Monday, December 24, 2012

ITALY: Ennio Falsone - short portrait

After elections 2012: (new mandate - 2013-2016)
You cannot say that his people stand behind him even if they act opposition or enemies Orientation for the future:


Ennio's regional meetings 2004  - Look at the audience how they accept their chief

Claudio Alberton is responsible for MMA - but not only in 2011 in Italian kickboxing federation (FIKBMS) but also in Italian wrestling federation, which is part of FIJLKAM - Italian karate, judo, wrestling federation (FIJLKAM - )
To be more precise he is somekind of boss in FIGMMA - Italian federation for grappling and mixed martial arts MMA - recognised by Italian Olympic Committtee :
(Watch their videos - )
Please look at the judge Mr. Valente (candidate for a new FIKBMS president - opposition to Falsone :) ) wearing his WAKO shirt (judge). All together: Falsone, Valente, Alberton
But in 2012 it seems that Claudio Alberton moved to FIJLKAM - FIGMMA.
As it looks he is not anymore part of FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation - sector of Shootboxing
As it looks CONI - Italian Olympic Committee can sort disciplines like MMA by Sportaccord regulations - except from savate which is still part of FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation. In Italy this things just depend on the nature of situation.

Claudio Alberton and Ennio Falsone

Claudio Alberton as DTN - National technical director MMA in FIKBMS - October 2011

Valente and judging rules

Claudio alberton still in FIKBMS as a boss for MMA in March 2012

Claudio Alberton as a leader of a club University of figting where also is Max Greco - responsible for Savate PRO in FISA - Italian savate federation (A. Lallo)

Watch Max Greco in his club University of fighting talking about savate pro and chauss fights as the same dicipline. Maybe he doesn't know that WAPSAC in FIKBMS owns Chauss fight as dicsipline.

and Max Greco (SAVATE PRO :) ) with his friend Alberton in the same club

And finaly Marco Costaguta from Genoa - resposible for Chauss fight and savate in FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation with Christian Robert also WAPSAC and French savate federation  - part of International savate federation - FISav together with CONI observers (Italian olympic Committee)

As it seems kickboxing in Italy and savate are not so far away one from another - on a national and interantional scale.
It seems that IF as FISav and WAKO cooperate more then we thought.
They can invent intermediate discipline like chaus fight which can be later recognised as savate.

And the role of Falsone for the future?
As it seems his ex, temporary and future people control MMA, savate, kickboxing, muay thai in all the new and old versions of  very confused Italian sport life.
And French are quiet.
Think about it.

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