Monday, July 27, 2009

Canne de Combat - Cultural Olympiad - Cambridge - 25th July 2009 - celebrations of 2012 Olympics

Canne de Combat demo at Cultural Olympiad, held at The Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 25th July 2009 - part of celebrations of 2012 Olympics.

Part 1, basic strikes and blocks.

Part 2, co-operative target practice, partner allows the cannist to touch targets to perfect strikes and improve accuracy.

Part 3, co-operative exercise to practice turns.

Part 4, double canne

Part 5, some relaxed free-sparring

Part 6, some more relaxed free-sparring

Part 7, canne chausson

Part 8, cane defence

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Cherry said...

I think I prefered it when they were doing Eclispe and Raindance Raves at the Cambridge Corn Exchange!