Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mauritius Savate - Africa

Seven months after having become President of the interim committee of the Mauritius Savate Federation, how do you assess progress?

It is positive. First, about twenty clubs have been revived in eight regions of the island. Each club has been organised so that it can structure and manage itself. Secondly, the discipline is very lively in Rodrigues and is much appreciated. It is part of the Games of Rodrigues.

With regard to the associated disciplines, clubs practicing canne de combat and Savate have been revived. We managed to send a representative (Géraldo Thomasso) and a coach (Jean-François Roussety) to the World championship. The goals were to settle the conflicts, to revive the practice of Savate in Mauritius and Rodrigues and to re-affiliate the FMBFS with the International Savate Federation (FIS). These goals were reached.

Tell us about the upcoming activities.

A team composed of four athletes, supervised by a coach will participate in a competition at Port (Reunion) from 14th to 16th of this month. Riley Rose will act as a ‘sparring partner’ with an athlete of Réunion who is preparing for an important event. Jiovani Dubillon will attend a refresher training course for officials from 22nd to 29th November. A club of St-Pierre also invited four Mauritian athletes for a friendly competition. All costs concerning these trips are borne by the Savate League of Reunion. From 9th to 14th December, there will also be the Games of Rodrigues. We are invited to participate in the Indian Ocean tournament in canne de combat. Concerning these cases, we are waiting for the Ministry of Sports and Youth’s answer.

So the FMBFS is back on track. Does that mean that the quarrels which used to shake up this combat discipline are over?

Well if any, they are not apparent. These people are volunteers. There are bound to be differences in opinion.

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