Thursday, June 30, 2011

JAPAN: 1st Japan national savate championship

After Nuclear tragedy we have bright news...

Japan Team has some medalists in world championships.
Though, where is competitions in Japan?
Many martial arts funs in Japan say,
“Savate? I know the name, but I haven’t seen yet.”
Okay, this is the 1st Savate Competition in Japan.
Now you can see Savate in Japan.
This is W cup (Coup W)!!
【Date】 31/July/2011 From:10:00 AM, To: 4:00 PM
【Place】 Mondial GINZA Hall (
2-25-1 Ougi Adachi-ku Tokyo, Japan
【Style of competition】 Assaut : 3R (1R 1min 30sec, interval 45sec)
【Receiving Apllication】 April
【Qualification】 The grade of “Red Glove” or more. Or, recognised your skill by Japan Savate Club through trainings.
【Entree Fee】 5,000 yen (including an insurance)
【Watching Fee】 1,000 yen (including a beverge)
* To know the latest Rules, Entree Fee, and other detail, check our website!!
Contact: Executive Committee of W cup  /

organized by: Executive Committee of W cup
supervised by: Japan Savate Club

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