Monday, December 24, 2012

ITALY: Massa Carrara 2012 and Savate competition

Competitors fight typicaly in kickboxing WAKO style. But they wear integral savate funny old one part dresses - yes to prove that they really train savate. But they are not. For example well known Italian savate trainer Marco Gilloti from Rome is pa member of Italian kickboxing federation (WAKO - FIKBMS) although his friend Lallo (FISA - Italian savate federation) has many problems with FIKBMS which owns savate sport with CONI - Italian olympic Committee recognition. But maybe they are all friend. Why not? Lallo didn't register his savate federation in CONI. Also this WTKA-WKA competition was camouflage that WKA and WAKO are enemies. Most of people think so.

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