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WUC - FISU savate photos


Michael Kirkham Dies After MMA Debut Fight (Photo)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Michael Kirkham, who was known as the “Tree” for his height (6-feet-9), has sadly passed away in result of the injuries suffered during his first professional MMA fight on Saturday (June 26).

The 30 year-old was pronounced dead of a brain hemorrhage at the Aiken Regional Medical Center on Monday (June 28). “The hospital is only three minutes away,” Aiken County coroner Tim Carlton said. “They did CPR immediately, but he never regained consciousness.” Michael’s death was ruled accidental.

This tragically death raises questions about the extreme health risks the fighters face in the ring. “The mentality that ‘these fighters are gladiators, let them go out on their shields’ is really detrimental to the sport,” says Dr. Johnny Benjamin, an orthopedic surgeon who has mixed martial arts and boxing clients. “It needs to be seen more in the light of a major sport like the NFL and major league baseball.”

Still, Benjamin defends the sport. “Between boxing and MMA there are very similar type of injuries,” he says. “But MMA is safer because when you get knocked out and down, the fight is over. You don’t get 10 seconds to come back up and get hit again.”

[image: CBSNews]

Woman kickboxer dies after being knocked unconscious during championship fight

Could this story happen also in SAVATE - combat?

By Paul Thompson

A woman kickboxer has died after being felled by a left hook to the face during an amateur tournament in Florida.Adrienne Simmons, 34, was knocked out in the final round of a three-round bout in Orlando on Sunday.
The fight was stopped and ringside doctors treated Miss Simmons, who sat up and spoke to paramedics as she was helped to the dressing room.
But the Atlanta-based fighter collapsed soon after and was eventually airlifted to hospital where she died on Monday.

Fatal blow: Adrienne Simmons died after being felled by a punch to the head during a championship fight

Fatal blow: Adrienne Simmons died after being felled by a punch to the head during a championship fight She is thought to be the first women kickboxer to die following a fight. Simmons' boyfriend yesterday claimed tournament organisers, International Kickboxing Federation, had failed to provide adequate medical facilities. Chike Lindsay-Ajudua said there was no ambulance immediately available and it took almost 60 minutes to get Simmons to Orlando Medical Centre. He told Atlanta's 'It took over half an hour after the incident for her to even be loaded onto a gurney for transport.

Fighter: The 30-year-old is the first woman to be killed in the contact sport

Fighter: The 30-year-old is the first woman to be killed in the contact sport

'Transportation took another 20 minutes, which gave over an hour of time for the swelling of her brain to get to a point where there was little that doctors could do.

'The severity of this accident is a direct result of the proper precautions not being taken by the IKF.'

Simmons had been fighting Lindsay Scheer in a Muay Thai match, when she was knocked out.

The Thai form of kick-boxing allows fighters use feet, elbows, hands and knees to rain blows on their opponents although women have to wear headguards.

Miss Simmons had emergency surgery to relieve swelling on the brain but never recovered consciousness.

Her death has been ruled an accident by the Orange County coroner.

Speaking about the fatal blow, her trainer Eric Haycraft said: 'It really just seemed like a normal bout.

'It was a heavy shot but everyone involved had no reason to believe there was anything abnormal except a fighter getting their bell rung like we all have had at some point in our careers.'

On her Facebook page, Ms Scheer described her opponent as 'brave', and wrote that part of herself had died along with Ms Simmons.

'I have been inconsolable since that moment,' she wrote. 'I did not know what it really felt like to cry. I was and am broken.'

Steve Fossom, the president of the International Kickboxing Federation, could not be reached for comment.


Written by her opponent (killer) Lindsay

I have waited to make my statement about the terrible tragedy that has occurred this past weekend at IKFs because I wanted there to be time for all involved especially those closest to Adrienne to have a chance to tell their friends and have their time to process this horrific event, but I feel there are some things that I need to say. What I was hoping would be a wonderful day turned out to be the absolute worst day of my entire life. I had anticipated a great weekend of being around and getting to participate in what I love – Muay thai. I could never have imagined that the weekend would end with me being called into a room by a sheriff to inform me that I am being interviewed for a homicide investigation. I have literally been inconsolable since that moment. I did not know what it really felt like to cry. I was and am broken.
I returned home to be greeted by my amazing parents who drove to my house in Louisville to be with me and tell me in person that they love me and that they are behind me. They also drove down to tell me that my grandmother had died this morning as well. I do not add these details to evoke pity or draw attention to me. In fact, I am done talking about my hurt and my pain because it is only self-serving and would evoke pity and condolences from people that I just don’t want or feel like I deserve. Any energy or thought in this matter must go to Adrienne and Chike. I mention these details because they have helped to bring me to what I am about to say:
A piece of me died in the ring yesterday with Adrienne. I will never get it back…not even in time – it will not heal this, period. However, my initial visceral reaction when I was told by the police officers was a hysterical fit that I will never fight again. To be honest, I am terrified to step into the ring and I don’t know how I will be able to…but again, this is not about me. My grandmother was one of the strongest people I have had the privilege of knowing and Adrienne was one of the bravest. I know that my grandmother would tell me I am being weak and wasteful and I truly believe that Adrienne would want me to continue to fight because if this situation was reversed, I would have wanted her to do the same.
We both love this sport, it is more than what we do, it is a part of who we are and if I spend the rest of my life avoiding Muay Thai, then we both die. I say this because long before the IKF tournament, I had accepted a rematch bout with a very tough dutch girl I had fought last year. This was the toughest fight I have ever had. It is scheduled for Aug 29th in Suriname. I think I have to go through with it. I have to find some way to make myself train and prepare for this match because I feel it needs to be done to commemorate Adrienne. She deserves nothing less. In fact, she deserves more than a bout in her memory, she deserves change. I cannot let her death be in vain. The Kickboxing community needs to make something positive from this tragedy and I’ll do whatever I can to facilitate it. I do not expect everyone to agree with me or even to understand where I am coming from. All that I ask is that you do not judge me. I of course will not proceed with the fight unless I have the support of Chike and those closest to Adrienne because I wish to do nothing that those who knew her best would deem disrespectful. So please…no responses to this post unless it is a way we can begin to make things better.

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AKODAD Hayatte vs. Anesa Meksen - France Elite

AKODAD Hayatte vs. Anesa Meksen - France Elite

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Boxing and Wrestling business

Investment and circus.

Burmese Boxing - OPEN PALM - like karate?

Did any historian criticly observed the ancient art of Muay Thai and Burmese boxing?
And the foot (straight kick) is in ideal position (fingers looking back).

WAKO kickboxing - Sport HUB Channel

Sportaccord members can get it for free they say.
And isn't savate Sportaccord member?

Sports HUB - new sportaccord GAMES STRUCTURE

I think - savate is missing. Yes savate is in Sportaccord and the promotion will come by itself. I am sure :).


1-American football
7-Hockey (grass)
10-Rugby Union

3-Ju Jitsu

World Mind Games (official games)

3-Basque Palota
7-Table Tennis

3-Tug of War

2-Billiard sports
3-Boules sports
10-Shooting sport

3-Dragon Boat
7-Sport Fishing
10-Water Skiing

4-Ice Hockey

1-Air Sports
2-Dance Sport
3-Equestrian Sports
4-Flying Disk
9-Roller Sports
10-Sport Climbing

1-Commonwealth Games
2-Deaf Sports
3-Labour Sports
4-Masters Games
5-Military Sports
7-School Sport
8-Special Olympics
9-The World Games
10-University Sports

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Swiss University sport federation - SAVATE

Calendar SUSF 2010 - world university championships (fisu) - without savate

No leader of competition sport savate - known to SUSF. Ah those Germans :)

Swiss University sport federation don't know nothing about savate.
Yes this is the real work of Straub and others.

Savate is going further and further with its strong promotion.

Peter Straub (Germany) in new "Switzerland" ROLE

In Switzerland:


Savate ist eine französische Kampfsportart, die elegante Fusstechniken mit den Fausttechniken des klassischen Boxens verbindet. Ziel ist es, den Gegner zu treffen ohne selbst getroffen zu werden.

Unsere Trainings-Lokationen sind:

Tuesday: Kantonsschule Rychenberg, Rychenbergstrasse 140, 8401 Winterthur

Wednesday: Turnhalle Lind Süd, Lindstrasse 1, 8400 Winterthur

( "Assaut" ).


Advancer: Tuesday von 20,00 - 21,30 h

Begginer: Wednesday 18.00 - 19.20 h


Started in Germany, moved and lived in Singapore (as a representative of savate sport) and ended in Switzerland. What an international career.

Brasil savate?

Girl with Dolph Lundgren's JAWS ...

WSB - World Series of Boxing - AIBA professional

Small, bigger, the only future official professional boxing?

International Boxer Draft London 28th of June 2010

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Stefan Dieke - Canne de combat - Germany?

Stefan Dieke is a professional instructor and researcher of historical European martial arts, running his own school, the Alte Kampfkunst – Historical European Martial Arts Academy in Wuppertal, Germany. He teaches mostly armed fighting styles spanning the Medieval period up until the First World War.

Over the past decade Stefan has taught historical European swordsmanship at many prestigious HEMA events, including ISMAC (Lansing, MI/Detroit, MI), WMAW (Amsterdam, NY/Racine, WI), SWASH (Leeds, UK), the Dreynevent (Vienna, Austria), the Australian Historical Fencing Convention (Melbourne, Australia) and the Paddy Crean Workshop (Banff, Canada).

Stefan teaches Bartitsu as a historical martial art which is useful for modern day self-defence situations. He focuses on the cane as well as scientific boxing combined with kicks from French boxing (savate). Following the Edwardian-era commentators who pointed out that many of the techniques of jiujitsu were already known in Europe centuries before Japanese fighting arts were introduced there, Stefan’s take on neo-Bartitsu’s ‘jiujitsu’ is strongly influenced by his understanding of German Medieval and Renaissance ‘Ringen’ (grappling-based unarmed combat) and dagger fighting.

Besides working from the canonical sources, Stefan’s Bartitsu also draws from contemporary sources on the arts that Barton-Wright combined into Bartitsu.

2003 SAVATE WARM UP (archive footage 2003)

They also work in Macedonia.

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Tran Trieu Quan ITF taekwondo group is traveling to Sportaccord 2011

As frenchboxing BLOG informed you in the past and predicted all steps mentioned bellow - we see another (second - Tran Trieu Quan) ITF taekwondo federation submitted an application for 2011 membership to the Sport Accord.


Dear ITF Members

International Taekwon-Do Federation – ITF would like to inform that on June 30th, 2010, the delegation of our Federation consisted of Master Tadeusz Loboda, Master Jerzy Jedut and Mr. Efraim Barak, have submitted an application for 2011 membership to the Sport Accord.

Our application will be discussed by the Sport Accord Council in November 2010.

We will keep you up-to-dated with all progress on this issue.

Yours sincerely,
GM Willem Jacob Bos
ITF Secretary General

Martial Arts Lies - BLOG

His point of view and he says:
This Blog is not official and does not include any classified information. The information provided on this website is all open source information readily available from google. Nothing has been added, nothing has been invented. It is all the information grouped up. It is a warning to people before they spend thousands of dollars on martial arts courses.It may or may not all be true but that is what is being said out there.

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Luka Bastinac - Serbia - savate judge - just loves MMA

Steroid guys - on a Milenium Fight Challenge - MFC -
Luka Bastinac - you can see - for a second on 0:17 and 0:18. Is it true that president of Savate federation Serbia is also leader of FIS Antidoping (WADA) section? Will he ask Luka why he is so interested in MMA so called professional sport - not WADA member. Is that kind of behaviour dangerous for an amateur sport like savate?
It seems that promotion is stronger than legal amateur sport. Sad days for french boxing.

Universities of Montenegro Sports Association

They are alive.

Universities of Montenegro Sports Association

President: Predrag Zecevic
Secretary General: Boris Sekulic

Address: Cetinjski put bb 81.000 Podgorica, Montenegro (MNE)
Tel: +382 20 265 942
Mob: +382 67 253 067
Fax: +382 20 265 942

Slovenian and Quatar Olympic Committee signed contract about cooperation

Is there any Quatar savate federation?
As I observe Slovenian team they are willing to travel anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

7th World University Karate Championship


7th World University Karate Championship
Podgorica, Montenegro 15-18 July 2010.

kumite - individual
1. Kovacic zeljka -55kg
2. Bebek Ivana -61kg
3. Celan Ana Marija +68kg
kumite - team
kata - individual
8. Kiuk Vlatka

kumite - individual
9. Goran Lucin
10. Pernus Rene

AS YOU SEE Croatian University Sport Federation sent 10 competitors (I didn't count judges and trainers) to Podgorica, and the same organisation and the Savate federation of Croatia didn't send any savate competitor to Nantes.
Why they promote karate more than savate?

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Renaissance Martial Arts and Modern Military Combatives

A comparative survey of ancient, medieval and Renaissance European martial arts techniques that are found in the current U.S. Army and Marine Corps combatives manuals (US Army FM 3-25.150 and MCRP 3-02B, respectively).
See for the companion article.
The music is a 16th century piece titled "Prager Tanze", performed by Collegium Musicum Aldovadensis.

Ancient Olympic Boxing

Boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC, being called Pygme or Pygmachia. Participants trained on punching bags (called a korykos). Fighters wore leather straps (called himantes) over their hands, wrists, and sometimes breast, to protect them from injury. The straps left their fingers free. Legend had it that the Spartans were the first to box as a way to prepare for sword and shield fighting. According to Philostratos, the good boxer should have long and powerful arms, strong shoulders, a high neck, and powerful and flexible wrists. Handicaps are a thick shin (preventing agility) and a large stomach (prevents supple movements). In addition, the boxer should possess persistence, patience, endurance, great will-power, and strength. Handicaps are a thick shin (preventing agility) and a large stomach (prevents supple movements). In addition, the boxer should possess persistence, patience, endurance, great will-power, and strength.

Mike and Tommy Gibbons - boxing

Mike and Tommy Gibbons were boxing brothers and Hall of Famers from the early 1900's who fought the likes of Harry Greb, Mike O'Dowd, Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey. Mike, Known as the St. Paul Phantom, was considered one of the greatest boxer of his time, though he never won a "Title". Tommy, though losing the fight, was the only man to ever go 15 rounds with Dempsey, in the Heavy Weight Championship fight in Shelby Montana on July 4, 1923.

French Victorian bronze figure of two bare fisted men boxing (signed HUBERT)

The Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign from June 1837 until her death on the 22nd of January 1901.

THE HIGH KICKER - A lady boxer from France - 22nd of June 1933

Subtitle for this story is: "A Lady Boxer from France." Introductory intertitle reads: "Madame is just one more of the growing band of Feminine athletes -" M/S of a man and woman dressed in white having a boxing match in the open air. M/S of the woman who does some stretching exercises in her skin tight cat suit! M/S of the woman lying on the ground doing some other exercises - leg stretches.

"In La Belle France, however, they do things differently - and here's where a real high-kicker scores" Madame does a bit of kick boxing. She seems to be getting the better of her male opponent. She forces him to the ground. "That's the way to train your Husband!" More footage of her silky skills including an excellent acrobatic kick to the head!

"And this way too - " Slow motion footage of Madame kicking her opponent in the shin. "The "slow" camera shows just the kind of tactics that score" Slow motion footage of a high kick. Film ends with the two combatants shaking hands with their boxing gloves on.

Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 629.

Safety print exists - also 16mm comb dupe neg & 16mm comb pos.

click -->


French pop singer Johnny Halliday's boxing ballet, Paris, France.

MS back view of Halliday in the spotlight, singing on stage at the Paris Sports Palace.
VS Halliday entering stage dressed as boxer and getting into ring. He has boxing match with a boxer (not real boxing - jokey, staged fighting). Despite obviously not hitting each other Halliday ends up with blood all over his face (fake blood). Halliday is (of course) victorious.

Date on dope sheet is 12/05/1969.

NB: not sure what boxing match was in aid of - whole scenario is pretty bizarre.

click --->

Saint Petersburg - french boxing - savate - 2005

S. Egorov vs. E.Saprykin

A. Rastow vs. I. Muratkin

Olympism in action and IOC ex president Antonio Samaranch (Torello)

Take time and try to understand some facts...

Canne de Combat - Light saber - JEDI Canne - Starwars

Canne Chausson in its best

Quebec to host 2012 SportAccord Convention

AND ITF taewkwondo 3 federation will probably try to merge in one in 2012 after the big game in Sportaccord in 2011 in London where two of them will appear.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – The SportAccord Convention announced today that its 2012 edition will be held in the city of Quebec. It will be the first time that the world summit of sport takes place in Canada. The 2012 SportAccord Convention in Quebec is provisionally scheduled for May 20-25, 2012.
“The campaign we have undertaken to bring international sports events to Quebec is bearing fruit,” said Quebec Mayor Regis Labeaume. “The SportAccord Convention is a unique opportunity to show the leaders of world sport the numerous attractions of our city.”
“We will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the SportAccord Convention in 2012 and we are delighted that the special occasion will be in Quebec,” said Anna Hellman, executive director of SportAccord Convention. “We are happy to be taking our event to Canada for the first time as we continue to hold it at a different location around the world each year.”
The ninth edition of the SportAccord Convention takes place in London from April
03-08, 2011. The event will be held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

WEKAF - stick fighting - 27 categories

Do we have new WAKO kickboxing imitator in the field of stick fighting sports?
Is WEKAF coming with the same tactics? Why Canne de Combat don't promote its own style of stick fighting in this way?

1. Women's Senior High Single Stick Divisions (Ages 50+)
2. Women's Senior Single Stick Divisions (Ages 40-49)
3. Girls Single Stick
4. Boys Single Stick
5. Women's Single Stick Divisions (Ages 18-39)
6. Girls Double Stick
7. Boys Double Stick
8. Men's Single Stick Divisions (Ages 18-39)
9. Girls
10. Boys
11. Women’s Senior 40 to 49
12. Women’s Senior High 50 Plus
13. Women’s 18 to 39
14. Synchronized Teams
15. Men’s Senior 40 to 49
16. Men’s Senior High 50 Plus
17. Men’s 18 to 39
18. Women's Double Stick Divisions (Ages 18-39)
19. Men's Single Stick Divisions (Ages 18-39)
20. Women's Senior Double Stick Divisions (Ages 40-49)
21. Women's Senior High Double Stick Divisions (Ages 50+)
22. Men's Senior Single Stick Divisions (Ages 40-49)
23. Men's Senior High Single Stick Divisions (Ages 50+)
24. Men's Double Stick Divisions (Ages 18-39)
25. Men's Senior Double Stick Divisions (Ages 40-49)
26. Men's Senior High Double Stick Divisions (Ages 50+)
27. 3-Person Team Sparring (Open Weight Class)
Follow all unfinished sparring women, men and seniors, categories

11th World Eskrima Kali Arnis Championship, July 19 - 25 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, Contact:,

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Doce Pares

Doce Pares was founded on January 11, 1932 by a small group of Eskrima Masters spearheaded by Eulogio Canete, Lorenzo Saavedra and Teodoro Saavedra. The name Doce Pares was adopted in reference to the famous twelve bodyguards of Emperor Charlemagne of France (AD 768-814).

These twelve people all top swordsmen were known to have fought and killed hundreds of enemies in battles. Doce Pares which means "Twelve pairs" in spanish, was meant also to honor the twelve people who originally planned to form the organization, and when the membership rose to twenty four at the time of the inauguration, it indeed became more significantly fitting

Eulogio Canete held on the presidency of Doce Pares until his death in June, 1988.

Slovenian university sport association - magazine - SAVATE

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Wushu & Sanda Training Kazakhtstan Team with Alexander Raduntsev Aktau 2007

Wushu Sanda Training in Aktau Kazakhstan with National Coach Alexander Raduntsev

Thursday, July 15, 2010

WADA made it for two ITF taekwondo federations

As we reported you 13 days ago (on the 2nd of July 2010) - WADA and two ITF taekwondo federaions made very quick reaction. Congratulations. They needed only 13 days, to improove some missing facts to ITF sport. Brave new World.

1 - Taekwon-Do (ITF) - International Taekwon-Do Federation (Rome)
2 - Taekwon-Do (ITF) - International Taekwon-Do Federation (Vienna)

And I am really surprised how they understand the organisation of international sport inside AGFIS - Sportaccord. They also put Savate in NON IOC RECOGNISED SPORTACCORD MEMBERS (23) although Sportaccord didn't make any changes on his website,10853,5148-176060-193278-nav-list,00.html

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Finals Women Ocean Indian Championships 2010 - Canne de Combat

USA Students FISU are NBA players?

Many sport authorities don't know much about university sport.
Ussualy they don't take care about it. And also they don't take it serious.
If you read this article maybe YOU will change your point of view?


2009 SU Participants in NBA and WNBA 2010 Draft
Friday, 09 July 2010
Theme : Basketball
Events : Summer Universiade

Team USA at the medal ceremony in Belgrade

BRUSSELS – What does Evan Turner, James Anderson, Craig Brackins, Trevor Booker, Quincy Pondexter, Lazar Hayward, Jarvis Varnado and Da'Sean Butler have in common?

Well, they were all part of Team USA which participated in the Men’s Basketball Tournament at the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade, Serbia. They were stopped by the Russians in their quest for gold in the semi-finals losing with only one point difference (68-69) and as a comfort took home the bronze medal in their suitcase after beating Israel 91-80 in the game for third place.

That was their story last year… This year, well, these eight players were some of the main characters in the NBA Draft 2010! Indeed, eight players of the 2009 SU Team were drafted by teams of the best professional basketball league in the world, the ‘NBA’.

It gets even better. ‘Player of the Year’ Evan Turner was the N° 2 draft pick of the first round. Meaning he was ranked as one of the best choices a pro team could pick.

Four players from that USA team were not drafted: Deon Thompson, who finished school; Corey Fisher and Talor Battle, who are still at University and Robbie Hummel who was injured at the end of the season and who will probably be drafted next year.

The story so far for the boys … Now let’s have a look at the girls …

Tina Charles, the WNBA N° 1 draft pickThe Women’s Basketball Team of the USA participating at the 25th World University Games in the Serbian capital went straight to the top taking home the gold medal to put on their mantelpiece.

Four players of that golden team – Tina Charles, Jacinta Monroe, Danielle McCray and Alexis Gray-Lawson - will meet each other again on the pro court of the WBNA, the female counterpart of the NBA. We can proudly add that Tina Charles was the WNBA’s number one choice as she was picked first!

Below you will find an overview of the drafted players


Evan Turner 2nd pick Ohio State University Philadelphia 76ers

James Anderson 20th pick Oklahoma State University San Antonio Spurs

Craig Brackins 21st pick Iowa State University Oklahoma City Thunder

Trevor Booker 23rd pick Clemson University Minnesota Timberwolves

Quincy Pondexter 26th pick University of Washington Oklahoma City Thunder

Lazar Hayward 30th pick Marquette University Washington Wizards

Jarvis Varnado 41st pick Mississippi State University Miami Heat

Da'Sean Butler 42nd pick West Virginia University Miami Heat


Tina Charles 1st pick University of Connecticut Connecticut Suns

Jacinta Monroe 6th pick Florida State Washington Mystics

Danielle McCray 7th pick University of Kansas Connecticut Suns

Alexis Gray-Lawson 30th pick University of California Washington Mystics

Christian Pierre, FISU Press Officer

Monday, July 12, 2010

Internationaux de Paris 2008 1/4 - UFK vs Gary Grunberg

Not so much assaut tournaments we see in FIS. One FIS competition per year and that is all. Do you think there should be more regional or teritorial assaut competitions or cups? Why there is no need for savate competitons? Like in Wu-shu? The same politics of non-existing kung-fu martial art in Europe?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

European schoolboys boxing AIBA championship

Some kind of confused light contact. Is this already light contact that was presented years ago as a future youth boxing?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

ENBF Meeting 2010 “Italo Manusardi”

26th of june 2010 in Milan, Sport Center San Carlo
first meeting of ENBF dedicated to Italo Manusardi.

They say that they did canne de combat and savate,
whatever that means...

ENBF-ITALIA: Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi, Giorgio Alì, Giuseppe Bertele, Salvatore Castrovilli, Maestro Manusardi

Enoch Effach about everything

New hope for Bosnia University savate from Slovenia?

Building a campus Ljubljana University in Brcko will start by the end of the year 2010 and it is planed to expect first students by the end of the next school year.
Mara Simikic, a spokesman for Brcko District Government, stated for portal eKapija that the Government of Brcko District reached a Decision approving the activities concerning the foundation of a campus affiliated with University from Ljubljana, in Brcko District.
As Simikic explained, that decision endorsed enforcement of activities - related to foundation of department in University from Ljubljana in Brčko- according to the Law of High Education of Brčko District.
„Together with the decision, a conclusion has been reached that the government will not interfere with a choice of location concerning the future University in Brcko District. Brcko District and University from Ljubljana will have this conclusion realized on the project together, until the further project`s legal,economic and pedagogic aspects for achieving the highest standards of education,are known, Simikic said.
To build the campus several locations was taken into consideration. However, as Simikic explains the most acceptable option is the area of former knitwear factory Interplet,which is laying there empty, and the already existing buildings could be adapted.
Otherwise, Brčko will open departments for six universities: University of sports and University for informatics and information technologies, A Bio-technical University, Electro- engineering University and Administration University, while at the department of Economy graduated economists will be able to enroll master studies.
Aside from premises for attending lectures, within the limits of the future campus covering approximately nine hectares, we should find a sports hall, open space courts and other accompanying facilities.
For this project, Slovenia will be using its own resources, but also resources from European Union funds.
Obligations of Brčko district come down to - as Simikic explains- building a campus that gives a comparative advantage over other universities in the region.
The final location and guise of the university will determine together the District`s government and Slovenian expert teams, only for Brcko Parliament to ratify everything in the end.

French cadet championship savate assaut 2010

22 - 23th of May 2010 in Valence (26) French championship savate assaut - "Minimes" and "Cadets".
Report: US Bergerac
Jeremy THEVENIAULT (cadet), Marmande (47): Benjamin POTIER (cadet), Celine POTIER (minime), Beauronne (24): Florian BLONDY (cadet) and Laurie GERAUD (cadete)

Look at the glove testing emblem (red, white, yellow ...). That is the way of training real savate and not mixed kickboxing martial art salad. And look at the casks.

Finals - French canne de combat championship 2010

Savate club Herblinoise (44) - Canne de Combat french championship in Bordeaux 15th of May 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Japan donated Serbia about 200 milion euro


I thought that France and Serbia are well connected (historical links) but as it seems the great supporter of Serbia is . . . you won't beleive ... Japan.

Yes. They write that Japan donated Serbia about 200 milion euro. Of all this money Japan donated Serbia 2,57 milion euro for the development of sport and culture.
Big in Japan.

World university savate championship 2010

Serbia won 4, Slovenia 5, medals, Montenegro competed (directly came from combat), Bosnia absent, Macedonia absent, Croatia absent.

Serbia 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronz medal

Ivana Popadic (Zrenjanin) - 1. place -50kg won France, Belgium and Italy.
Goran Bajsanski (Novi Sad) - 1. place +85 won Belgium, Russia, Montenegro, France.
Siniša Zeljkovic (Novi Sad) - 2. place -60kg won Italy, Belgium, Algier, France.
Goran Kasic (Zrenjanin) - 3. place -70kg won Russia, Belgium, Canada, lost Columbia
Mihajlo Paljevic (Beograd) -76kg competed

Trainers: Miroslav Odzic (Novi Sad) and Slobodan Popov (Zrenjanin), judge: Maja Odzic (Novi Sad).

4 competitors (Novi Sad) from a big Serbian journey through combat EC, assaut WUC, Mediteranean cup stays on a seminar and later compete in Carcasone, France Karkasonu, where Sinisa Zeljkovic -60kg and Goran Bajsanski +85 will compete on Mediteranean savate cup - Miroslav Odzic and Maja Odzic will also be there.
What a nice and long lasted journey. And what a budget. Congratulations.
This is what some people call specialization. You have to be focused and do only one thing very good in your life.
Thanks god that you help lucky people.

And all other photos:
- 60kg : 1. Bryan Charge (France) - 2. Sinisa Zeljkovic (Serbia) - 3. Anthony Ghassiri (Algeria)

-60kg : Ivana Popadic (Serbia) - Marine May (France) - Sarah Hamourit (Algeria)

-82kg : 1. Camille Mozzoleni (France) - 2. Simone Iannetta (Italiy) - 3 Jan Hribar (Slovenia)

+70kg : 1. Melissa Quelfennec (France) - 2. Anne-Therese Gobwrielle (Germany) - 3. Catherine Gabriel (UK)

-55kg : 1. Anissa Meksen (France) - 2. Monica Torchio (Mexico) - 3. Marina Dobnik (Slovenia)

+82kg : 1. Goran Basjanski (Serbia) - 2. Brahim Annour (France) - 3. Evgeny Vinogradov (Russia)

-65kg : 1. Julie Lazard (France) - 2. Claudia Proietti (Italy) - 3. Polona Mihalic (Slovenia)

-70kg : 1. Julien Willo (France) - 2. Federico Garcia B. (Columbia) - 3. Goran Kasic (Serbia)

- 65kg : 1. Johan Ghassiri (France) - 2. Anton Bikov (Russia) - 3. Jan Godec (Slovenia)

-76kg : 1. Karim Guillard (Algeria) - 2. Johan Jourdrin (France) - 3. Jose Debrabandere (Belgium)

-60kg : 1. Jacqueline Beroud (France) - 2. Manuela Massari (Italy) - 3. Slan-Marie Clark (UK)

-70kg : 1. Cindy Demarle (France) - 2. Ana Velikonja (Slovenia)

Everything is more than OK. Agree? Of course yes.

French savate forum - Gilles LE DUIGOU resigned

Is it true? Can anybody make a statement?

1st of July 2010
A: bonjour, Je viens d'apprendre la démission de gilles Le Duigou président de la FIS et je m'étonne du manque de réaction du monde de la sbf .

B: Quelqu'un a des infos? Pourquoi ? Revient il dans le girond national ?

Abrakadabra and savate

They can be mediaval fencers, next day they can represent Jeet koon do, next week Bartitsu is around, a little bit poetry next month and in a year ... who knows. Maybe MMA fans?

Friday, July 02, 2010

There can be only one of three - ITF taekwondo - Ung Chang

June 23rd 2010 was an historical and significant day for the ITF.


ITF application of affiliation to Sportaccord at Sportaccord HQs in Lausanne

As planned, the ITF Delegation headed by President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung paid a visit to the Sport Accord Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and held productive talks with Dr. Hein Verbruggen, the Sport Accord President.
The ITF delegation was composed of President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung, Vice President Prof. Dr. Dato, GM Leong Wai Meng, Executive Director General Master Ri Yong Son, Treasurer Mr Kim Chol Gyu, EITF President Senior Master Anto Nobilo, ITF EB Member Master Augustus Mitchell, and Senior Master Michael Prewett, ITF Spokesperson.
As 23rd June was the Olympic Day, Sports leaders were working to a very tight schedule due to the organization of the colourful events concerning the Olympics, it was therefore very pleasing to the delegation members that the Sport Accord President, Dr. Hein Verbruggen was waiting to greet us personally in his office and offered a warm welcome to us upon our arrival.
The discussions took place in a friendly atmosphere over a period of 1 hour 40 minutes, during which time a lot of views and perspectives in terms of the Taekwon-Do and Martial-Art activities were exchanged.
Dr. Hein Verbruggen explained in detail the function of Sport Accord and assured the delegation that he would be pleased to support the ITF Taekwon-Do in the future.
Following the ITF President’s introduction of the delegation members to Dr. Hein Verbruggen, every member spoke to him of the Taekwon-Do history and the ITF activities all over the world which he found enlightening.
Finally, the delegation handed the documentary files over to the Sport Accord Secretary, Ms Ricarda Ettlin, who is in charge of this project. She was also presented with a complete set of Taekwon-Do encyclopedias.
On behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and its President, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Dr. Hein Verbruggen, the Sport Accord President, for his kindness and hospitality toward the ITF Delegation.
In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of our members for their great support to this important issue.

Written by: Senior Master Michael Prewett - ITF Spokesperson



(There has been vast amounts or propaganda spread by other organisation claiming unification talks with WTF and the CISM, while we have continued to silently work for our members and press forward. We were the first to host ITF Championships in South Korea, the first WIareOne joint ITF and WTF event and now the official announcement of the ITF inclusion to the International Military Sports Council - CISM. ITF has returned home to Korea and the Military...)
The participants of the conference shared a consensus on the need for the unification of ITF and WTF, the two split Taekwondo bodies. They also agreed that the admission of 128 pro-ITF member countries to CISM Taekwondo Committee, which currently recognises 131 pro-WTF countries only, would lay the groundwork for WTF-ITF integration. link


2nd of March 2006
ITF President Master Tran Letter to IOC added
Sainte-Foy, 17 February 2005
Madam Pâquerette Girard Zappelli
Special Representative
International Olympic Committee
Ethics Commission
Villa du Centenaire, 28 avenue de l’Élysée,
1006 Lausanne, Switzerland


I want to thank you for your answer concerning Mr. Chang Ung, IOC member. However, we continue to think that IOC Ethics Commission must examine the case. It is true that the decision, dated 7 September 2005, is a legal judgement from the Vienna Provincial Court. Why should you reconsider the case of Mr. Chang Ung? In the Olympic Charter, it is written that (the Olympic Charter) recalls the Fundamental Principles and essential values of Olympism, as good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical
principles. Mr. Chang Ung has not acted with fair play and has used his CIO status member to promote his proclamation as president of ITF, in a meeting that was not hold following ITF statutes. The letter inviting the members was not indicating that it would be a congress. When the participants arrived in North Korea to celebrate the 100th day memorial of General Choi’s death, on September 20th 2002, it was a shock to most of the attendees, when, after the memorial service, the gathering was transformed into a Special Meeting of the ITF Congress. The organizers decided to go ahead even though they were reminded that the Constitution of the ITF requires explicitly that a written notice announcing a Congress Meeting be sent out to voting members at least three months before the date of the meeting. In fact their special meeting was unconstitutional. General Choi Hong Hi had always insisted on the democratic process. So Mr. Chang Ung was introduced as the new President of the ITF without having been elected by the Congress. We understand that we are not an IOC member. In spite of that, we want the Ethics Commission to examine Mr. Chang Ung actions because he is an IOC member and IOC president Jacques Rogge has received Mr. Chang Ung as the ITF president (on your website). So I formed a work’s committee to lodge the formal complaint against Mr. Chang Ung. Mr. Chang Ung was not a Taekwon-do member and he has never practiced Taekwon-do. And truly, he is not acting following Taekwon-do values and principles. He was coming from nowhere. He is an impostor. How IOC can support such a member who has acted and talked without ethic and fair play? Some media are interested in the case, so we hope that the IOC will consider the moral problem represented by Mr. Chang Ung as member of the IOC. Is he still a good example and respecting the IOC ethical principles?

Thanks for your interest.
Master Tran Trieu Quan
C.C. ITF Board of Directors, Chairs of Standing Committees
Presidents of National Associations affiliated to the ITF

ITF President Master Trân Letter to GAISF added
Quebec, February 16, 2006
Mr. Hein Verbruggen
Acting President
General Association of International
Sports Federation
Villa Le Mas
4, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
MC 9800 Monaco

Mister President,

Thank you for your letter dated 12 January 2006. We just want to remind you that it is not an internal problem because Mr. Chang Ung has never been a Taekwon-do athlete and for the ITF, he was coming from nowhere. He is an impostor. The only interests he seems to be serving are North Korean politics. Some media are following Mr. Chang Ung activities. In your website, I read that your Federation wants “to preserve sport’s fundamental values”. Is Mr. Chang representing those values?

Best regards,

Master Tran Trieu Quan
C.C. ITF Board of Directors, Chairs of Standing Committees,
Presidents of National Associations affiliated to the ITF

20th of July 2007
My priorities to develop the ITF in the four coming years
Increase the visibility of the ITF on the international scene, particularly with the GAISF, IOC and with major media:

From 3rd of May 2007
87% told us it is “important” or “very important” to work for recognition from GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federations) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

From 25th of October 2007
Master Tran (rip): In the past, I have written to the President of the International Olympic Committee, the members of the IOC Ethics Commission, as well as the Presidents of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and of the World Taekwondo Federation to inform them of the unethical and illegal actions of Mr. Chang Ung and his group.
I will be sending them an update on the situation, including copies of official documents related to the legal decisions. We also intend to ask GAISF to officially recognize the ITF. link

31th of December 2007
Four objectives:
To increase the visibility of the ITF on the international scene, particularly with the IOC, GAISF, and with major media.