Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ITF taekwondo 3: Choi Jung Hwa group locked website


All these three parts playing the same game.

ITF taekwondo 2: Trajtenberg (ex Tran Trieu) group met with WTF



Dear Members,
On December 7-8, 2012 a historical meeting took place in Colombia during the WTF World Pattern Championship between ITF President GM Trajtenberg and WTF President Mr. Chungwon Choue
Very good talks and planned future steps for colaboration between the organizations took place and, realizing that ITF and WTF have a lot in common like history and mother land.
Master Juan Ferrando
ITF Secretary General


ITF taekwondo1: Ung Chan group says "COMPROMISE WITH WTF"



  • ITF leadership, NGBs and High-Ranking Black-Belt holders should get ready to cope with the big influence from “Tzunami Wave” in 2013 in the Olympic Movement and International Sports arena, which are to change their leadership in 2013.
Incumbent President of SportAccord should retire from the position at SportAccord General Assembly to be held in May, 2013 in St. Petersburg this year.
The evolution and reformation in management and operation of the Olympic Movement and International Sporting activities could be derived from the changes of the leadership of the organizations which we have to pursue and follow up the progress and trend so as for ITF to be able to capitalize the situation in 2013.
  • ITF should actively seek for any possibility of compromise with WTF immediate future as the Olympic Sports program to be altered at IOC 125th Session to be held from 7th September this year in Buenos Aires.
  • ITF will pay due attention to cementing and consolidating the better relationships with other International Organizations like the IOC and Sport Accord through frequent contact and talk with the leaders of the organization whenever the opportunity would come.
    On the one hand, ITF leadership will make its very effort to offer NGBs with favorable condition to be recognized by the government and authority in the countries where the NGBs are still not recognized by government or authority.

RUSSIA: Sportaccord combat games and Pavel Zhuravlev on a TV