Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gladiators tournaments and Silvia La Notte - "Little Devil"

Contact mail of Silvia La Notte: silvietta_82@hotmail.it (kickboxing, savate, K1...)

K1 style - Silvia La Notte vs. Maria Tzorzi - Rimini 17th February 2008

K1 style - Silvia La Notte vs. Stella Morelli - Osimo 20th April 2008 Gladiators tournament 3


silvia said...

thank you for interest to my activity and "little davil" is very pretty for me, thank you Silvia

Anonymous said...

Silvia. You are brilliant fighter and many K1 stars among man population are promoted, why shouldn't we promote also woman K1 stars?
I think that a fighter of your caliber deserves it.
And "Little devil" it sounds good to me ... and if you accept this name it would be cool - otherwise it will be removed. Thank you for your answer and reading this blog.

silvia said...

thank you for your compliments and for name, Little davil will my nickname, like me very much to fight around the world, now I fight in all style, kick boxing, full contact, savate, k1 and thai boxing too, because I want to try all disciplines, I profit by this sito: if anyone is interested to fight me I'm available, my contact is silvietta_82@hotmail.it, thank you too Silvia