Monday, April 09, 2012

RUSSIA: Uranbek Esenkulov Erkinbekovich and Galaxy gym - OREL OREL - Galaxy gym Russia, Galaxy promotion. School of Vladimir and Andrei Chadina kickboxing, savate, Viet Vo Dao, Sanda! (you can see also Alena Faskutdinova - also savate fighter) TATNEFT World Cup KAZAN 2010 Uranbek Esenkulov (RUSSIA) VS Nour Eddine Kasrui (Nederland) Uranbek Esenkulov (Russia) VS Otmar Jain (Nederland) Uranbek Esenkulov (Russia) vs Voros Roland (Hungary) Uranbek Esenkulov (RUSSIA, Orel) vs Enriko Gogohia (Ukraine) Professional boxing - Uranbek Esenkulov (RUS) vs. Hadzhabekom Mamatov (UZB) May 23, 2010. As part of the annual military TRP Sports Forum, organized by the Military Athletic Foundation with support from the Government of Moscow on Red Square in Moscow where this event took place in professional boxing fights. In a large military-sports project, which has become an annual event, FIGHTER a promotion group of professional boxing presented their fighters. Uranbek Esenkulov, (21 years), 69.9 kg weight category, in a fight with a guest from Uzbekistan in the four two minute rounds battle won Hadzhabekom Mamatov by unanimous decision with a clear advantage on points. Promoter PGPB FIGHTER Yevgeny Vasilyev. World champion of Viet Vo Dao (well developed sport in France and Italy) World Title Fight K-1 RUSSIA, Orel 2010 Uranbek Esenkulov (Russia) VS Andrey Grosu (Moldova) Uranbek Esenkulov vs. Alex Vogel Uranbek Esenkulov (Russia, Orel) vs. Ljubomir Starovojtov (Belarus) Uranbek Esenkulov (Russia) vs Tomas Leitner (Austria)

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