Saturday, March 30, 2013

IOC: Wushu these days - European championship 2013

Interesting is that WU SHU FEDERATION AUSTRIA is not on the list but kung fu is in Austria very, very popular, like in Germany (you know hard styles :)). Also Slovenian wu shu federation is not on this poster. This federation is especially weird and protected by Slovenian Olympic Comittee which uses this non active (only on paper) federation on regular voting in these small national olympic committee. And if we look Montenegro - they also have some kind of federation. And France? What is happening with the most powerfull European wu shu federation? So how many member countries does it have WU SHU? (We saw 3 of them non active in at least the last 5 years) WU SHU will be an Olympic sport 2020, so IOC operates certainly with some valuable DATA. Yes - you dream on.

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