Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Valentina Shevchenko "Bullet" vs Ingrid Graziani (France)

Oh my god. They call it "professional Savate fight", Russia 2005. It is similar to wrestling. I don't know who decided to put tecnical fighter like Ingrid is with this poor fighter in the ring. And after all they call it savate.
Big danger for savate are those fighters who are experts everywhere. Judges don't judge them wrong techniques, and tolerate their non-savate behaviour in the ring. And when you start with no-savate on championships, than also other fighters get the sign that savate as technical school isn't important anymore.

Valentina in ITF:

Valentina in boxing: (Russian boxing Woman Championship, Moscow 2007)

World Muaythai championship, IFMA, Thailand 2009. Final fight, female 60 kg. Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) blue corner - Alena Muratava (Belarus) red corner.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, funny....
poor girl got beat by an actual fighter...