Monday, December 01, 2008

Hungary - Budapest savate ASSAUT seminar

Source: - 2008. november 27. (21:23)

Christophe NEUVILLE and Joel DHUMEZ are guilty for ASSAUT seminar in Budapest with very tactical and good technical fighters.
6+7th december 2008 in Budapest - Romaric Vuillaume (world champion ASSAUT 2006 (70-76 kg), French ASSAUT champion 2006-2007,2008 and European ASSAUT champion 2007 22 years. Blandine JOUARD - French ASSAUT champion 2007,2008 will help him.
Why ASSAUT is so important? When Hungary has excellent Ferenc Jozsef in K1 and combat? Why technical seminar in Budapest?

My answer? Progress in combat starts with progress in ASSAUT.

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