Saturday, November 29, 2008

SAVATE - Alpe Adria

The Alps-Adriatic Working Community was founded in Venice on the 20th of November 1978. The founder members were: Bavaria, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Carinthia, Croatia, Upper Austria, Salzburg (active observer), Slovenia, Styria, Veneto.

VIDEO presentation of Alps Adriatic Working Community shows us that 26 milion people in this region is good opportunity for developing savate sport on University level (FISU, EUSA - center in Slovenia). There are also Alps - Adriatic sports games which counts as an event in Regional Olympic Comittees of (Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy) highest sport classification.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Jumping strikes in Canne de combat

National boxing championship AIBA 2008 - Slovenia

On Slovenian national championships on 10-12th October 2008 in Ljubljana there were judges from - Austria (2), Italy (1), Slovenia (1).

Slovenian NATO army supports boxing in Slovenia very well. But unfortunately there is not enough boxers since 1991 when Slovenia became independent European country.

TV Slovenia - report: (Critics - there is not so much boxers in weight categories (same faces))

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kickboxing federation Serbia - WEBSITE

Very, very good site.

When can we expect savate domain --->

Savate Monte Negro

When the domain will be alive we will know that savate is alive also in Monte Negro (Crna Gora).

Savate combat gala in Saverne, France

DIAKHO Yamadou (29 years) (94.2 kg) vs. HEINI Frédéric 28 (years) (115 kg)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

EC combat 15th November EAUBONNE, France

Gerard Bonio and Savate boxing club Sarcelles organized in Val d'Oisiennes - two European Championship Finals and a Chauss'fight

Eloise Touroude (Dynamic Sèvre (92)) vs. Paola Massagrande (Italy). French Eloise Touroude is declared winner by unanimous judges decision. There are victories that deserve a big hat off, as this is one! (Photo below Touroude vs Massagrande left and right with her coach "Richard")

In the evening, it was a Chauss'fight - an international meeting between French Sarcelles Pecquery Xavier and a Kick-Boxing specialist Italian Alexandro Elicio. Seven rounds were dominated throughout by the French.

Last battle was reserved for the best boxer of night Joshua Solmonte, the Champion of France Elite title. He met with Croatian Mario Bukal on a regular finals of Savate. At the beginning of the third round, the corner of Bukal throw in the towel. This was yet another successful evening of French fencers who collect both titles.

French savate championship Espoirs (young hopes) and Junior championship

Monday, November 24, 2008


Training stretching in kick boxing club Villefranche, France.


The best open championship of savate assaut in Europe (outside France) held on 22th November 2008 in the center of Milano, Lombardia, Italy. We hope that this tournament in MILAN would become one of the strongest club open events. Alfredo Lallo, Giorgio Castoldi - thank you.

Vittorio (Ecole De Combat - ROME) vs. Caggiero (Doria - GENOVA)

Stefano (Ecole De Combat - ROME) vs. Ignoto

Team - MAMELI SAVATE CLUB dates from 1908 - (GENOVA)

Team - Slovenia

Source: The biggest Croatian fight site

Assaut GALA: (20:30 - saturday)
Parisian Karim Guillard and Roman Mirko Bezziccheri in category (- 75kg). Both athletes showed beautiful combinations, spectacular and very balanced fight

Combat GALA between Ivan Sforza (Switzerland) and Fabio Defeldilta (Italy) and the victory was decreed to the Swiss Ivan Sforza.

Chauss fight:
International challenge between the Luca Sacco (Italy - Piemont) and Laurent Clermont (Switzerland).
For the first time in Italy was presented Chauss Fight - the new version of Pro SAVATE. The athletes wear long trousers to bare torso, shoes and shin-protectors and fighters can hit as well with shoes as with tibia (and are allowed to neutralize opponents low kicks with leg blocks). Luca Sacco won.

Carla Roncarà (Italy) vs. Giacoma Cordio (Sicily - Italy).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Precombat - Nice, France

3rd round Matvei from Nice, France 1/2 final - regional championship.

Stick Fighting in Italy

ASI - 1st Stick Fighting on 7th and 8th december 2008 in Rome, Italy.

Producer always know the backstage story

Who is who? You can always find out when the director decides for his choice.
Sympathy and empathy - two snakes in our spine. And this is the only indicator you can have as a weapon.

Savate in gymnasium Cima, Coruna, Spain

Training of kick-boxing and at the same time savate. Trainer: Manolo Planas in training center Cima.

Mohamed Diaby - savateur in kickboxing

Kick-Boxing World Championship version W.B.K.F in Rusia

Mohamed Diaby become Kick-Boxing World Champion version W.B.K.F

In the ring of "Fight Club-Casino" to "Arbrat" in Moscow in Russia. Mohamed Diaby became World Champion in WBKF Kickboxing -71 Kg in order to win this belt and reach his goals, Mohamed Diaby participated in a tournament with four boxers in 3 rounds of 3 minutes. Russian Maxime Shalnevym, Ukrainian Ruslan Kushnienko and Kyrgyzstan Zhaliev Kumar were fighters. For his first fight Mohamed fought Russian Maxime Shalnevym and he blithely dominated by working remotely, without taking the slightest risk and this in anticipation of the final fight. In this struggle, Russian fighter was counted in the third and final round twice. For the final fight, Mohamed met a left-handed Kyrgyz Zhaliev Kumar. Mohamed was consistent and more efficient in all rounds. The president of the Federation WBKF, Bert Popov said after the meeting that the victory of Mohamed Diaby was sensational and unique. It was the first time that a Western fighter dominates in the Russian ring confronted boxers of the former Soviet Union. (Photo below Diaby- Zhaliev fight and when Mohamed wore the belt)
Image Exemple

Image Exemple Image Exemple

Diaby vs Shalnevym (vidéo)

Before he competed in France:
Tounkara Bakari vs. Mohamad Diaby 5th trophy of "Younger fighters - éphèbe" kick boxing in Agde, France on 8th March 2008.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cro Cop's sparring partner arrested

Mirko Borković, coach of Martial Arts and longtime cocaine addict, was arrested - suspicion - that he committed 25 robberies of betting stores.
Pljačkaš kladionica Cro Copov sparing partner

Author:Maja Jurišić
Issued: 20th November 2008 - 12:13h

32-years old Mirko Borkovićem, coach of Martial Arts - suspected that from January to November this year, committed armed robberies in 25 betting stores in Zagreb, reported the deputy chief of city Zagreb Police crime department Mr. Damir Deak.

It is all about money - 240.000 kuna (from robberies). Mirko Borković addicted of cocaine is now target of "naive" 25 betting stores which allowed him 25 times crime delict. Robbed: Sports betting company Fortuna - three times , twice in the Super Sport, Stanleybet, Germanium and Croatian lottery. After completing criminal processing, where Mirko Borković admitted that he committed the robbery, on 19th November he was brought to the central investigative County Court in Zagreb. Similar to African story about oil and pirates who are well trained and invisible to satelites.

-.-PUZ-.-Mirko Borković
Mirko Borković
Photo PUZ

He was multiple amateur champion in Kick Boxing. He was sentenced to one year and three months imprisonment for possession of 14 grams of cocaine, intended for resale in 2003. During the trial, Borković as an excuse for possession cocaine said that the drugs were for personal use, to be exact, it is used as a doping at the competitions.

Aressted: Since 14 grams of cocaine was packed in 17 small bags of PVC - he was sentenced to one year and three months imprisonment for possession of 14 grams of cocaine, intended for resale. Borkovic was also known to public as a sparing partner of Mirko Cro Copu Filipovic on his preparations for the K-1 tournament in 2001 in Japan. Borkovic was very successful fighter and in one of the Filipovic's old interviews i he said that he will put Borkovic to K-1 tournament.

-.-PUZ-.-Mirko Borković
Mirko Borković
Photo PUZ

Serge Bulanov, Russian Savate Federation

Who are you?

My name is Serge Bulanov. I was born in Feodosia, Crimea, USSR. Now I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I have been educated to the highest level in two areas: technical and sportive. I am a doctor of pedagogy (the science of being a teacher).

serge_p_m.jpgHow did you get involved in Savate?

From my childhood I was fond of Martial Arts. At first, I practiced contact karate, and then I practiced English boxing. In 1986, a delegation of the French Federation of Savate Boxe Francaise (Gilles Le Duigou and Patrice Beaux) visited Russia. I saw Savate and I was really surprised, because it was the best combat sport, I had ever seen.
I have practiced Savate since 1986. In 1990, I organized my own club and became a coach. For popularizing Savate in Saint-Petersburg, at first I was organizing Savate competitions in a little boxing-bar 1 or 2 times every month. It attracted a lot of fighters of different combat sports. Nowadays we are organizing all-Russian and international Savate competitions in the biggest Palace of Sport in Saint-Petersburg. The Saint-Petersburg Savate Federation (which I am the president of) now has 12 member clubs. Over all these years the biggest help, support and encouragement for me has been from my wife Tatiana, who believes Savate is a perfect combat sport. During this time, we have popularized Savate widely in Russia and now our regional Savate departments are working in many different regions of Russia. We have achieved official recognition of Savate by the Ministry of Sport of our country. Russian fighters are in the world elite of Savate, both in combat and assaut, not only due to their strong character but also to their perfect technique and tactics.

What do you think you have achieved in Savate?

During my job as a coach, I have prepared 2 World champions, 2 European champions and a winner of the 1st World University Cup. A lot of my fighters have become silver and bronze medalists in European and World Championships. I have analyzed all this long experience of practical work and written the first dissertation about Savate in Russia on the theme: Methods of technical, tactical, physical and psychological preparation in Savate.

What is your role in Savate today?

I’m the Professor of Saint-Petersburg Lesgaft Physical Culture University. I prepare coaches and judges for Savate. Also I am vice-president and chief coach of Russian Savate Federation and a member of the CDI, chief of the Chauss’fight commission and a member of the commission of arbitrage.

What do you think about the international development in Savate?

Thinking about the international development of Savate we must take several steps:
1. We must really popularize Savate in Europe by organizing a lot of national and international competitions both in assaut and combat in many European countries.
2. We need Savate to be shown much more often on TV.
3. It is important to begin to organize World and European Championships for cadets.
4. We need professional Savate combat to make Savate more well-known all over the world and more attractive for all martial arts fighters and fans.


Mauritius Savate - Africa

Seven months after having become President of the interim committee of the Mauritius Savate Federation, how do you assess progress?

It is positive. First, about twenty clubs have been revived in eight regions of the island. Each club has been organised so that it can structure and manage itself. Secondly, the discipline is very lively in Rodrigues and is much appreciated. It is part of the Games of Rodrigues.

With regard to the associated disciplines, clubs practicing canne de combat and Savate have been revived. We managed to send a representative (Géraldo Thomasso) and a coach (Jean-François Roussety) to the World championship. The goals were to settle the conflicts, to revive the practice of Savate in Mauritius and Rodrigues and to re-affiliate the FMBFS with the International Savate Federation (FIS). These goals were reached.

Tell us about the upcoming activities.

A team composed of four athletes, supervised by a coach will participate in a competition at Port (Reunion) from 14th to 16th of this month. Riley Rose will act as a ‘sparring partner’ with an athlete of Réunion who is preparing for an important event. Jiovani Dubillon will attend a refresher training course for officials from 22nd to 29th November. A club of St-Pierre also invited four Mauritian athletes for a friendly competition. All costs concerning these trips are borne by the Savate League of Reunion. From 9th to 14th December, there will also be the Games of Rodrigues. We are invited to participate in the Indian Ocean tournament in canne de combat. Concerning these cases, we are waiting for the Ministry of Sports and Youth’s answer.

So the FMBFS is back on track. Does that mean that the quarrels which used to shake up this combat discipline are over?

Well if any, they are not apparent. These people are volunteers. There are bound to be differences in opinion.

University savate championship - Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

The first official University Savate Championship in Serbia took place on the 2nd November, in Novi Sad. Recognized by the University Sports Federation of Serbia, the championship was organised by the University Sports Federation of Novi Sad, in association with the Serbia Savate Federation and the Vojvodina Savate club. For the Serbian Savate Federation, it was a good opportunity to review potential team members for the World University Championships which will be held in Nantes, France, in 2010.

The results of the finals were as follows:

under 60kg: Sinisa Zeljkovic University Novi Sad beat Darko Knezevic University Novi Sad, 3:0
under 70kg: Marko Nenadic University Beograd beat Dragoljub Djurin University Zrenjanin, 3:0
under 76kg: Dejan Mitrovic University Novi Sad beat Dusan Popovic University Beograd, 3:0
under 82kg: Lekic Jovan University Novi Sad beat Ajredin Aljeti University Novi Sad, 3:0
over 82kg: Ivo Debelic University Beograd beat Filip Vasiljevic University Beograd, 3:0

under 60kg: Ivana Popadic University Novi Sad beat Aleksandra Tomin University Novi Sad 3:0

All European combat championships posters and final results 2008

07-Nov MEAUX

07-Nov ROME

not yet




not yet



not yet


University championship Cherbourg - Octevile, France

French university championship will be in Cherbourg - Octevile, France from 31th March till 2nd April 2008 (more days on a program than World savate championship 2008).

South American Muaythai Championships IFMA

AGFIS is faster with news than IFMA muay thai - internet website.

Source: AGFIS

The South American Muaythai Confederation under the umbrella of the WMC and IFMA incorporating 12 South American countries will once again stage the South American Muaythai Championships.
This year the championships will be held on the 22nd of November in Brazil. Muaythai in South America has grown stronger through the years under the Confederation's leadership and the guidance of both the world amateur body (IFMA) and the world body (WMC). All South American countries will travel to Brazil and the event has received huge media interest. We wish all our South American friends the best for this exciting event.

Competition Assaut in Herseaux, Belgium

Competition Assaut in Herseaux, Belgium 16th November 2008.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Savate federation Spain - promo

Jose Gil (president) and Jose Garcia (technical director).

Beauty from SAVATE ring

Safia Benbala active combat fighter from France. Calm, nice, quiet and very effective.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Final fight - precombat League PACA, France

It is always a problem how to stay calm and relaxed against aggressive and rigid fighter.

Delta boxing - Belgium

Assaut 16th November 2008 in Herseaux - Marc Sergeant (club Delta Boxing)(blue one)

Dom Tsui - educator

It is nice to see how young British competitors are educated by older, smarter and technically better fighters.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

WTF taekwondo changes Competition Rules

As part of its ceaseless efforts to make takewondo more action-packed and exciting, the World Taekwondo Federation held a Joint Technical Meeting for the amendment to the WTF Competition Rules in Seoul, Korea on Nov. 14, 2008.
The meeting, which was held at the Ramada Seoul Hotel, drew more than 60 taekwondo experts from over 30 countries, including Mr. Dai Won Moon of Mexico, who was recently appointed as chairperson of the WTF Technical Committee.
Also attending the meeting were Mr. Philippe Bouedo of France, new chairperson of the WTF Games Committee, and Mr. Herbert Perez of the United States, new chairperson of the WTF Education Committee.
It marked the first time in WTF history that the WTF Joint Technical Meeting was held in an open-discussion format, with the attendance of both taewkondo experts and representatives from the WTF’s 188 member national associations.
“This is an important meeting, which will shape the future of taekwondo as an Olympic sport. It is time to put our best effort and special attention to placing taekwondo permanently in the Olympic program,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue in his speech for the participants.
“As I emphasized before, we need the overall amendment of the Competition Rules for more fun, transparent and fair games,” Dr. Choue said. “We have now commenced a process of revising the Competition Rules to make taekwondo matches more enjoyable and exciting to both athletes and spectators alike.”
New Technical Committee Chairperson Moon explained about the Competition Rules amendment proposals, and the participants went through the amendment proposals item by item.
The WTF prepared the amendment proposals after receiving suggestions from taekwondo experts from at home and abroad and its 188 member national associations.
Shortly after the Joint Technical Meeting, key officials of the WTF Technical, Games, Referee and Education Committees met to finalize a list of amendment proposals. The final proposal will be presented to the WTF Council meeting for approval in Ankara, Turkey on Dec. 15, 2008 on the occasion of the 3rd WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Receipt - How to destroy good savate team

Sounds provocative? Not at all. If you need a book that helps you destroying savate teams all around your country I can give you some advice.

Step 1: Where you are...
First you should have technological (fighting) advantage - better training conditions than others, more material and financial sources, and of course - agressive promotion.

Step 2: Fear of better one...
If you are afraid of assaut savate team from other country which is technically very close to your team and which is progressing with results very quickly you should stop them in their focused activity.
You have to divide it at least on two pieces.

Step 3: Find a Cuckoo trainer...
You should try to find a trainer in your enemy team who is prepared to work on two sides:
WAKO kickboxing side and also FIS savate side - showing that savate is his No.1 and he shouldn't mention his connection with kickboxing at all. His true story shouldn't be revealed.

Step 4: Divide and rule...
With this trainer activities (you support) your enemy assaut team should feel uncomfortable. He starts (for you) to force your enemy assaut team to feel inferior to his newly established combat team (without experience).
And you have two groups - who starts competing one against the other.

Step 5: Brave young believers...
This new team is ussualy consisted of young believers who don't know that they can face much stronger enemies in savate rings who have 50 maybe 100 fights in their fight record for the first fight. Usually trainer hide this data.

Step 6: Make war not love...
Now you should only wait for war. Inferior assaut savate technical fighters (on which your enemy trainers worked for years) will start to turn from savate and escape from your enemy savate clubs because of new standards (their trainers expect: aggression and not tactics).

IF they survived read special step 7

Step 7: Kickboxer as a pure savate fighter...
Find a trainer in your enemy team that actually doesn't accept savate technique and cannot perform basic and maybe necessary savate techniques - sweeping, turning, jumping leg kicks, fluid and fast moving..
He should be also active in WAKO kickboxing (most of his training and competition time). He should teach and fight savate with kickboxing knowledge and techniques.
Actually he is kickboxer under savate cover.

Step 8: Isolation...
Don't forget that you should be well connected with kickboxing. You should call your kickboxing friends in other (your enemy team neighbour) countries who refuse all communication with your enemy team. In this way you make isolation around them. You should not expect - that they will travel to Madagascar to have a sparring or two in savate, don't you?

Step 9: Make your ALIEN alive...
In a perfect isolation of your enemy team (when there are only one or two competitions in each year) you can easily start your perfidious game. Your chosen trainer should start again with ideas about combat activities forcing his team not to work on "assaut for pussies" but to compete in a combat "fight for a real man".
He should also turn mainly all activities (90%)in kickboxing and only 10% of them he has to do in savate.
And all of the neighbour countries "aka savate" but actually kickboxing teams would support his ideas and actions.

Step 10: You are not afraid anymore...
Your enemy team turn to WAKO kickboxing as all of your past enemies, and savate is just a cover once a year when this kickboxers wear integral dress on a competition.
So the goal is reached. Savate is practiced just and only in France on a high level, impossible to be reached ever in his technical advantage. In other countries ... now you have rivals who are not dangerous anymore.

And don't forget my friend - MONEY can buy anyone. So be careful with your friends in sport.

IFMA at Sport for All Congress 3rd - 6th November 2008

Muaythai was again invited to the world Sport for All Congress under patronage of the IOC and in collaboration with GAISF. This year’s organiser was the Malaysian Olympic Council and the event was held at beautiful Genting highlands. IFMA was represented by General Secretary Stephan Fox and the Malaysian Muaythai representative Mr. Muhd Shahnaz Azmi.
Many important personalities from the world were present especially from IOC and GAISF. The Vice President of the IOC Mr. Nikolaou opened the event together with the IOC Chairman of the Sport for All Commission, Mr. Walter Troger and the President of the Olympic Committee of Malaysia HRH Prince Tunku Imran. A wide range of topics was covered from physical activity of young people, the role of Sport for All in the world of Information Technology, Sport for All’s responses to the challenges of aging populations, Sport for All and Social Justice and Focus on the Olympic and Sport Movements for all Initiatives.
It was an important gathering and a great opportunity to discuss future activities of the muaythai world.
Compliments must go to the Olympic Committee of Malayisa, HRH Prince Tunku Imran and the General Secretary of the Olympic Committee of Malaysia Mr. Sie Kok Chi for a fantastic organisation.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

GALA in Chevigny Saint Sauveur

Damien Mimouni (Chevigny St. Sauveur) VS Dejan Mitrovic (Serbia)

James Southwood (Great Britain) - assaut match

Manuella Massari (Italia) right

Saturday 15th november 2008 20:00 in Chevigny Saint Sauveur, Hall of martial art sports (L'OGIVE), International gala of Savate Boxe Française (Combats and assauts of the highest rank) 8 fights - 5 local fighters (Mélanie Bony,Damien Mimouni, Geoffrey Lamia, Fromion Thibaud and Alice Derobillard) versus fighters from countries: Serbia, Great Britain, Belgium ,Italy and Canada.

Mélanie Bony (Chevigny St. Sauveur)(Champion of Europe 2006) VS. Tatiana Vassilieff Canada (World Champion 2007)
Fromion Thibaud (Chevigny St. Sauveur) VS James Antill GB (Vice Champion of Europe 2007)
Geoffrey Lamia (Chevigny St. Sauveur) VS James Southwood GB (Vice Champion of Europe 2007)
Alice Derobillard (Chevigny St. Sauveur) VS Manuella Massari Italia (University World Champion 2005)
Damien Mimouni (Chevigny St. Sauveur) VS Dejan Mitrovic Serbia (Junior World Vice Champion 2007)
Julien Pasquier Cluses (Junior Vice Champion of France 2007) VS. Geoffrey Delhez (Belgium Champion 2007)
Aurelien Devooght (team Vartanian) VS. Carruso Italie (European and World Vice Champion 2007)
Sydney Makouza (team Vartanian) (Junior Champion of France 2007) VS. not determined yet

Mélanie Bony VS. Tatiana Vassilieff Canada