Monday, October 10, 2011

WAKO kickboxing: Mr. Abdelkrim El Hilali and Arab Kickboxing Federation recognise only WAKO kickboxing

But do you see ex-vice president of FISav Mr. Abdelkrim El Hilali? He is not mentioned in this report although Mr. Hilali is a very, very important person in Arab kickboxing federation. And also FISav as you see.

and his brother in WTF taekwondo:

Mr. Abdelkrim El Hilali (3rd from the left - left of Falsone)

Mr. Abdelkrim El Hilali (first from the right)

During last week-end, president Falsoni was hosted in Amman (Jordan) at the Arab Kickboxing Federation General Assembly which took place at Regency Hotel. There, he had the chance to meet new friends, like Dr. Basel Al-Shaer, new president of Jordan Kickboxing Federation; Manar Albezreh, new president of Syrian Kickboxing Federation; Mohamed Sobih, president of Egyptian Kickboxing Federation; Jehad Aweihad, new president of the Palestianian Martial Arts Federation.
At the General Assembly there were 10 countries represented (Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinia, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan) and it was hosting a very important personality from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Othmar Al-Saad, who is the General Secretary of the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees, a man very close to His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia.
On the Agenda: the choice of only one Kickboxing International Federation of reference for the whole Arab countries.
Ennio Falsoni, in his speech to the Assembly, talked about the great progress WAKO have made since its official recognition from GAISF in 2006 and urged all Arab countries to decide once and for all about which organization to chose and why: the WAKO.
Yesterday night, the General Assembly voted by greates majority to follow and support only WAKO, with the exception of Lebanon (leaded by El-Rayess Abdelraman, a WPKA and WKA representative) who then has been expelled from the Arab Kickboxing Federation.

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