demi-finalist
France ELITE 2007 Finalist
France ELITE 2008 Demi-finalist

Herbert Danois, champion du monde de full contact - kewego
Herbert Danois, champion du monde de full contact - kewego

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics 2008 - Boxing

It is no joke about the TV rights with IOC. This is very rare video cut of boxing from 2008 Beijing olympics. And it will disappear quickly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Iran savate federation - Asian big hope

Asia savate confederation competition 2008

The 1st Asia Savate Championships (TEHRAN-IRAN, 18-19th December 2008)

Savate federation MALI, Africa

New savate FIS member state. President: Lassana KEÏTA


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silambam long stick power rotation

HIGHLIGHT savate - Mike and Sullivan LAMBRET (WIGNEHIES SBC)
Brothers - Savate Champions. Wignehies savate club. Power and technique combined in both brothers. Respect.

Martial arts night in Chatellerault

Demonstration of savate defense in Chatellerault, France - hometown of Modibo Diarra.

Luca and Mateo Sacco - Italy

Savate club Valborbera



Genova tournament, fighter Matteo Sacco, Italy

Savate tournament in Ostia, fighter Luca Sacco, Italy:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Muay thai or Thai-kickboxing ?

There were times when problems of recognising Thai national sport were present also in AGFIS - whether it is Thai kickboxing or Muay thai?
And no one could find an answer. IFMA and WAKO then made silent agreement - that waikru and bare feet low-kick with knees and elbows is Muay thai, and WAKO found it without Wai-kru as thai - (kick)boxing or later modified K1 style.
In IFMA in England we see a poster talking about Thai-kickboxing beetwen England and Thailand.
I think this is OK, because it opens the doors to unique and wide understanding of recognised and very popular thai style fighting.

Canne Stick fighting demonstration

Un sport méconnu: la canne de combat - Jubii TV
Un sport méconnu: la canne de combat - Jubii TV

Monday, August 04, 2008

Universal soldier - Jean Claude Van Damme

Promoting his new film in 1992 in boxing ring Bercy, Paris, France.

NY savate seminar 20th July

Please give us some information about savate activities in New York in in Central Park.

Marcello Tappa - Max sport club - Torino, Italy

New savate teacher from Italy.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fathi Mira - 25 years in BF congratulations


As a fighter: 1x semi-finales, 1x Vice-champion of France Seniors, several times finalist French cup, winner of Internationaux de Paris and winner of Mauritius island, from 1988 to 1994

National coach - combat seniors. Fathi's (and his team) pupils:
CDFAS - Eaubonne: Mohamed Diaby, Tony Ancelin, Slimane Sissoko, Kévin Monza et Mike Lambret
INSEP: Amri Madani, Farid Khider, Ludovic Fornés, Djibrinne Fall-Télémaque, Ingrid Graziani, Aziza Oubaïta, Laurent Faubel, Effah Enoch, François Angoston.

U.S.A. - Savate Nationals 2008 Assaut - Los Angeles

U.S.A. - Savate Nationals 2008 Assaut - Orange County Kickboxing in Irvine (located at 18241 McDurmott West, Suite B, Irvine, CA 92614), California on Friday, July 25 to Sunday July 27th.

They called them (mexican style :-) ): Z vs. El Presidente

Boxing federation Croatia (AIBA) - website

Miljenko Rozmaric (selector of seniors from savate Croatia) on the right side, is also very good boxing trainer, but on this picture he is on low-kick kickboxing WAKO tournament 2007 making agreement about cooperation with Andjelko Mladenovic and his Kickboxing club Mladost.

His club:
BK Omega - Varaždin
Contact: Miljenko Rozmaric
gsm: 091/544 05 77
Miroslava Krleze 1


Croatia is very strategic point to develop fighting sports, because of its good position in Balcan region and a lot of talented young competitors cooperating in all fields of martial arts. We all should follow their example.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

University of France Savate Technique Championship

Very nice and big competition place for assaut (light contact) french boxing. But look this two brilliant fighters - Best of the best - Karoum Reda (St. Fons Gerland) vs. Saindou Hirachidine (Toulouse multi boxe).


Club Toulouse multi boxe - and fighter Saindou Hirachidine (originate from Mayotte - beautiful island near Madagascar) in combat tournaments.

Saïndou vs. Chaudron

FINALS BF REGIONAL - Midi-Pyrénées 2008


Beijing Shichahai sports School

Established in 1958, Beijing Shichahai Sports School is located in the west bank of Shichahai, also one of the main center for training young sports talents in Beijing, and rated as a key secondary technical school with a primary and junior section, base of national high level athletic talents, training center of national high level badminton talents. They provide sports training as Wushu, Ping-Pong, Badminton, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Tennis, Boxing, Free Combat, and Taekwondo.
The school has trained large quantities of sports talents for the country and Beijing. Some of sports elites who graduated from this school include Teng Haibin ,Ma Yanhong ,the star of gymnastics; World champion of table tennis- Wang Tao , Zhang Yining; The Olympic Games champion of the taekwondo Luo Wei; The Olympic Games champion of the women's volleyball Feng Kun; All-round Wushu champion , the movie & TV star Li Lianjie; Wushu champion of the 13th Asian Games -Liu Tsing-Hua; the international chess queen Xie Jun; " Sudirman Cup " badminton match champion Dong Jiong.
In terms of multitude sports, Shichahai Sports School, which was set up firstly in Beijing, has been attracting large amount of teenagers and sports enthusiasts to participate in the spare time training.
It also enjoys higher popularity in the world as the opening school in the sports industry of Beijing, utilizing the " brand " advantage of the school; it has launched diversified forms of international sports cultural exchanges. With the approval of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the school still receives foreign students to study, meanwhile appointing the coach to teach abroad, and they recruit the foreign experts to instruct. The number of foreign sports enthusiasts who come from the five continents and more than ten countries and regions increased sharply.
The bidding of 2008 Olympic Games succeeds, which gives an unprecedented development opportunity for Beijing and this school. To aim at the Olympic Games, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and make much progress, they shall strive hard to realize the goal of ten years development plan of the school.

"But unfortunately they don't teach savate. They should ask first FIS member - Asian Savate Confederation if it is interested in teaching of french boxing. "


The UNSS, the school sport federation in France, attained the number of 1 million licences. 100 years after the official birth of the School Sport in France.
30 years after the start of the official existence of the “Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire”.
2008 will mark the history of the UNSS, open for all youngsters, boys and girls, coming from all geographic and cultural origins.
2008 is the year of the historical and exceptional number, but holder of a symbol, of 1 million of licences.
The UNSS takes definitively and permanently his place in the great concert of the French sport thanks to of the indefatigable and engaged work of the P.E. teachers in the heart of the colleges, the grammar schools and the professional grammar schools.
This success by achieving the objectives as well as the quantity and the quality, is the result of a well constructed partnership, which is coherent and interactive with the sports movement in his totality.
The UNSS has succeeded in the promotion of the educative and social dimension of the sport in the benefit of the youth of the country.
The UNSS crosses the barriers, broadens his perimeter and offers a tremendous space for considered action with the educative system and with the sports system, his privileged partner.
The UNSS is education by sport and sport at the service of education.
Jean-Louis Boujon,General Director of the UNSS.

ISF - International School Sport Federation


FIS calendar updated

Should it be like this?


Update your calendar immediately with the FIS tournaments for 2008. Remember to send or publish folder/invitation/poster or links on your official websites. FIS can help you distributing the invitation and will of course put the activity at FIS website. Also send pictures, results and news to and we'll publish them on

I used this text from WAKO website and changed WAKO with FIS:

EWUF - European Wushu federation's new internet site

Many interesting things. They plan also European Championship in Warsaw, Poland from 16.10.2008 to 19.10.2008.

Judo - tournaments and money prizes

Source: - International Judo Federation

During the meeting the IJF President, Mr. Marius L. Vizer presented the new competition plan which will begin in 2009 that includes a World Championship for Seniors and Juniors every year, four Grand Slams with 150,000 Dollar Prize Money every year, and Four – Five Grand Prix with 100,000 Dollar Prize money each year, as well as one World Masters Tournament every year with 200,000 Dollar prize money.
The new marketing strategy of the International Judo Federation was also a discussed.

2008 IFMA World Championship Official Mascot



The mascot for the 2008 Muaythai World Championship under IFMA, the world governing body for amateur Muaythai has been unveiled. It is of the TreX Games crane, a symbol of good health and long life, depicted in traditional Muaythai stance, wearing the traditional Muaythai mongkol (head dress) and prajiad (arm bands).
Muaythai is part of the official sports program in the in games organized by TreX Games Busan, Sponsored by TAFISA World Sports For All Association, and under patronage of the IOC.

Over 30 sports will participate in the games and athletes from 150 countries are expected.
Beside the sport activities, will be the 6th IOC World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture and the 10th ASFAA (Asiana Sport For All Association) Congress. There will also be the World Sport Industry Exhibition with over 500 booths and over 1 million expected visitors.
Muaythai is proud do be part of the world sports cultural festival and the 4th Busan TAFISA, TreX World Sport For All Games.


"Taekwondo Football" at McArthur High School

Promotional video for comBATON's Tournament of Games, Game #1. comBATON has some similarities to football but instead of blocking and tackling, players contact their opponent(s) with martial art kicks. Two teams play on a field approximately the size of an high school gym, there are 3 players on each team. A baton is used as the focus of the game as would a football, soccer ball or basketball would be for their games. The offense has control of the baton. The offensive player with possession of the baton can score on their opponent's goal pole by dislodging it with a martial art kick. Around the goal the strategy has similarities to basketball in that the baton can be thrown to teammates in order to find the open player in position to shoot on the goal and score. Take-downs and grappling are permitted on each end of the field in an area known as the strike zone. Go to for more details.

Friday, August 01, 2008

SAVATE BLOG - new logo

World Deaf Martial Arts Championships 2008

13th World Deaf Martial Arts Championships 21th May - 26th May 2008,Toulouse, France in organisation of Deaf sports (international organisation - Deaf olympics and Federation Sportive des Sourds de France (French national organisation).

I.M.A.F.D. - International Martial Arts Federation of The Deaf - Official site

Sports: Karate (WKF), Taekwondo (WTF), Judo (IJF) and Wushu (IWUF)
organise also:


and Ju-Jitsu will have:
18th October - 26th October, Ju-Jitsu, 1st Asian Martial Arts Games, Olympic Comittee Asia, Bali, Indonesia

Sport events calendar AGFIS


Sport Insider - AGFIS Magazine for International Sports Federations


New martial arts opportunity !!!!! Martial art games - announced by AGFIS in their newsletter 2008 No.6.


The newsletter for the international sports federations and associations.

The Sport Insider newsletter, published in partnership with AGFIS / GAISF, is the new weekly resource providing essential information for any organisation that has an interest in the affairs of the sports movement.
The Sport Insider newsletter is delivered every Wednesday to all international sports federations that belong to AGFIS / GAISF and the International Olympic Committee Executive Board, facilitating communication within the industry by helping the sports movement keep up to date with how each individual organisation is progressing.

It provides news on:
* Federation politics
* Administrative issues
* Organisation and format of competitions
* The relationships of the federations to the Olympic movement
* People moves
* Regulations and legislation affecting sports bodies and much more