Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Savate in Netherland 28th March 1985

Start 'SAVATE' Frans kickboksen - French Kickboxing in Sportschool Jan Snoek in Netherland 28th March 1985. Just an advertisment from the Newspaper, nothing else.

About 25 years ago they started to develop in the Netherlands the now called "kick boxing" sport.
In the early beginning they fought all sorts of match systems during one tournament, the matches where nor organized and there was not any medical or match-rule available
Since about 20 year they practice the so called American kickboxing. In that period there where some clear guidelines created, ie. Muay-thai, Savate, Japanese kickboxing and the so called American kickboxing incl the responsible match organizations.
When the Dutch kick boxing federation (N.K.B.B.), the Dutch federation for Savate and French boxing (N.B.F.S), the Dutch Muay-thai federation (M.T.B.N) and the professional association (P.K.A) started there was a demand for more tougher match forms, which where very popular together with the search for "Big Money" so the Thai boxing started to grow.


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