Sunday, December 06, 2009

Finals world championship savate combat - 12th of December 2009 - La Motte - Servolex, France

-60 kg
Hakim Abdelaoui (France) vs. Predrag Simunec (Croatia)
(Predrag Simunec was also European champion in Muay thai - but for 2009 - 2nd place - Savate). Predrag works every day on his job and is still active in combat sports. Real champ.
-65 kg
Modibo Diarra (France) vs. Ibrahim Konate (Mali)
-70 kg
Roberto Betta (Italy) vs. Ludovic Millet (France)

+85 kg
Fabrice Aurieng (France) vs. Sasa Cirovic (Serbia)
-56 kg
Hayatte Akodad (Marocco) vs. Anessa Meksen (France)

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