Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are Hungarians any better?

Did anybody hear for students savate sport in Hungary? Kickboxing is part of Hungarian student sport although it is not a member ob FISU.

J'accuse ...

FIKB (Italian kickboxing federation) and Italian savate in it that they didn't make anything about FISU student recognition savate. They didn't even try to be seen in a National student competition in Lignano, Udine, Italy from 22th - 30th of May 2009.

And don't worry - they are not prepared at all for Students world savate championship 2010 in Nantes, France (FISU), because they are still not part of National Italian student's competition system.
Although FISU - (CUSI) Italian headquarter is placed in Rome, from where Italian savate fighters are coming to FIS savate competitions - Ecole de combat I mean.

Italian students sport federation called CUSI - Centro Universitario Sportivo Italiano don't know nothing about savate.

This could be also good opportunity to join all savate student forces on one place - Croatia, Italia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary ...

... and will Serbia savate federation just try to present savate sport during the Summer Universiade in Belgrade? As students sport? Did you hear something?

... but Italian and French savate know for sure what they are doing. I know it. Yes.

IFMA talks about WAKO Muay Thai french champion

I like tricky stories. This one comes from IFMA website.

Onesongchai Tournament Goes to Italy:
Cadric Muller (France contender qualifier season 2 winner and world Muay Thai champion WAKO)...
... after big talks beetwen IFMA and WAKO what is thai-kick boxing and what is muay thai ???.... and later also AGFIS intervention with a big man - mighty Hein Verbruggen.
Oh crazy world of sports...

French readers of FrenchboxingBLOG

Thank you for attending this site. You are majority according to IP counter. The other question is - why nobody wants to see this BLOG on French - savate websites? Do you have better one? If you find it please - report it with comments and we will put it among all other interesting LINKS on

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Issam Barhoumi - still savateur?

Wu shu training:

Yohann Gucho vs. Issam Barhoumi - Full contact kickboxing

World Wu-shu sanda championship 2008 (Harbin), China
Issam Barhoumi vs Gary Chandler


Mediteraian savate championship (combat) 2004 Toulouse, FRANCE
Issam Barhoumi (TUN) vs. Luka Habek (CRO)

savate training:

Issa Barhoumi (TUN) vs. Gerard Monsieur (BEL)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Athens, Greece - savate or something like french boxing

T shirts with savate writings, but fight far, far away from savate technique. It is just something like Muay thai fighting with date 12th of April.

Savate forme Cognac

Association of professional boxing Vojvodina, Serbia & Miodrag Rakic (president of Savate federation Serbia)

Association of professional boxing Vojvodina -
and Miodrag Rakic president of amateur organization - Savate federation Serbia as delegate in proffesional organisation called Association of professional boxing Vojvodina.
For AGFIS it will be very hard job to proove that savate is an amateur sport and people who works and compete in it.

Dzendzi Fleis and Eva Halasi (European savate champion) are on the list of professional boxers (like Ksenija Koprek savate champion (Croatia)). Their coach (trainer) who is also registered fighter (boxing) Mihalj Halas is coaching in savate both of them. Mihalj Halas is also present in Savate federation Serbia with 3 clubs:
  • KBV Budo klub "Realni aikido" Senta, Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474
  • BK "Ringfighter promotion" Kanjiza , Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474
  • Savate boks klub "Spartakus" Novi Knezevac, Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474

On a picture: Mihalj Halas (left), Eva Halasi (center), Miodrag Rakic (right):

Dzendzi Fleis (Serbia) in professional boxing against Fadiu Idrissi (Denmark)

and picture from Association of professional boxing Vojvodina:

And after all - Savate world combat championship we expect in Vojvodina, Serbia. And we will meet all this people.
Yes fighting sports are connected.
Just follow the smell of money and this will be your right and the only one direction. - PRO BOX BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA - SKOKO promotion

and our SAVATE forces know each other - there will be on 8th May 2009 in Metkovic, Croatia:
Professional fights - boxing: Fleis and Halas will compet for Hungary not for Serbia. And Zoran Cvek - Croatian ex-savateur will be also there.

1. Ivica Perkovic (Croatia) VS Muhamed Ali Durmaz (Germany) (6 rounds)
2. Marino Goles (Croatia) VS Ratko Draskovic (Montenegro) (6 rounds)
3. Zoran Cvek (Croatia) VS Mihalj Halas (Hungary) (6 rounds)
4. Almin Kovacevic (Croatia) VS Alishan Gereev (Russia) (6 rounds)
5. Ali Chusseinov (Austrija) VS Zoran Didanovic (Serbia) (6 rounds)
6. Fleis Djendji (Hungary) VS X (Serbia) - woman boxing
7. Eva Halasi (Serbia) VS Donijele Bickei (Hungary) (4 rounds)- woman boxing
8. Istvan Petrovics (Hungary) VS Ibragim Zeliev (Russia) (4 rounds)



Senta, SerbiaFleis Djendji
4 (3) - 4 (1) - 0


Senta, Serbia Eva Halasi2 (2) - 1 (1) - 0


Kanjiza, Serbia Mihalj Halas2 (1) - 1 (1) - 0


Monday, April 27, 2009

La Nuit Des Titans - Montereau 18th of April 2009




Final woman fight - National savate championship France combat

18th of April 2009 in Narbonne Elodie BERMUDEZ (31) vs Chloe CABARRECQ (94).

Quarter finals - plumes - Oudoul Valerie vs. Akodad Hayatte winner
Semi finals - plumes - Hamadouche Maiva vs. Mesken Anissa winner
Semi finals - legeres - Jouard Blandine vs. Chaumont Elodie winner
Semi finals - legeres - Trela Virginie vs. Benbala Safia winner
Finals- mouches Bermudez Elodie vs. Cabarreq Chloe winner
Finals - Coqs - Airouches Kahina vs. Thouroude-Proust Heloise winner
Finals - super-legeres - Azennaz Sarah vs. Burton Julie winner

St. Maurice de Beynost, Lyon, France - Canne de combat

Not so good as Bordeaux canne de combat, but they have really good tactics how to attract new members - who don't know nothing about stick fighting. Nice music and video.

Meredith and Kerstin - fight also in something like savate



At last - something like well protected and not typical Savate fight:

USA savate on world assaut championship 2008 - Ilic, Moore

Ilic (USA savate)(Same surname - in Croatia in Rijeka, "once upon a time" there was brilliant savate fighter who was a big hope for this sport in ex-Yugoslavia - but he tragically died in motorcycle accident (crashed in a truck)).

Moore (USA savate):

Final Round USA vs. Italy, 85kg category. This fight went to Mike Ilic of the USA.

Croatian GALA/National championship OPEN AIR 26th of April

Donja Stubica - Croatia, 26th of April (at fountain of friendship) there was National - Croatian championship in savate - french boxing (no canne de combat - although they have medieval games with ex savateur Dubravka Borosa (who practice - sword)). But anyway you can enjoy listening AC-DC, Led Zeppelin,...

Ministry of sport - France and savate categorized competitors

Source: Ministry of sport - France

Calculate the period of 86 french fighters that need new extended categorized valuation in savate and you will answer yourself which fighters can you expect on one of two competition (assaut or combat) per year we have in savate.

Surname and name competition categorization
ADIB FATIMA Elite 31/10/2010
ADOUI DALILA Elite 31/10/2010
ALAMELLE Jianny Senior 31/10/2009
ANCELIN TONY Senior 31/10/2009
AURIENG FABRICE Senior 31/10/2009
BARDEUR JOËL Jeune 31/10/2009
Elite 31/10/2010
BEAUBE Hedi Jeune 31/10/2009
BENBALA SAFIA Elite 31/10/2010
BLONDEAU ALLAN Jeune 31/10/2009
Senior 31/10/2009
BONY MÉLANIE Elite 31/10/2009
BOUAKLINE Abdel Senior 31/10/2009
BRARD LAURENT Elite 31/10/2010
BRISSON NADÈGE Elite 31/10/2010
BURTON Julie Elite 31/10/2010
CABARRECQ CHLOE Senior 31/10/2009
CHARGE BRYAN Elite 31/10/2010
CHEVALIER LUDOVIC Senior 31/10/2009
COLEY JESSY Jeune 31/10/2009
CORDELET ELODIE Senior 31/10/2009
CORNU CHRISTOPHE Elite 31/10/2010
COURVILLE Wesley Senior 31/10/2009
Senior 31/10/2009
DIABY MOHAMED Elite 31/10/2010
DIARRA MODIBO Elite 31/10/2010
DO SOUTO SEMEDO MARIO Elite 31/10/2009
DOMINICI Jonathan Elite 31/10/2010
DOYA STEPHANE Elite 31/10/2009
EFFAH Enoch Elite 31/10/2010

EL ABRAOUI Myriam Senior 31/10/2009
ESSERE BORIS Senior 31/10/2010
FAUBEL LAURENT Elite 31/10/2010
FAURE Wendy Jeune 31/10/2009
FERNANTE GEORGY Senior 31/10/2009
FOELLER YANNICK Senior 31/10/2009
GHASSIRI JOHAN Elite 31/10/2010
GRAZIANI INGRID Elite 31/10/2010
GUILLARD KARIM Senior 31/10/2009
HEINI FRÉDÉRIC Senior 31/10/2009
HUGEL PHILIBERT Senior 31/10/2009
HUILLE ERIKA Elite 31/10/2009
IACONO LAURE Senior 31/10/2009
IDJELLIDAINE RIAD Senior 31/10/2009
INNOCENT WIDENS Senior 31/10/2009
JOUARD Blandine Senior 31/10/2009
KANFOUAH ALI Elite 31/10/2009
KAZMIERCZAK DAVID Senior 31/10/2009
KHIDER MOURAD Elite 31/10/2009
KONATE Ibrahim Senior 31/10/2009
KUYRUK OZKAN Elite 31/10/2010
LAFET LAURENT Senior 31/10/2009
LAMBRET MIKE Elite 31/10/2010
LAMBRET SULLIVAN Elite 31/10/2010
LASSALLE FRANCIS Senior 31/10/2009
LAZARE FLORENT Elite 31/10/2010
LE TEXIER BAPTISTE Jeune 31/10/2009
MADANI AMRI Elite 31/10/2010
MAKOUZA SYDNEY Jeune 31/10/2009
MALARD DAMIEN Jeune 31/10/2009

MASSIF Amandine Jeune 31/10/2009
MAUREY YANNICK Elite 31/10/2010
MEKSEN ANISSA Elite 31/10/2010
MERCADIER ROMUALD Jeune 31/10/2009
MERCOIROL NATHALIE Senior 31/10/2009
MILLET LUDOVIC Senior 31/10/2009
MONZA KÉVIN Jeune 31/10/2009
OUDOUL VALERIE Senior 31/10/2009
PASQUIER JULIEN Jeune 31/10/2009
PAUCHET Tony Elite 31/10/2010
PETIT Camille Senior 31/10/2009
RAGUIG ILHAM Elite 31/10/2010
REY MEGRET Mélodie Elite 31/10/2010
RYSIEWICZ PIERRE Elite 31/10/2010
SCHAEFFER Emilie Elite 31/10/2010
SIATKA CAROLINE Elite 31/10/2010
SISSOKO SLIMANE Senior 31/10/2009
SOLMONT Josué Senior 31/10/2009
SUIRE DIMITRI Senior 31/10/2009
SUISSE Anne-laure Senior 31/10/2009
THOUROUDE Heloise Senior 31/10/2009
TORRIS Agathe Senior 31/10/2009
TRELA STÉFAN Senior 31/10/2009
VUILLAUME ROMARIC Elite 31/10/2010

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luka Kalmeta - World WAKO-PRO kickboxing world champion arrested

Luka Kalmeta (club Pitbull gym)(32 years) - World WAKO-PRO kickboxing world champion (relative of Croatian Minister) arrested - 3kg Cannabis, money, blackmailing.
Yes savate relations with kickboxing should go in this friendly direction. This is the way of students FISU university sport.

Source: K333

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weapons that made Britain - The Sword

With one word - excellent.

Panza Kickboxing GAME,134347/

Panza was also national coach of French savate combat team. Kickboxer and also ex-savate fighter.

Game was released in 1990. Endorsed by André Panza, this game brings Thai kick boxing to the PC, and gives you nice graphics and smooth animations along with over 35 moves. Use the training gym to build up your character's abilities until you feel ready to take on an opponent. You also have to ability to customize your attacks.
When you are ready, go to the ring to take on various opponents as you try to become the best kick boxer in the game. Punch, kick, block... can you survive the fight and emerge as the winner?
Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, DOS, TurboGrafx-16. George do you have this one?

Friday, April 24, 2009


The 1st Asian Martial Arts Games, previously scheduled from 23 to 29 April in Bangkok, due to recent turmoils in the country, have been backed by OCA (Olympic Council of Asia).
Mr. Nasser Nassiri, WAKO Asian activities coordinator, confirmed us that new dates are from 6th to 14th June 2009.
The programme of the Martial Arts Games stays the same as far as included sports with respective tournaments.

And now - for real and completely different

The 1st Asian Martial Arts Games, previously scheduled from 23 to 29 April in Bangkok and then, due to turmoils in the country, had been backed to June, are now rescheduled by OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) to 1-9 August 2009.
The programme of the Martial Arts Games stays the same as far as included sports with respective tournaments.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

With invitation of The president of Iran Savate, President and officials of FIS in Tehran

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

With official invitation of Dr.Hamid Reza Hesaraki, president of Iranian Savate association and Iran Olympic committee, the president and officials of international Savate federation attended to Tehran and had official meetings with the sport authorities of Iran.
Based on this report, Mr Gilles LE DUIGOU, president of FIS, Mr COUTELIER Jean-Paul – president of France Savate federation and Mr.Joel Dhumez, while attending to Tehran had official meetings with Mr.Bahram Afsharzadeh, secretary general of Iran Olympic committee and the president of Iran Karate federation.
The important point was the great role of Iran in developing Savate in Asia and the satisfactory work of Mr.Hamid Reza Hesaraki the founder and president of Iranian Savate association.
Mr. Gilles LE DUIGOU, the president of FIS, emphasized the new job of Mr.Hesaraki as the official representative of him and the chairman of Savate development in Asia and Oceania.
Mr.Hesaraki is also the first Iranian and Asian as the secretary general of FIS and Savate federation of Asia.

SAVATE man working in WAKO kickboxing - Abdelkrim EL HILALI

Working on WAKO tournaments - but active also as FIS as a member of Board of Directors.
Do you recognise him? Isn't he Abdelkrim EL HILALI?

fourth from the left:

first from the right :)

as FIS member of Board of Directors (near - left of president FIS Gilles Le Duigou) and of course VICE PRESIDENT OF INTERNATIONAL SAVATE FEDERATION.

Slobodan Garic - Bosnia SAVATE no more savate man?

Did he turned to ju-jitsu? Oriental styles?
Kickboxing? Shotokan?



Look FIS site: Now there are different people from Bosnia. They rotate. But they keep the same mail of Mr. Slobodan Garic. Weird.

Martial art club Rajko Kusic - Pale, Sarajevo - master Dragan Rabota
(did you see this man ever in savate?)
(same surname Kusic is savate teacher from Crikvenica - Croatia)

But Mr. Dragan Rabota is WAKO kickboxing man actually:
36. KBS''Rajko Kušić'' Pale Trener: Dragan Rabota (mob.065/294-757)
See Kickboxing federation Bosnia (KFB) - that his club -
Martial art club Rajko Kusic - Pale is a member of (KFB) :

What can we say for savate this days. Is savate still FIS or more WAKO kickboxing organisation?
We have to ask ourselfs - what to do in the future? To join with FIS kickboxing WAKO or stay outside with France and nobody else?

Tournament and seminar in Berlin, Germany 28 and 29th March 2009

It was international tournament without any invitations. Bravo. So called Savate style of promotion.

IMAG e.V., Kastanienallee 32, 10435 Berlin, Tel.: 030-44054764
Sport hall Lobeckstraße 62/63, 10969 Berlin

Saturday, 28th March 2009 (10:00-18:00)
Sunday, 29th March 2009 (10:00-17:00)

Leader: Alain Mendou Tardits (French Champion in Full Contact 1984 and 1985, Bulgarian Champion 2001 and 2004 in Assaut - he is let's say part Bulgarian and part Frenchman)

Price 2 days = 25,00 Euro
Price 1 day = 15,00 Euro
Only competition = 10,00 Euro

Can you see Hungarian assaut/combat representative - Tamas Varga (left)?

Mr. Tardits in action (right)
His brother Manuel who works in Japan is much, much better fighter and also french savate champion combat 1982.

Alain Tardits as judge:

nice muay thai blocking

Tamas Varga (Hungary) - right in action

Tardits as judge: