Sunday, June 26, 2011

HISTORY: savate combat Ernesto Hoost (HOLLAND) vs Sylvain Postel (FRANCE)

11th of August 1988 European savate championship - combat

Do you see the same problems like today in SAVATE? We invite in savate other fighters from muay thai, boxing and kickboxing who do not respect savate rules and savate techniques. The only goal is to win SAVATE.
In this same situation and false behaviour of his opponent ended also Sylvain Postel. Like many other fighters which left savate.
The same would be if you accept rugby players in football. Normally rugby players would be better and probably win all the football matches if we accept the fact that we never in combat fights respect savate rules.
Rugby has its own rules and it is tougher sport and more aggresive than football, but on the other hand people statistically prefer more football.
The same would be in savate matches. This sport is more fluid more tactical and people certainly discover this values.

BUT if we want gladiator games - THAN WE SHOULD TRY IT WITH GUNS AND OTHER WEAPONS LIKE IN BALKANE WARS SOME YEARS AGO. But after every non - legal games ussualy that kind of drama ends on a court. In this last one it was Haag. For all others there are others institutions.


Harm Dommisse said...

The Dutch fighters then where good. They trained different styles and Savate was one of those styles. Hoost, Hippolyte, Teijsse, Mousid etc they all won and by the rules of Savate. Don't see anything wrong. Now we have a good female fighter, Mariela Kruse. Doing Savate only for 2 years and allready Vice-champion of Europe and in the world championship finales of 2011.

Anonymous said...

Yes they were very good, but not specialised in savate. Respect to Netherland fighters. We like to watch muay thai, boxing and kickboxing also.
But the point of savate is to stay savate. Wine is maybe not the strongest alcochol drink, but many people appreciate it more.
The same debate I heard was about boxing and MMA.
What is better?
Nothing is better ...

It is just the decision of protecting very good combination of rules and tactiques and of course teaching that could move forward the sport called savate.

To this moment French did a very good job to keep alive this sport and to concure all the pressures from other boxing styles ...

or to say when somebody wants to mix extra quality wine with coca cola all sommeliers would say ...


Harm Dommisse said...

Savate is savate and Muay thai is muay thai. If you can adapt the rules and respect them you can fight. What's the problem about that?

Without these figthers, like from Croatia, Holland etc. Savate would be dead.

Training mutiple styles will make you a better fighter. This is proven the champions who won in different styles.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree with you.
Observing Croatian and Russian and many other non-French models type of mixing things is not the right way. In the same year you don't have enough time for specialization of many disciplines. Yes you can fight. Yes you can have more fights, yes you have more activities - but unfortunattely you don't progress in savate.
In savate there is not enough tournaments and we should improve this lack of activities.
There are no FIS savate technical seminars, although muay thai and kickboxing always prepare that kind of activities. We even don't have open savate championships yet.

And we dream about other styles.
I think this is the wrong way. If one of 3 small ITF taekwondo international federation won't groe up its own population but borrow it from another karate styles and WTF taekwondo they wouldn't be anymore ITF taekwondo.
And they work sistematically for decades.

They don't borrow anybody from anybody but they have a lot of activities that can fullfill their free time and occupy them for the whole calendar year.

But if you have one world/european tournament combat/assaut per year it is evident that that kind of sport doesn't have real intentions to grow up its population.

And after all can you imagine that all that Croatia/Serbia/Italy/Hungary/....
don't ask for an OPEN savate tournaments like they ask in WAKO and IFMA or AIBA?


Because FIS tournament is just once per year duty and brings the equal amount of finances from their Ministries of sport like all year kickboxing activities.

And you know what did one competitor from that area said once?
I don't compete in assaut just because I don't know nothing of savate techniques. And nothing about strategy.
I use only low kick from kickboxing - one strike / full and that is all.
In combat everything is tolarated but in assaut I would be punnished in a moment.

Anonymous said...


As I see people look no further concerns savate in Holland.

In Holland there is a school that trains savate assaut.

The trainer has an official certificate obtained by Mr. Walnier (technical director Belgium)

In Holland we have two schools in savate one in Amsterdam. Vos-Gym (combat) and the other one in Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn-Savate (assaut)

We are participating in Apeldoorn in the Belgian championships and have a vice-champion and an assaut Vainqueur of 2011. We held us strictly to the rules of the FIS.

Maybe you can take a look at so you can see how we deal with savate in Holland.

We are not so great, but we do our best.

Everyone started somewhere, right?