Monday, December 24, 2012

CHAUSS FIGHT: It is still alive??? - This so called savate sport is situated in a French version of Italian kickboxing federation FIKBMS. French called it FFSCDA - and I am sure that they have similar Ennio as Italians.
But good examples follow initiatives also in neighbour countries - so this masterpiece of combat federation is Italian-French cookery.

best of chauss fight Montelimar, France 2012
Team Borg - league PACA

University championship of France - Combat sports (among them also Chauss fight)

and look Christian Robert website
 - link shows also - League Paca -

Do you know that excellent savateurs steped in this Chauss fight circle like Telemach, Diara, Fornes, ... and at the same time they can cooperate with French savate federation...

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