Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prof. POPEYE calls for unification of USA savate

Is this a chance for one of the biggest future savate federation?

It has been a few years since we have had the momentum of savateurs that we have now. For several reason I had left the board and my position as executive Director.
The reasons were the political up reset of the French federation claiming that we did not want to work with the contemporary Savate groups of the East and west coast of the United Sates. Even when I and several others had invited their apparent leaders to partake in the events.
The second was that in Laredo we had uncovered a shenanigan movement of thievery against the Youth of Laredo within the board of the Laredo Amateur Boxing Club. Who the director Angel Santiago had mistreated and had over 350 thousand dollars disappear. While Finding out that the City of Laredo Corrupt ways had infiltrated that organization. Where the city Manager Larry Dovalina , Chief of Police Agustine Dovalina a district Judge Andy Reyes and several county commissioners were involved with the misappropriation of funds. So we had Police Units give traffic citations to the savateurs of my School we had them threaten my Family members and had several Laredo Police Officers try to heat me up as they say.
Unfortunately Good always prevails. So that was the reason I left the organization. I was asked this past season by two Board members to rekindle the movement o USA SAVATE and I have done so.
On June 27th We kicked of the movement with a Steak Plate Sale to purchase a Boxing Ring for the Group. Since our old Boxing ring was stolen by an ex member of USA SAVATE Fernando Cantu and his Father.
The cost of the new ring is between $8000.00 to $9000.00 dollars and we had a total of $1400.00 made this past weekend.
The unity and everyone worked together from the members of the Webb County District Attorneys office, the Webb county sheriffs department, Webb Constable Tino Juarez and the tribe of Buitron Academy.
We started at 4am on Saturday with Cornelo Flores starting the grill for the 500 steaks . Then we had Omar Rodriguez show up to aide in the effort .
Around 6 am we had the first group of savateurs show up to assist and build the gazebo as well as to prepare the plates.
Due to the different work schedule we had everyone that could help, help. The groups effort especially with in USA SAVATE is to formulate several satellite clubs in Webb County , Dallas County and other county's in the State of Texas for this upcoming season.
Everyone worked hard with leading the pack inside in the cool air was Mrs. Cindy Cavazos , in preparing the plates , bread and napkins for the 500 plates.
By 8:30 am the 300 steak were done and out of the way. the amazement was on the versatile movement of these veteran carne asada doers. By 9:30 am all on the steaks were done and out of the way. In fact the The rice and beans that was cooked by the Webb County Sheriffs Department was excellent.
At 11am the plates were ready to go and the rush began everyone was on point and ready to fill the plates with the steaks and Spanish rice. This was an exciting event for me since the unity of working together for a commons goal was actually rarely seen in USA SAVATE with the pre-Madonna attitude of the majority of the members of the past.
"We have several event s ready to go such as the sanction for the 1st Danse De Rue Games. where everyone is invited including the contemporary Savate players. So please east and west coast gangs either put up or shut up once and for all , and do not lie that we never invited you to become members in the past as members: Scholtz, Basulto and Saigniac state . One thing to the east and west coast gangs if you all have any personal Beef with me or my family we can seriously set up a quick once and for all dance in the street with anyone of you when ever you want. If not partake if you wish."


Paul-Raymond Buitron III

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