Saturday, July 11, 2009

In this world there are masters and gladiators - Rob Kaman

KABOA - new aerobic discipline. Rob Kaman living in USA?

Rob Kaman - Isn't hard to live after all your medals? You hide your KABOA? I watched all your fights. Masters don't give anymore money for promotion of their (your) sport?

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Rob Kaman is a true icon in the Martial Arts world. Nine times World Kickboxing champion.
Kaman has brilliantly manteined the title for twelve years in four different weight cathegories, transforming him self from an Athlete into a Legend !
Having gone through a difficult childhood with lots of painful experiences he needed a tool to heal his Emotional pain from his past. Finally he was able to help himself and to many others through what he calls today "KABOA" Rob decided to make this tool available to the mass.
Functioning as a preventing and healing method for kids and adults; Kaman firmly belives KABOA is the ultimate workout program were the physical and our core essence are married in a winning formula of infinite healing, power & magic !

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