Sunday, January 15, 2012

ITALY: Manusardi family savate history in Milan 60's and 70's

Arrigo Manusardi - Savate in Milan - 1960 - 1970

Arrigo Manusardi (rip), father of Italo Manusardi (born in Milan) is the founder of French Boxing Savate in Milan. After Arrigo Manusardi savate is teached by his son Italo, which built in his memory the Ecole Nationale de Boxe Fran├žaise d'Italie (EBNF-Italy), with a help of his nephew Renato Manusardi (and Lorenzo Ravazzani Manusardi ( grandson of Arrigo), Sergio Rallo and Philip Sciortino (Italian students))
In this video, dating from the mid 60's (1960 - 1970), some fights of his students were documented. Interesting iscvideo is - assault between two students who fight without boxing gloves with a knife and savate kicks.

Italo Manusardi - First public exhibition of Canne and Baton - 1971

6th of June , 1971 - Abramo (Abraham) Trophy Oldrini - Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italo Manusardi and Luigi Gatti present to the public for the first time the techniques of Canne et Baton EBNF italian school.
In this video, the teacher Manusardi and his student, Luigi Gatti present fighting with baton two-handed stick.

Renato Manusardi and Davide Maestroni on a video from 90's
on a TV Antenna 3 where "Martial Arts Show" prepared (well known) Carlo Di Blasi.
Canne school with Italo Manusardi and Lorenzo Ravazzani codified in this years also new Canne system tribute to canne de Combat called also "Canne italiana" - Italian Canne. Interesting.

Italo Manusardi on a national TV show with Paola Cambiaghi and Ingrid Muccitelli in 2009.

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