Sunday, December 23, 2012

FRANCE: Modibo Diarra - From Boxe francaise French savate federation to Chauss fight - WAPSAC and back again to French savate federation

And now Modibo is again in savate - french savate federation. Was this just about WADA and antidoping or it was "savate pro - chauss fight" friendship.
As we understood Chauss fight was legal in FISav and now it is not and WAPSAC owns savate stollen discipline chauss fight and FISav and French savate federation cannotdo nothing about it. And Marco Costaguta an international operater of discipline chauss fight (under patronage of french Christian Robert) is a big chief of WAPSAC and inside Italian kickboxing federation called FIKBMS - Federazione Italiana kickboxing - muay thai and SAVATE, which is not Italian savate federation called FISA (Alfredo Lallo) - which is not registered in CONI (Italian Olympic Committte) registration application - please type savate and you will find nothing here about FISA:

And we can describe this problem again and again but the facts inside France show very ineteresting combination of this international play.

Modibo Diarra and his stage in France - Cognac savate club. (Have you ever drank cognac?)

Stage aprooved by French savate federation.

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