Friday, January 29, 2010

Is it love?

Prayers for the safety of GM Tran Trieu Quan
2010-01-21 10:29

Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and all Taekwon-do practitioners,

I have come to know that GM Tran Trieu Quan is trapped in his hotel in Haiti from since the recent earthquake that struck that country. I and all my students would like to say to GM Tran's family and members of his organisation how sorry we are to this tragedy. We pray from the bottom of our hearts for the safety of GM Tran.
I hereby call upon all our ITF members under the Presidency of Prof. Dr. Chang Ung to, for once, forget the differences between our ITF and GM Tran's Taekwon-do organisation, and sincerely pray for GM Tran's safety. Sports politics and organisational politics are only games to be played by both sides. We should recognise that we are, whether we like it or not, all Taekwon-do brothers, and GM Tran is a 2nd or 3rd generation senior since General Choi founded Taekwon-do in 1955.
I especially call upon Prof. Michel Jacques Laroche,President of ITF Haiti and his ITF members to do their best in assistance of searching and saving GM Tran Quan.
Under such difficult circumstance, we simple must put down our differences, recognise the good works that GM Tran has contributed even though he is now a member of another group of Taekwon-do. He is still our brother, and a very senior one, and for that reason he deserves our prayers and concern.
All Taekwon-do practitioners, irrespective of their ranks and organisations, are important to our ITF under our President Prof. Ph.D Chang Ung, IOC Member, who was personally chosen by our Taekwon-do Founder to succeed him to lead the ITF. Therefore the protective wings, and the loving care and concern, of our ITF President Prof. Dr. Chang Ung are over practitioners of all Taekwon-do styles or organisations, and that includes GM Tran Trieu Quan.
At this stage, we must be engaged in prayers and concern for GM Tran's well being as top priority. Sports politics between our two organisations should take a back sit.
"We pray to Heaven to take good care of the safety of our Taekwon-do brother GM Tran Trieu Quan. Lord, we place the entire situation in Your hands. Lord, Your will be done."

Yours in Taekwon-do,

Dato Prof. Dr. GM. Leong Wai Meng
Vice President of ITF
Secretary General of IMGC

News from Tran ITF

Grand Master Trân was in Port-au-Prince on business when the earthquake struck Haiti last Tuesday. He was staying at the Montana Hotel (room 306). Grand Master Trân was seen going to his room 10 minutes before the earthquake. “My husband is trapped in the rubbles of the Montana Hotel and our family is still awaiting news from the rescue teams", Mrs My Nguyen Tran, his wife, said this morning.
Dr. Janel Gauthier, former Chair of the ITF Ethics and Discipline Committee and close friend of the Tran family, stated: "Taekwon-do practitioners all over the world are hoping that Grand Master Tran will be found alive and well very soon. Their thoughts and their hearts go to his family. Many Taekwon-do Masters, Instructors and practitioners from the Americas are deploying tremendous energy and using all possible channels and tools of communication to get vital information to the multi-national professional rescue teams to locate Grand Master Tran in the rubble of the Montana Hotel. Others are rounding health and sanitation stations in Haiti and neighbouring countries in case Grand Master Tran has been evacuated without identification".
"I thank all of those who are working the medias and the web, searching for information or spreading information on my father and his possible location", said Grand Master Tran's daughter Joliette.
Grand Master Tran is the father of Joliette (6th degree black belt), Cécilia and Nicolas (4th degree black belt).

Earthquake in Haiti

Nature has shown us once again the strength of its capability by the recent earthquake in Haiti.
Following this earthquake the suffering of so many people is almost beyond imagination. At these times we question our beliefs as to why any thing or one would want to cause so much despair and pain to so many.
In the community of Taekwon-do within Haiti we have received reports of close and lost ones to our organisation, and we have heard of heroic activities by our members in their desperate attempts to save and comfort others.
The ITF are aware the organisation led by Grand Master Tran Trie Quan are experiencing concern at this disturbing time with reports that Grand Master Tran Trie Quan is amongst the missing in Haiti. The ITF call upon all members to join together in their hopes and prayers for the safe return and wellbeing of all those missing in Haiti, and ask that all our active members around the world contribute whatever they can, no matter how small, to aid the earthquake disaster victims.

Choi, Jung Hwa

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