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Martial Arts and Combat Sports Games 2010 in Beijing, China

During Boxing AIBA world cup in Moscow - there were elections for the first Martial art olympic games host city.

13 International federations:

WAKO source:

It's now official: Beijing, after having hosted the most successful Olympic Games ever, will also host the first Martial Arts and Combat Sports Games (that's the final name) in 2010.
The historical decision was taken recently in Moscow by the 12 International Sports Federation which gathered in Swisshotel under the leadership of Mr. Hein Verbruggen, president of GAISF and Chairman of Sportaccord, the Internationa,l organization promoting yearly all IOC and GAISF conventions.
The 12 IFs are: Boxing, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo (all of them already Olympic Sports), Wushu, Ju Jitsu, kendo, Muay Thai, Karate, Aikido, Kendo and of course Kickboxing.
The Games will take place either in the last week of August (but some IFs said it is a too hot and humid period in Beijing) or in the first week of October 2010.
The 12 IFs will be divided in 3 different venues. Kickboxing will be together with Boxing and Muay Thai using the same ring and the same arena. The whole event will last 9 days, with opening and closing ceremonies included. Each IFs will have two days at their disposal to carry out the event.
WAKO have chosen 3 styles to represent at its best our sport: a Tatami Sport, i.e. Semi contact (male -63,69,74,79,84, female -55,60 kgs.), and two Ring Sports, i.e. full contact and low kick (-63,67.72,75,81 male categories, and -52,56 female categories.
All IFs will have the possibility to present a maximum of 80 competitors or there about and a total of 120 people per IF. WAKO will have 4 competitors per weight class, for a total of 84 competitors and we will comply with the request of GAISF by sending a maximum of 36 people as coaches, officials, staff and leaders.
The good thing of the whole project is that all IF will be granted the cover of all their travel and lodging expenses. WAKO kickboxing will benefit of a great exposure, a great audience in Beijing, and that will help to strengthen our credibility so to grow further in the world.

IFMA source:
Beijing the host of the unforgettable 2008 Olympic games and have won the bid for the 2010 GAISF games patronised by the IOC. Two years ago the 13 IOC and GAISF recognized Martial Art and Combat sports with the vision of the GAISF President formed a Martial Arts working group.
This group was been formed out of the executives sent in by all these Martial Arts and Combat sports to organise a combined games. It was historical in itself that executives of all these sports such as IOC member Dr. CK WU from AIBA could sit on this round table chaired by the Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the 2008 Beijing games and GAISF President Mr. Hein Verbruggen. The GAISF Meetings have been held in Seoul at the IOC and GAISF sport meeting, at the Olympic committee in Brussels, at the IOC Headquarter in Lausanne, in Bangkok as part of the celebration of His Majesty’s 80th Birthday, in Athens during the IOC Summer and Winter games meeting and GAISF SportAccord and just this weekend in Moscow coordinated by AIBA.
The first games will be held in Beijing and by then 4 years of solid planning by the 13 World Federations would have gone by to show the world the beauty and the tradition of combat sports, and there will certainly also a be an important cultural program as an integral part of the games. The Martial Art world is eagerly awaiting to see the real World Federations of Aikido, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu, Sambo, Sumo, Kendo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling and Muaythai bring their elite athletes and the world is looking forward for the qualifying rounds in over 200 countries.
The next meeting is scheduled for 2009 in Denver as part of the IOC Summer and Winter games meeting and GAISF SportAccord.

WTF taekwondo source:

Taekwondo and other martial arts and combat sports affiliated with the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) are stepping up their efforts for the creation of a global martial arts and combat sports games.
In this regard, a GAISF martial arts plenary session took place at Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, in Moscow, Russia on Dec. 13, 2008.
The occasion served as a preparatory meeting for the launch of the tentatively named SportAccord Martial Arts and Combat Sports Games to be held in 2010. The project has been driven for the past years under the leadership of Mr. Hein Verbruggen, president of GAISF, as an official event of GAISF.
The representatives from 12 International Federations among 13 GAISF Martial Arts and Combat Sports Federation attended the meeting, except sumo. The 12 International Federations, which attended the meeting, were aikido, boxing, judo, ju-jitsu, karate, kendo, kickboxing, muaythai, sambo, taekwondo, wrestling and wushu.
According to Mr. Hein Verbruggen, the Chinese capital of Beijing will mostly host the inaugural SportAccord Martial Arts and Combat Sports Games in 2010, while the contract has not been finalized yet. In order to guarantee the participation of best athletes in this event, accommodation as well as traveling expenses of athletes will be covered by the host city.
The SportAccord Martial Arts and Combat Sports Games will also feature various cultural programs, lectures on history of traditional martial arts sports and physical education, and teaching programs. The event will be mostly held once every four years, while the GAISF is still open to the possibility of holding the event once every two years.
The sports will be divided into different groups according to the nature of the sports and also venue requirements, such as elastic mats, wooden floor, rings, and so on. At the moment, the games will likely to be held at three venues.
The games will last eight days. Each International Federation will send no more than 80 athletes and will have one and a half day of competition. The WTF presented a primary proposal of sending 64 athletes in Olympic weight category. In order to achieve the best performance of taekwondo among other martial arts sports, the WTF is considering selecting the athletes based on the WTF’s new world athlete ranking system. In addition, the WTF has proposed performing taekwondo demonstrations twice during the games to display the most outstanding beauty of taekwondo.
The competition dates will be either Aug. 24 to Sept. 4 or Sept. 25 to Oct. 2. The WTF has expressed concern about competition in August considering the weather condition in Beijing and also the fact that the inaugural Youth Olympic Games will take place in August. The GAISF president accepted the concern and confirmed that the GAISF will propose to host city for the period of Sept. 25 to Oct. 2.
Once the program is established, the WTF will inform member national associations of the structure of the games and the outlines of the games.

WKF karate source:

Martial Arts Games plenary session
Tuesday, 06 January 2009
The WKF President and WKF General Secretary attended the GAISF member Martial Arts and Combat Sports International Federations plenary session held in Moscow on 13 December 2008.
The main topic of the discussion was the organisation of the 1st Martial Arts Games, many cities presented their candidatures as hosts of the event with Beijing being the strongest one.
At the meeting of the Martial Arts Games Commission presided by Mr. Espinos the delegates fixed the date of the 1st MAG (September 25 - October 2) and the first draft of the Games programme. 13 sports will be present at the event and competition will be held in 3 venues.
The total number of representatives per sport will be 120 persons, 80 of which will be competitors and the other 40 officials.

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