Monday, December 17, 2012

WMC Muay thai: Hari Gorijan produced Frederic Bellonie vs. Ivan Stanic "The terrible"

Ivan "Terrible" Stanic (OFC) vs Frederic Bellonie
Fight for W.B.C. muay thai world title -86kg
Winner: Stanic
Opatija Fight Night 2
This was even more terrible then some AIBA boxing olympic matches in London where people asked themselves if the weather in England is guilty for the decisions like we saw also in this fight. Everytime when trainer said to Mr. Terrible - throw him, Bellonie thrown Mr. Terrible 3 times in a row. It was terrible. And broken nose and cut on an eyebrow weren't enough to prove the fact that a boy who stood 5 rounds in the corner is the winner. Please enjoy. At least we can watch this fiasco, finally.

1st round
2nd round

3rd round

4th round

5th round

6th round

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