Saturday, September 08, 2012

BULGARIA: World assaut savate championship 2012

Pure ITF taekwondo school teached for semi contact WAKO kickboxing fights. Very typical repetitive side kick and chain-punching (used in kickboxing)

Serbian competitor Zeljkovic about World championship. Unfortunatelly their local TV was probably afraid to show serbian audience Bulgarian savate competition standards in an old warehouse in Plovdiv with 6 limited tatami 6x6 floor mats which served as the best competition world championship venue of all 15 Sportaccord combat sport in year 2012.

Will kickboxing WAKO competitors dominate in the next years in FISav savate competition world. Rules are not respected, shin kicks are almost allowed, vertical fouette is a fouette you see in 90% of all kicks on this world championship 2012 and control of punches and kicking - it was really surprising that nobody was knocked out.

An old kickboxing "Joe Lewis" style of fighting

Bronze medal quality of fighting And the funniest thing for the end of this story: All of this champions we saw on these videos are not interested for any additional savate tournament. Every year these champions of savate make only one international savate tournament. And this is European or World assaut savate championship. So - do you know any other sport that can survive with a tempo of only one tournament per year? Martial art sport? NO, PROBABLY SAVATE IS ONE OF THE KIND. VERY SPECIAL. AND UNIQUE.

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