Friday, June 11, 2010

How to close an empty space

Sometimes canne de combat is accepted as a basic learning method when we are talking about historical fencing by the same people who will later in their home-coutry refuse it. Can Olivier Dupuis (or maybe Zsolt Sandor) give an answer why is it so with all his friends?

Guerriers d’Avalon:
Olivier Dupuis

Academia artis dimicatoriae:
Roman Vučajnk


Roman Vučajnk said...

since you've posted a video of a swordplay between my colleague and me (as an example, I gather), maybe I can provide an answer to your question- but I'm not quite certain what exactly it was you were asking?

Zsolt Sandor said...


La canne de combat was never propagated by me or by Olivier (as far as i know) as any kind of "basic learning method for historical fencing" (you mean perhaps medieval, longsword fencing?), but as a European modern combat sport. It is a whole system with it's own internal logic, and it has nothing to do with for example longsword.

So, I would like to know, what your question really was about?