Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank you SAMBO

SAMBO first mentioned SAVATE as a member of future World Combat Games 2013.

World Combat Games
Plenary Session (preliminary)
Lausanne (Switzerland)
November, 21-24

* The 2nd World Combat Games will take place in 2013
* The program will include 14 types of sport - French boxing - Savate
* There will be a new competition formant. Similar groups will be grouped for illumination. For example, , quarter, semi and finals. This will be done according to each sports technical requirements (i.e. Boxing, Muaythai, Kickboxing, Savate - Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu -Sambo, Wrestling, Kendo, Sumo- Wushu, etc.)
* SportAccord proposes that each IF make a list of the national anthems of federation members in order to assist with verifications, accuracy and equal representation of member Countries
* SportAccord proposes that the IF become more involved in the staging of cultural programs (i.e each night a sport will have highlighted activities in the Combat Village)
* SportAccord proposes that the Ambassador Program be launched one year before the opening date of the event
* The Ambassadors should be brought closer to the Athletes and Spectators/Local Community

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