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CROATIA: Croatian university martial art association - SUBOS

Teachers of sport from University of Zagreb teach martial arts students from Zagreb faculties (members of Zagreb University). There is only one problem - as university sport personal they teach only non FISU sport (except boxing). This is weird because universities established long, long ago their own sport federation called FISU in which proffesours and students could participate with only one goal to rise student sport.
In this video they report about ju-jitsu tournament and many student medals, but most of us know that Ju-jitsu is not university FISU sport. They report that University of Zagreb take care (and probably finance) of this SUBOS - martial arts university of Zagreb association. They have their own gyms , they advertise their courses inside University of Zagreb and probably the best way to rise FISU martial arts: karate, savate, boxing, WTF taekwondo and sambo would be to invite sport teachers in Zagreb who teach these FISU martial arts. Further they could send their students to FISU and EUSA competitions through their CROATIAN UNIVERSITY SPORTS FEDERATION where ZAGREB UNIVERSITY SPORTS FEDERATION is part of it
We know that is Zagreb workd also Emerik Veceric - savate teacher with finished Faculty of sport (teacher of sport) who says that getting a job to teach savate in University of Zagreb is a hard job. Probably nobody asked him to rise this FISU sport inside SUBOS. But we know that Emerik was an excellent fighter and very good savate teacher. So what we can do for FISU and what can FISU do for us to remind Universities to respect in the first line THEIR (ours) - FISU sports?
The same problem could be seen in Slovenia on University of Ljubljana where we can trace again ju-jitsu as non FISU but financed CUS (Center of University sports of Ljubljana). In Ljubljana from 2007 nobody invites savate in FISU university family CUS, they say that tenders for inclusion of new sports are closed from that year further. So savate is somehow blocked in Zagreb (Croatia) and in Ljubljana (Slovenia) probably with the people who force ju-jitsu (oriental non FISU sport) and decline savate (european FISU sport). These people also cooperate in the field of proffesour exchange - Martial art chair on university of Zagreb cooperates with university of Ljubljana. Interesting on University of Ljubljana is that they established Martial art chair but nobody wants to say if this is just an institution active only on paper or it operates also in everyday life.

CUS website:

Student sport financing is transparent in Croatia while in Slovenia we cannot find how this misterious university field of sport operates.

For example expanses in University of Zagreb for a student sport are:
2006 - 07 850.056,00 kn
2007 - 08 797.992,00 kn
2008 - 09 930.690,00 kn
2009 - 10 1,082.250,00 kn

but on University of Ljubljana for several years we cannot find any data.

Activities (from 2004): (500 members)
  1. Boks (FISU sport)
    Domagoj Bešlić
    098 742 474
  2. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (non FISU sport)
    Ilija Cavarovic

    Matko Kvesic

    Dario Plichta

    Martin Starcevic

    Zvonimir Ucovic

    Josip Vindis
  3. FutsalFER
  4. Kempo (non FISU sport)
    Dinko Batur
  5. Muay Thai (non FISU sport)
    Mladen Brestovac
    099 696 9296

    Mirko Grubor

    Ajna Kulenovic

    Leo Papes
    095 685 0004

    Sasa Zigic
    098 167 3349
  6. Salsa
  7. Taekwondo (FISU sport)
    Sasa Zigic
    098 167 3349

    Nera Kresojevic
    098 927 1170
  8. Wing Tzun (non FISU sport)
    Jani Somrak
    091 781 2762

    Bruno Frketic
    091 593 0892

SUBOS President: Vitomir Blagojevic, prof.
(Laura Sahnic, Miroslav Markanovic, Marijo Tolic, Hrvoje Penava, Nera Kresojevic, Jelena Horvat)

Adress:Miramarska bb, dvorana Martinovka, Zagreb
Telephone:01 617 0678
Open:Monday - Friday, 19:00 - 23:00

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