Friday, November 21, 2008

Mohamed Diaby - savateur in kickboxing

Kick-Boxing World Championship version W.B.K.F in Rusia

Mohamed Diaby become Kick-Boxing World Champion version W.B.K.F

In the ring of "Fight Club-Casino" to "Arbrat" in Moscow in Russia. Mohamed Diaby became World Champion in WBKF Kickboxing -71 Kg in order to win this belt and reach his goals, Mohamed Diaby participated in a tournament with four boxers in 3 rounds of 3 minutes. Russian Maxime Shalnevym, Ukrainian Ruslan Kushnienko and Kyrgyzstan Zhaliev Kumar were fighters. For his first fight Mohamed fought Russian Maxime Shalnevym and he blithely dominated by working remotely, without taking the slightest risk and this in anticipation of the final fight. In this struggle, Russian fighter was counted in the third and final round twice. For the final fight, Mohamed met a left-handed Kyrgyz Zhaliev Kumar. Mohamed was consistent and more efficient in all rounds. The president of the Federation WBKF, Bert Popov said after the meeting that the victory of Mohamed Diaby was sensational and unique. It was the first time that a Western fighter dominates in the Russian ring confronted boxers of the former Soviet Union. (Photo below Diaby- Zhaliev fight and when Mohamed wore the belt)
Image Exemple

Image Exemple Image Exemple

Diaby vs Shalnevym (vidéo)

Before he competed in France:
Tounkara Bakari vs. Mohamad Diaby 5th trophy of "Younger fighters - éphèbe" kick boxing in Agde, France on 8th March 2008.

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