Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frederic Bellonie (savate) defeated Ivan Strugar (kickboxing)

On April 15th a Low Kick World title defense Kg - 88,600 took place in Sanski Most (Montenegro) between IVAN STRUGAR - title holder - and FREDERIQUE BELLONI (France).
With decision of Judges 2-1 won Frederique Belloni becoming the new World champion in Low Kick Kg - 88,600:

Ratko Roganovic (MNE) : 48-47
Ferradj Chaouqui (FRA) : 46-50
Vedran Badjun (CRO) : 46-48

France vs. Montenegro. Ivan Strugar should be one one the best Balcan fighters.

Another lesson to Balcan kickboxing from tactical french savate.
Match was promoted through WAKO PRO system of financing (that means that stabil countries like Montenegro helped to organize this professional event with time - money.)
And Goran, Goran Borovic from savate also was there. And he won the Hungary guy in kickboxing of course.
And typical for Balcan region - yes ... very typical ... that we won't see the video in case of their national hero defeat. But this is also kickboxing type of behaviour.

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