Tuesday, November 25, 2008

EC combat 15th November EAUBONNE, France

Gerard Bonio and Savate boxing club Sarcelles organized in Val d'Oisiennes - two European Championship Finals and a Chauss'fight

Eloise Touroude (Dynamic Sèvre (92)) vs. Paola Massagrande (Italy). French Eloise Touroude is declared winner by unanimous judges decision. There are victories that deserve a big hat off, as this is one! (Photo below Touroude vs Massagrande left and right with her coach "Richard")

In the evening, it was a Chauss'fight - an international meeting between French Sarcelles Pecquery Xavier and a Kick-Boxing specialist Italian Alexandro Elicio. Seven rounds were dominated throughout by the French.

Last battle was reserved for the best boxer of night Joshua Solmonte, the Champion of France Elite title. He met with Croatian Mario Bukal on a regular finals of Savate. At the beginning of the third round, the corner of Bukal throw in the towel. This was yet another successful evening of French fencers who collect both titles.

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