Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FIS: Savate stage Cameroun

If the annual vacation times are an occasion for many to share a period of well-deserved rest with their families, there are others who continue to maintain the fire, far from their homes.
A proof of this was the travel of a FFSBF delegation to Cameroon from the 17th to 23rd July 2011, at the invitation of Mr Ali ADJI President of the African Savate Confederation. Joël DHUMEZ, Rodolphe REDON, Hubert ABELA, accompanied by 4 fighters of the French national teams (who you will recognise on the photo), took the responsibility of providing technical and refereeing training courses.
This visit was followed widely in Cameroon, in the written press and in the TV and radio media. The delegation was received by the Minister of the Sports in person who, thanking everyone, through the intermediary of Vice-President Joël DHUMEZ, asserted his support for the development of Savate in Cameroon, and for the work carried out by the President Ali ADJI.
Despite the warm Cameroonian hospitality, the trainers did not deviate from their objective of raising the skill levels of the fighters, or the level of expertise of the officials, numbering 13 trainees.
In addition, there was an opportunity, after the training, to fight in the France-Cameroon Gala, in which the Cameroonian fighters shared the number of victories with their opponents (2 to 2).
Satisfied with the work done, the President Ali ADJI proposed to receive a delegation again in 2012.

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