Saturday, December 19, 2009

ITF - WTF taekwondo neverlasting debates

Mrs. Choi Chun Hi and ITF President Prof. Dr. Chang Ung during the 19th ITF Congress

How funny they are...

- Simultaneous with the ITF 2009 World Championships WTF held its World Championships in Copenhagen. There have long been talks on the necessity to merge the two taekwon-do federations but so far they have not been successful. What are the perspectives for this issue today?
- The main problem, in my point of view, is that ITF is more ready for compromises in the negotiation process than WTF. I think that our partners in these negotiations are eager to demonstrate their readiness for merger rather than doing any actual steps in this direction. That is why it is difficult to say that the negotiations are successful now. Another problem is that ITF headquarters in Vienna and our organization is accordingly under the jurisdiction of Austrian laws, while WTF has its headquarters in Seoul and is regulated by the laws of South Korea. So for this reason the legal side of possible merger may have some difficulties.

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