Friday, November 14, 2008

Receipt - How to destroy good savate team

Sounds provocative? Not at all. If you need a book that helps you destroying savate teams all around your country I can give you some advice.

Step 1: Where you are...
First you should have technological (fighting) advantage - better training conditions than others, more material and financial sources, and of course - agressive promotion.

Step 2: Fear of better one...
If you are afraid of assaut savate team from other country which is technically very close to your team and which is progressing with results very quickly you should stop them in their focused activity.
You have to divide it at least on two pieces.

Step 3: Find a Cuckoo trainer...
You should try to find a trainer in your enemy team who is prepared to work on two sides:
WAKO kickboxing side and also FIS savate side - showing that savate is his No.1 and he shouldn't mention his connection with kickboxing at all. His true story shouldn't be revealed.

Step 4: Divide and rule...
With this trainer activities (you support) your enemy assaut team should feel uncomfortable. He starts (for you) to force your enemy assaut team to feel inferior to his newly established combat team (without experience).
And you have two groups - who starts competing one against the other.

Step 5: Brave young believers...
This new team is ussualy consisted of young believers who don't know that they can face much stronger enemies in savate rings who have 50 maybe 100 fights in their fight record for the first fight. Usually trainer hide this data.

Step 6: Make war not love...
Now you should only wait for war. Inferior assaut savate technical fighters (on which your enemy trainers worked for years) will start to turn from savate and escape from your enemy savate clubs because of new standards (their trainers expect: aggression and not tactics).

IF they survived read special step 7

Step 7: Kickboxer as a pure savate fighter...
Find a trainer in your enemy team that actually doesn't accept savate technique and cannot perform basic and maybe necessary savate techniques - sweeping, turning, jumping leg kicks, fluid and fast moving..
He should be also active in WAKO kickboxing (most of his training and competition time). He should teach and fight savate with kickboxing knowledge and techniques.
Actually he is kickboxer under savate cover.

Step 8: Isolation...
Don't forget that you should be well connected with kickboxing. You should call your kickboxing friends in other (your enemy team neighbour) countries who refuse all communication with your enemy team. In this way you make isolation around them. You should not expect - that they will travel to Madagascar to have a sparring or two in savate, don't you?

Step 9: Make your ALIEN alive...
In a perfect isolation of your enemy team (when there are only one or two competitions in each year) you can easily start your perfidious game. Your chosen trainer should start again with ideas about combat activities forcing his team not to work on "assaut for pussies" but to compete in a combat "fight for a real man".
He should also turn mainly all activities (90%)in kickboxing and only 10% of them he has to do in savate.
And all of the neighbour countries "aka savate" but actually kickboxing teams would support his ideas and actions.

Step 10: You are not afraid anymore...
Your enemy team turn to WAKO kickboxing as all of your past enemies, and savate is just a cover once a year when this kickboxers wear integral dress on a competition.
So the goal is reached. Savate is practiced just and only in France on a high level, impossible to be reached ever in his technical advantage. In other countries ... now you have rivals who are not dangerous anymore.

And don't forget my friend - MONEY can buy anyone. So be careful with your friends in sport.

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