Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lars Bystol - ski jumping barfly

Slovenian national sport is skiing. In Slovenia drinking of alcohol is also a national sport (many car crashes and deaths...).

Can we conclude that SKIING + ALCOHOL = Strategy of degeneration of Slovenian and maybe some other na(t)ive population?

Lars Bystol (born 4 December 1978 in Voss) is a Norwegian ski jumper who has won one Olympic gold medal, one World Cup eventm two FIS Nordic World Ski Championships bronze medals in the team large hill events (2003, 2005), and a gold medal in the FIS Ski Flying World Championships. Bystøl has also had several alcohol-related episodes that have made the front pages of Norwegian newspapers.


In 2000 he was sent home from a continental cup competition in Innsbruck after a party at New Year's Eve, and later that year he was caught DUI with a 2.38‰[1] blood alcohol content. He was sentenced to 24 days in prison. In 2003 he fell into the ocean after he was fighting after some heavy drinking. His alcoholism was so bad that it caused Bystol to be kicked off of the ski jumping team in 2004 though he did fight his way back to the team.

In early 2009 he admitted to having tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol. The sample was delivered in November 2008 in a Norwegian Cup race in Vikersund.

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