Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big test for Italian savate and FIS international federation of savate

Fred Royers (born 1955, Netherland) confirmed his presence on a National technical stage (22th to 25th of April, Waldorf Palace, Cattolica, instructors, trainers, judges) of Italian kickboxing federation (FIKB) aka (WAKO).
But there will be also - "see birdy" - Tomaz Barada ITF taekwondo (Slovenia) with his master Wim Bos (Netherland of course).

Gilles Le Digou was also invited.

But Gilles (FIS) recognize only FISA savate and not FIKB savate activities.

Now we will watch, wait and observe the reaction of FIS.

Will simpaties with kickboxing lasts also through FISA and FIKB relations like in old days? We hope not.

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