Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Modibo Diarra (FRA) vs. Miroslav Tustic (CRO)

Why not to mix kickboxing (barefoot) and savate (booted) fighting styles?
Watch it in real tournament of savate boxe française combat on 6th December in Chatellerault, France:
Opponents of french fighters in combat savate finals are mostly all the same. In most cases without special technical savate base, not innovative at all, with double hand block positioned on the ropes, all years the same faces, and same profiles, always two steps behind, always loosing, reminds all the time on kickboxing fighters, and with typical bitterness on their faces after every final fight, you can see some of them also in a special indoor football shoes, and if we can make some recapitulation of all said above we can predict that there is no systematic work on combat field outside France because fighters mostly don't study scenarios from glove testing where all savate knowledge lies.
And please - don't allow your savate federation to become one of these so called savate super combat powers.

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