Sunday, June 26, 2011

UK: London savate - James Southwood and SOG - Summer Olympic Games 2012

Our biggest London hope is London savate with James Southwood. Promotion in London is not a very easy task. But on the other hand his ex-pupils offers BARTITSU so called self defense classes. In UK this is let's say popular self defense system (Sherlock Holmes style) that could associate savate and to join GBSF - Great Britain savate federation to be recognised National sport federation which is financed also on a national level from Lottery and Ministry of sport. But I think that they have a plan and that we are not far from this goal.
Better financing of UK savate could help at growth of this sport in:
England, Wells, Ireland, Scotland ... and provide more sportsman on International level and promote UK through OPEN savate championship like kickboxing in UK does.
And don't forget 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London and our will in FIS to promote savate at that VERY IMPORTANT time. Would it be time for a world savate championship - assaut 2012 in London after the Olympic Games when all of the crowd will dissapear any many sport facilities will still be in use (boxing rings, sport halls). Would this be an apologize of London to Paris to win a final battle for Olympic Games 2012? This could also be the test for savate to be IOC recognised and to jump in ARISF group of IOC recognised sports in the land of Sherlock Holmes.
(Don't forget that AIBA treated England, Wells, and Ireland as separate competition groups.) Are we strong enough to do it?

Excel venues
Design and Access Statement (PDF, 5.3MB)
Planning Drawings (PDF, 9.5MB)

Class Timetable

Start training here.

Monday 7:30pm-9:00pm New!
Bankside Health Club
The Bluefin Building
110 Southwark Street
(Southwark tube, Waterloo, London Bridge or Blackfriars stations.) Map
Thursday 7:30pm-9:15pm
Soho Gym, Waterloo
11-15 Brad Street,
Waterloo or Waterloo East station) Map


Anonymous said...

Bartitsu is nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Most of what is written above is nonsense