Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will they organise some of the next Olympic winter games?

2 milion people living in Slovenia (one of ex-Yugoslav republics). But they sent nearly 100 people to Winter Olympic Games during the strongest recesion in Europe and in Slovenia.
Smiling faces of BIG sport family - they are all part of Parliament party - Social democrats (ex - comunists) - minister of sport Igor Luksic, president of Olympic Comittee Slovenia (skiing) Janez Kocjancic and his wife - ex Rector of the biggest University in Slovenia - University of Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) and director of Sport directorate Marko Rajster.
Janez Kocjancic was very strong opponent and important figure when there were tendencies to recognise student sport in Slovenia during Mediteranien games 2009 and at the same time very succesfull Summer universiade in Belgrade 2009. And his wife on University of Ljubljana as a rector and a president of Ljubljana university sport federation followed the same story.
When they started to build new Alpine center "as they said for FISU Winter Universiade 2013 in Maribor" their opinion suddenly changed. Yes student sport is the right way.
Maybe Vigo FISU forum will change some things also in Slovenia but till then you can enjoy in a perfect isolation of Slovenian Alpine culture connected with sausages, chordians, yodeling, skiing, small busines relations and crying about good old times.
But some figures as you see from the pictures doesn't look as a typical yodeling masters, don't they?
As you see - it is not your vote that counts. Size doesn't matter. It is the matter of technique and illusion.

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