Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please buy Sergio Tacchini SAVATE tank

New women savate dress. What about the savate popularity?

033282 00001
35.00 €
92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Wash at 30°, Do not bleach, Do not iron, Do not dry clean

Savate gala in Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Poor but new.

SAVATE and FISU World savate university championship 2012

BRUSSELS - We are pleased to inform you that the updated version of the “Guidelines for submitting a candidature to organise a World University Championship” – in both English & French versions - is now available via extranet on the FISU website We remind you that any candidature will be considered by the Executive Committee at its next meeting on May 25-28th,2011 in Lausanne, if the FISU Secretariat receives the dossier for May 5th, at the latest.
BRUSSELS - As is now custom every two years, FISU will undertake its Sports Survey, this year during the month of April. This task is aimed at collecting and analyzing information on the interest of the FISU members concerning the current sports programs in the different FISU sports events. All Member Federations are kindly invited to complete the online Sports Survey on the extranet knowing that your contribution is essential for us to improve our sport events and services. All the received information will be restricted to internal use only and after completion, a final report will be produced and made available to all participants.

video 2010 WUC savate

Slovenian minority society in Serbian town of Ruma where the home of Serbian savate is

After creation of Savate federation of Serbia (Vojvodina) and Savate federation of Slovenia (two ex Yugoslav republics (Bosnia and Croatia) lying beetween Slovenia and Serbia) some other society, club or something similar appeared. The name of institution is Slovenian minority group of Ruma, which (why not) practice also sport (maybe also savate). Slovenian minority group in Vojvodina, Serbia is nothing unusual. Imagine those residents of Vojvodina-Serbia with Slovenian roots which dance and sings typical alpine German-Austrain type of polka dances and songs in the middle of a very proud and traditional Serbian population. Brave. Very brave. Patriotic move. And imagine also that in Vojvodina they have also choir (slovenian minority (of course)) in Novi sad which sings typical Slovenian traditional songs (and don't compare these songs with OTTAWAN - Hands Up Baby Hands Up).

Savate club Vuk Ruma, Vojvodina, Serbia

Are you interested in comparison of Slovenian and (Vojvodina) Serbian traditional dances?
Take a look:

Vojvodina - Serbia example (from 2007 Doha Cultural Festival)
(the highest hill in Vojvodina - just a moment called also mountain - Fruska gora (pick at 539 meter))

Slovenian alpine style:
(the highest mountain in Slovenia called Triglav (pick at 2864 meter))

Friday, March 25, 2011

UFC 128, Brenden Schaub vs. Mirko Cro-cop - Another very fast KO - very hard to see

That's why I will never practice MMA, cause I am to slow to see any of these brilliant actions. And when no lessons are learned...

Klitschko vs. Solis - Did you see KO punch?

Solis, Solis why I can't see the deadly punch? Was it to fast even for the camera? Or?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I like the way they train

Doggy never give up. Nice and relaxed approach. MASSIMILIANO REPPUCCI - thank you for the video.

Internationaux de France de Canne de Combat 2011

French international Canne de Combat competition 2011 in Lamorlaye (Oise) Gymnase de la theve - 19th and 20th of March 2011.

1st World University Savate Championship - FISU video

1st World University Savate Championship
Nantes, France - June 25th to 26th, 2010

Sankt Supers-burg, Russia and savate

Monday, March 21, 2011

Croatian woman savate assaut championship 2011

Rezultati natjecanja s PH za kadetkinje i seniorke – assaut

Croatian woman savate assaut championship in Sesvetski Kraljevec – cadets and seniors:

20th of March 2011

Finals younger cadets - female:

-30kg 1. place Helena Beljak (SK Stubica boks, Donja Stubica)

2. place Lana Kramar (SK Kobra, Marija Bistrica)

-35kg 1. place Antonija Sokolic (SK Omega, Varazdin)

2. place Kristina Boskovic (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)

-40kg 1. place Eleonora Dreta (SK San, Garesnica)

2. place Tihana Bedek (SK Stubica boks, D.Stubica)

-45kg 1. place Nikolina Kralj (SK San, Garesnica)

2. place Josipa Petric (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-50kg 1. place Anamarija josipovic (SK San, Garesnica)

2. place Tena Stefanac (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-55kg 1. place Ivana Orsulic (SK San, Garesnica)

2. place Nikolina Bocij (SK San, Garesnica)

-60kg 1. place Branka Mamula (SK San, Garesnica)

2. place Ira Kovacevic (SK Omega, Varazdin)

Finals older cadets - female:

-55kg 1. place Martina Hanzek (SK Ban Jelacic, Zagreb)

2. place Antonija Solar (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-60kg 1. place Lucija Karajica (SK Hrvatski Vuk, Veliko Trgovisce)

2. place Kristina Sokolic (SK Omega, Varazdin)

Finals seniors - female:

-55kg 1. place Jasmina Beljak (SK Stubica boks, D.Stubica)

2. place Mia Zukina (SK Stubica boks, D.Stubica)

-60kg 1. place Marija Kosi (SK Omega, Varazdin)

2. place Irena Svetec (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)

-65kg 1. place Mateja Tolic (SK Kraljevec)

2. place Stefica Bubnjaric (SK Omega Gym, Kneginec)

Bottle to drink?

Friday, March 18, 2011

London 3th - 8t April 2011 - Sportaccord Meeting - NEW FEDERATIONS

Will they have luck this year?

International federations IF - combat sports

1 - - International Zorkhaneh Sports Federation - IZSF

3 - - International Kurash Association - IKA
4 - - International Kempo Federation - IKF
5 - International Belt Wrestling Association - IBWA

National federations NF - combat sports:

1 - - RUSSIAN KYOKUSHINKAI KARATE - try to find a new way for kyokushinkai sport
2 - - Russian kyokushinkai, kyudo, kobudo, iaido, aikido union

International federations IF - other sports:

1 - - The Federation of International Lacrosse - FIL

And at last two of the same kind:
2 - - The International Cheer Union - ICU
3 - - The International Federation of Cheerleading - IFC

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SportAccord and anti-doping service contract

The International Fencing Federation (FIE) is the first member of SportAccord to outsource the administration of its anti-doping programme and to sign a contract with SportAccord on the provision of such services.

“The FIE is proud to be the first international sport federation to cooperate in this way with SportAccord and its Doping-Free Sport Unit on anti-doping matters. Although Fencing is considered as a sport at low risk, this collaboration will definitely help our organisation benefit from a specific expertise, reduce costs as well as optimize our efforts in keeping Fencing clean,” says Maxim Paramonov, Secretary General of the FIE.

Hein Verbruggen, President of SportAccord: “One of SportAccord’s main objectives is to support our Members. We are happy if we can offer our help in areas of concern. We are looking forward to this collaboration and we are honoured by the trust FIE has in us. Anti-Doping is a sensitive matter and we will, of course, always comply with the FIE Anti-Doping Rules in force and will strictly respect confidentiality.”

According to the contract SportAccord will provide a number of services to the FIE. “In close collaboration with the FIE we analyzed their needs and developed a tailored service package,” says Françoise Dagouret, Manager Doping-Free Sport Unit at SportAccord. For example, SportAccord will liaise directly with the Fencers registered in the FIE testing pool and give advice on how to provide whereabouts information through ADAMS, the web-based Anti-Doping Administration and Management System of WADA.

New Opportunities for SAVATE promotion on The Sports Hub

SportAccord and YouTube are working on new models to increase promotional opportunities for Members content on The Sports Hub on YouTube. The focus is on the development new monetisation models and of live streaming.

Currently, YouTube offers SportAccord Members the opportunity to monetize their content on The Sports Hub through ads. Members subscribing to this model allow Google to place ads of Google partners in relation to their content.
SportAccord and YouTube are now negotiating on a alternative model for The Sports Hub with the objective to offer members the opportunity to brand the content of their channel with their own partners. The branding will be exclusive and could hence be an interesting feature for IFs to extend their partners’ presence.
The current Members of The Sports Hub will be included in the development on this model and are invited to join the workshop “New Perspectives on The Sports Hub – Monetisation Models and Live Streaming” on 25 March 2011 in Lausanne.
For information on this workshop, please contact:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Salle Vallier Marseille
8th of April 2011
13 vs 77 (savate department)

Chauss fight area active again in savate.

Not so many fighters are so sincere like Sinisa Kovacic

World savate combat championship 1998 (- 54 kg)

Sinisa wrote about his fight with Yannis Racine when he received strong punches and kicks. Not so many fighters use this kind of promotion. Ussualy they hide their loses and write just about wins.
Dekkers never write about Pennacchio and Zambidis never mention Zankifo, Yamamoto don't talk about Khider.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Assaut savate championship 2011 - (sector) Nord de France

Women: Golden -75 kg category - savate assaut

Semi-final of the Ile-de-France Challenge in French Savate boxing in the category of super welterweight ( less than 75 kg) which took place at the Halle Georges CARPENTIER in Paris (13e) on March 5th, 2011.

Saint Herblain - Canne de combat

Monday, March 14, 2011

Croatian cadets savate assaut championship 2011, Tuhelj

Organisation: Croatian wolf „Hrvatski vuk“, Veliko Trgovisce (Big trading place (translation))

12 savate clubs and 86 competitors they say. I don't beleive that all competitors wore savate Rivat shoes. But anyway they did savate.


-25 kg younger cadets
1. place Goran Jagic (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)
2. place Karlo Mlinaric (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)

-30kg younger cadets
1. place Leon Bebek (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)
2. place Alex Mauko (SK Omega Gym, Kneginec)

-35kg younger cadets
1. place Leonardo Dreta (SK San, Garesnica)
2. place Rene Javoric Ilic (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)

-35kg cadets
1. place Stjepan Vilijam Vlajic (SK Cigra, Sv.I.Zelina)
2. place Antun Sabatovic (SK San, Garesnica)

-40kg cadets
1. place Emanuel Egredzija (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)
2. place Teo Brajkovic (SK San, Garesnica)

-40kg younger cadets
1. place Filip Tomurad (SK Kobra, M.Bistrica)
2. place Patrik Grdjan (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-45kg cadets
1. place Patrik Cazimi (SK Omega Gym, Kneginec)
2. place Branimir Mamula (SK San, Garesnica)

-50kg cadets
1. place Kruno Egredzija (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)
2. place Dario Borosa (SK Stubica, D.Stubica)

-55kg cadets
1. place Luka Hunic (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)
2. place David Stefek (SK Stubica, D.Stubica)

-60kg cadets
1. place Nino Kruhek (SK Omega, Varazdin)
2. place Mihael Domenkus (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)

-60kg older cadets
1. place Bruno Drvoderic (SK Omega, Varazdin)
2. place Mario Koren (SK Omega Gym, Kneginec)

-65kg cadets
1. place Matej Solar (SK Omega, Varazdin)
2. place Andrija Scuric (SK Kobra, M.Bistrica)

-65kg older cadets
1. place Bojan Cvjetojevic (SK San, Garesnica)
2. place Vito Martincevic (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-70kg cadets
1. place Ivan Sego (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)
2. place Matija Blagec (SK Kobra, M.Bistrica)

-70kg older cadets
1. place Nikola Poljanec (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)
2. place Vedran Ivancek (SK Omega, Varazdin)

-80kg older cadets
1. place Tomica Bratic (SK Omega, Varazdin)
2. place Sinisa Mestrovic (SK Hrvatski Vuk, V.Trgovisce)

-85kg older cadets
1. place Ivan Bijader (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)
2. place Tomislav Zeba (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. Vincent Gaillard - NEW SportAccord DIRECTOR!!!!

Oopsy Daisy ...
Mrs. Katrin Holz
Communication Officer SportAccord
warned us about the mistake when we announced new Sportaccord president.
Mr. Hein Verbruggen remains Sportaccord president and Mr. Gaillard is the new DIRECTOR of Sportaccord. Thank you for commenting on this small, small blogy.

front left

11th of March 2011

SportAccord announces with great pleasure that Mr. Vincent Gaillard has been appointed as the new Director General of SportAccord. He will lead the organisation as of 1 July 2011.

Vincent Gaillard joins SportAccord from the Coca-Cola Company where he was involved with the strategic planning and operational delivery of Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup sponsorships since 1998. He was most recently in charge of the company’s activation of the Beijing 2008 & London 2012 Olympic Games, with a specific responsibility of implementing large-scale sustainability initiatives with several non-governmental organisations. Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Vincent Gaillard has held different sports marketing roles with the National Basketball Association (NBA) in Switzerland, BBDO Advertising in France and with Adidas in Germany. Vincent holds a Master’s in Sports Management from the French business school Audencia, and is currently undertaking a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Development at the Center for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, England.

“We are proud that Mr. Gaillard has chosen to join SportAccord after many successful years at Coca-Cola. SportAccord is a rapidly developing organisation and the range of projects and services is increasing. We are convinced that with his professionalism and profound experience, Mr. Gaillard is the best person to support SportAccord in facing the challenges that arise thereof. He will bring the perfect skill-set and leadership that SportAccord needs today” says SportAccord President Hein Verbruggen.

“I am looking forward to joining SportAccord at such an important moment in the development of the organisation. SportAccord is a dynamic structure with enormous potential, leading several ambitious initiatives for the benefit of the international sports movement. One of my main tasks will be to consolidate recent developments and, at the same time, further develop multi-sports games and various other initiatives. But our focus will always remain to unite and support the SportAccord Members” commented Vincent Gaillard.

Sport and new media and SAVATE?

04th of March 2011

SportBusiness Group is delighted to announce Sport and New Media 2011, which will take place on 15 June 2011 in Paris, France. Sport and New Media 2011 is sponsored and hosted by Eurosport and held at the state-of-the-art facilities at TF1.

Launched in 2010 with a sold-out event in Manchester, Sport and New Media, has quickly established itself as the leading forum to debate the opportunities, challenges and issues around the sport and new media. It is a must attend event for rights holders, brand owners and agencies in the sport industry.
Industry leaders and key influencers will discuss their experiences of the most challenging and demanding issues in this rapidly expanding sector. Delegates will have access to the latest successful case studies and industry data, be able to interact and debate during panel discussions and take advantage of significant networking opportunities throughout the day.
This conference will focus on the “one screen” reality, social media commerce, the sports fans relationship with their mobile phone and the social media strategies of rights holders.
Philip Savage, Publishing Director of SportBusiness Group on the event and partnership with: “Eurosport has taken a lead in bringing sport to consumers through all kinds of media. We're therefore delighted that they have agreed to host this year's Sport and New Media conference. Not only will they be first rate hosts but they bring a level if experience and understanding of the subject that will enhance the conference for delegates."
"Development in new media has fuelled fast-paced change in the sports and media industries, with broadcasters aiming to make their content available on as many screens and in as many places as possible. New media is at the very heart of Eurosport's strategy, which makes us the perfect partner for this event in Paris on June 15.” says Heather Bowler, Eurosport's Global Communications Director.
Heather Bowler added “The day will bring together influencers, rights-holders, brands and agencies for an exchange of ideas around the opportunities and high stakes that new media bring. This is the first time we have partnered with the SportBusiness Group on such an initiative. We're delighted to be host, but most of all, itching to get into some hot debate at the 'Sport and New Media 2011' conference."
Sport and New Media will be held in Paris on 15 June 2011. Organised by the Events Division of SportBusiness Group and sponsored and hosted by Eurosport. The conference will enjoy simultaneous translation between English and French.

For more information please contact call +44(0) 20 7954 3481 or visit

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ITF 3 - taekwondo (Ung Chan Group) - European Championship 2011 and Hein Verbruggen

President of Sportaccord movement - official IF - International recognised federations Hein Verbruggen on Ung Chan group International taekwondo federation European championship in Talin, Estonia, (February 2011).
This year two ITF organisations will try to gain recognition in Sportaccord.

Hein (right one)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gilles Le Duigou (France) on a stage in Italy, Sicily, 5th of March 2011


WAKO kickboxing president Ennio Falsoni - younger days

Early kickboxing equipment? Vis?


Combat savate fights of fighters from Croatia february 2011

In a smaller sport hall of Savate club Pit Bull (Split, Croatia, Europe) there were elimination fights in combat savate.

Senior - men: (5 categories)
-56 kg
Antonio Horvatic (SK Omega, Varazdin)
Filip Sinko (SK Omega, Varazdin)
-70 kg
Goran Borovic (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)
Finko Barisic (SK Pit Bull, Split)
-75 kg
Anton Vilicic (SK Kneginec, Kneginec)
Ivan Stupalo (SK Pit Bull, Split)
-85 kg
Drago Puljic (SK Valpovo, Valpovo)
Silvio Horvat (SK Kneginec)
+85 kg
Mario Korican (SK Stubica, Donja Stubica)
Agron Preteni (SK Pit Bull, Split)

Senior - women: (3 categories)
-52 kg
Valentina Balazinec (SK Kneginec, Kneginec)
Nina Santek (SK Omega, Varazdin)
-60 kg
Maria Kosi (SK Omega, Varazdin)
Marina Horvat (SK Kneginec)
-70 kg
Ksenija Koprek (SK Omega, Varazdin)
Jovana Vucic (SK Kraljevec, Zagreb)

Juniors: (6 categories)
-60 kg
Luka Leskovic (SK Stubica, Donja Stubica)
Bruno Drvoderic (SK Omega, Varazdin)
-65 kg
Roko Pintaric (SK Omega, Varazdin)
Stipe Prtenjaca (SK Sesvete, Zagreb)
-75 kg
Tomislav Sodan (SK Pit Bull, Split)
Matija Godinic (SK Kneginec)
-80 kg
Fatmir Deskaj (SK Pit Bull, Split)
Matej Jurin (SK Sesvete, Zagreb)
-85 kg
Toni Catipovic (SK Pit Bull, Split)
Zvonimir Odan (SK Pit Bull, Split)
+85 kg
Andrej Lekic (SK Pit Bull, Split)
Matej Batinic (SK Sesvete, Zagreb)

Judges: Hunic, Novotny, Sabolic, Jarec and Vukovic.



On 15th April 2011 in Montenegro:
LK World title defense Kg - 88,600 between IVAN STRUGAR (Montenegro) - present title holder -vs FREDERIQUE BELLONI (France)

1996: Max Greco (Italy) vs. Wahid Wennekes (Netherland)

So called "Savate" fight as a part of tournament called Oktagon 1996. Fight was transmitted on a TV - Italia 1 sport. Wahid is now in New Zealand - Meijiro gym, but he rarely mention savate.

WoMAU - World martial arts union and SAVATE (Chungju)

The Agreement


World Martial Arts Union


As Amended

2003. Oct. 1 : Article 11, 12

2006. Oct. 2 : Article 12

The Agreement of World Martial Arts Union

We, the undersigned, representatives of the national organization of traditional martial arts of the countries concerned.

Being aware that countries have particular martial arts with unique forms and features which originated and evolved through the ages in response to the particular security needs of the people concerned, and that such martial arts, an important cultural heritage of the people, share in forming their national character and outlook,

Noting that martial arts, originally in the past age various combinations of the combat skills and fighting technique for self-defense and survival, are today practiced for and applied to a wide range of peaceful uses, such as physical fitness, recreation,

self-defense, law enforcement action and competitive sports, and contribute in a significant way to the promotion of peace and security of the society as well as the well-being of the people,

Believing that an international union of the martial arts will provide to the world martial arts community an institutional center long since needed for its members to better organize their efforts at contributing to the world peace by promoting friendship between peoples through marital arts and by spreading worldwide its underlying values of peace and justice, and

Being encouraged by the success of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival, the annual event at Chungju, Korea since 1998, and desirous to provide the Festival with an institutional support framework to ensure its continued growth,

Have agreed as follows.

Article 1(Designation)

The organization established in accordance with the present agreement shall be called World Martial Arts Union (hereinafter in this agreement referred to as "the Union").

The Union is a worldwide federation of the national organizations of martial arts and international organizations of a specific martial arts.

Article 2(Purposes)

The Union shall carry out the work to promote exchanges of personnel and information between the member organizations with a view to helping develop their martial art skills and techniques and encouraging the world martial arts community to contribute positively for the world peace.

Article 3(Undertakings)

Serving its objective set forth in Article 2 above, the Union undertakes to do, among other things, the following on or relating to martial arts.

(1) collection, exchange and dissemination of information and materials

(2) organizing study and research activities such as seminars and conferences

(3) organizing or sponsoring demonstration or exhibition events

(4) rendering cooperation to Chungju World Martial Arts Festival and providing

administrative and technical assistances to the member organizations with a view to facilitating their participation in the Festival and other such events.

Article 4(Membership)

(1) The membership of the Union is open to the national organizations of martial arts of all countries, on the principal of "one member for a country"

(2) Those national organizations that signed the present agreement and are present at the in augural meeting are original members of the Union.

(3) Admission of member(s) other than the original members shall be effected by majority of the members at a general meeting.

Application for membership shall include introductory material of the applicant's martial arts and be addressed to the secretary-general, who shall report it to the general meeting for its decision.

(4) In case where there are more than one national organization in a country each representing the unique tradition of martial arts distinct from the other's, two of such organizations may become members independently despite Article 4(1) above. The additional membership application under this sub-paragraph from a country which already has one member shall be accompanied by the written consent of member from that country. When there is no member from a country yet and two of such organizations file applications simultaneously, a mutual consent in writing shall be presented along with the applications.

Article 5(Membership due)

(1) There will be annual membership dues. The details of membership dues,

including the amount of money to be paid, shall be decided by the

general meeting at its regular meeting each year.

(2) The Union may accept monetary contribution, donations and subsidies

of voluntary nature.

Article 6(Member facilities)

All member of the Union shall enjoy access to all events and activities organized and sponsored by the Union. Information and materials meant for the general membership shall be made available to all members without discrimination.

Article 7(Membership withdrawal)

Any member that may wish to withdraw from the membership shall tender a written notification to that effect to the secretary-general of the Union. A withdrawal notice shall take effect ten days after its receipt by the secretary-general, who shall inform thereof to the presidents of the general meeting and all members immediately.

Article 8(Basic organs)

A general meeting and a secretariat shall be established as the basic organs of the Union. Such other organs as may be found necessary for the purpose of the present agreement may be established in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Agreement.

Article 9(Regular general meetings)

(1) The general meeting, consisting of all members, shall be the

principal deliberative and decision-making organ of the Union.

(2) The general meeting shall meet once a year in a regular session at Chungju, Korea.

The meeting may well be held during the period of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival for

convenience' sake and the date for the meeting shall be made known to the members

at least 60 days in advance by the secretary-general.

(3) An extraordinary session of the general meeting may be called by the

request of one-third of the membership submitted to the president of

the general-meeting through the secretary-general.

Article 10(General meeting's decision-making)

(1) At the general-meeting, each member organization shall have one vote.

(2) The quorum for the meetings of the general meeting shall be a majority

of the members. Decision by the general meeting shall be made by a

majority of the members present and voting.

Article 11(General meeting's competence)

The general-meeting shall deliberate, among other things, the following matters and make decision thereon, if necessary.

(1) Election of its president and vice presidents

(2) Admission of new member(s)

(3) Amendment to the present agreement

(4) Annual report of the secretary-general, which shall include the accounts

for the membership dues for the reporting period.

(5) Program of work, especially those plans which are likely to incur financial obligations to the members.

(6) The amount of the annual membership dues for the next year.

(7) Review and evaluation of the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival.

Article 12(General meeting officials)

(1) The general meeting shall have as its elected officials one(1) president and six(6) vice

presidents. The term of office of the officials shall be three(3) years from the date of

respective election to his or her successor's election. The retiring president and vice

president(s) shall be eligible for immediate re-election.

(2) The president is the presiding officer of the general meetings and represents the general meeting and the Union.

(3) When the president is not available the most senior vice president on hand shall preside at meetings as president ad interim. The seniority for this purpose shall be determined according first to the order of election and then of age.

(4) The president, the vice presidents and the secretary-general as a non voting member constitute the steering committee, which may meet at the call of the president for consultation about business of the Union. The outcome of the meeting shall be reported to the immediately following general meeting.

Article 13(Secretary-general)

(1) The secretary-general, being the chief administrative officer of the Union and the head of its secretariat, is responsible for the general administration and management and for carrying out programs of work adopted by the general meeting and other works to fulfill the purposes of the present agreements.

(2) The secretary general shall submit an annual report to the regular annual session of the general meeting, such report shall cover the previous 12months period's events and activities sponsored or organized either by the Union or member organizations, and the accounts of the membership dues by an independent auditor, among other things.

(3) The secretary general may be present in that capacity at the general meeting and other meetings without the right to vote.

Article 14(Secretariat)

(1) The secretariat is the executive organ of the Union composed of the secretary general and his or her staff.

(2) For the economy of the running costs of the office of the secretariat and other possible pragmatic advantages anticipated, the municipal governments of Chungju may be authorized to act as the secretariat for the Union by nominating the secretary-general and forming a special setup for the purpose.

(3) The secretary-general shall inform the members of the roster of secretariat immediately upon its formation.

Article 15(Amendments)

(1) Any member may propose an amendment to this agreement presenting in writing to the secretary-general the text of the proposed amendment along with the reasons there for, which the secretary-general shall communicate to the members as well as the president and vice presidents of the general meeting.

(2) The proposed amendment(s) shall be acted upon by the general meeting as the priority agenda item at its regular session meeting unless an extraordinary meeting is called for the purpose.

Article 16(Incorporation)

The Union may be incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Korea, when the general meeting so decides.

Article 17(Entry into force)

The present agreement shall come into force for and between those national and international martial arts organizations the day it is signed for them.

Article 18(Depositary)

The signed original texts of this agreement shall be placed under the custody of the Mayor of Chungju. Each signatory member shall be provided with a certified copy of the original text in English language.