Sunday, December 28, 2008


Before the year 2006 when Kickboxing step in AGFIS, Olympic Comittee of Slovenia (Slovenia was one of the 6 Yugoslav republics) selected Kickboxing as a recognised sport from early 1993 and when later in 2003 Savate came in Slovenia and became a member of the same Olympic Comittee - the rules although the same as in 1993 didn't help savate to become recognised sport.
Big interpretation was made in this way:
Kickboxing was present in ex-Yugoslavia but savate didn't existed at this time in Slovenia or even in Yugoslavia. Later more and more proves showed that Savate was present also in Slovenia and of course in Yugoslavia.
And here on this video we can see if we turn timer on 1:23 that Yugoslav flag is hanging near other European flags - Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece...
So another prove for savate :)

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