Friday, September 30, 2011

CANNE DE COMBAT: Manusardi (Italy) and Julemont (Belgium) cooperation

18th of September - Canne - European seminar (????)
But also Manusardi as Julemont are not active in FISav - International savate federation.

club Viroflay, Paris, France
(here you can see also Apache canne team)

Stage de cannes europeennes avec Riccardo Corridori, Jean-Pierre Julémont, Reynald Némery et Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi au gymnase Gaillon de Viroflay.

European stick fighting workshop with Riccardo Corridori, Jean-Pierre Julemont, Reynald Nemery and Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi in the Viroflay Gaillon gym.

Test of new padded sticks made in France for Chambara. A short combat of italian canne beetwen Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi and Riccardo Corridori, Accademia Manusardi ENBF-Italia, during the last workshop in Viroflay (Paris) "Passages de panoramas".

Reynald started the morning hostilities by letting us appreciate his logical work and technique by presenting, beyond a pretext of defense-against-knives exercises, similar and even identical technics of percussion and disarming, first with and then without a stick. The purpose was to increase our awareness for bridges between armed and unarmed works and see the common points.
During the morning, Jean-Pierre Julémont gratified us, such as always, with stick techniques as surprising as « disarming » (in every sense of the word !) with an execution speed that would catch out even the youngest. His techniques are really invisible at first glance and need the slow motion demonstration to grasp all the subtleties.
We stopped at 1:00 pm, since it was time to have a little lunch before carrying on with the « big part » of the day : the one lead by Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi helped by his student Riccardo Corridori.
Even if the italian stick fighting comes, among other disciplines, from the Lafond method, its creators managed to draw out the best of it and to enrich it with their own reflexions and exercises that our two latin friends presented us with excellency.
After more than two hours of training, the free assaults let those who wanted to compare, experiment their own method in courteous fights with minimal or even unexisting rules, but above all without constraints. Of course every single assault occurred in an good and fair-play ambiance between gentlemen (and women).
At last, as a final touch, Reynald showed us his team assaults concept, with multiple weapons… This was enough to perturbate the fiercest duelists, while proposing supplementary work and games perspectives.
Around 5:00 pm, everybody went back with a full of techniques and powerful images mind, promising each other to meet again next workshop in Viroflay.

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