Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RUSSIA: No promotion of student FISU sport

DOES University sport federation of Russia KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RUSSIAN SAVATE GROUP?

It is hard to say that Russia knows anything about their FISU recognised student sport called SAVATE.
From their University sport federation of Russia it is evident that no promotion or any kind of activity in the field of savate was made.
Although Russia (Sankt Petersburg) fighters were present on a World university savate championship 2010 in Nantes, France they weren't promoted by their University sport federation of Russia.
This is weird because also KICKBOXING sport (NON - FISU) is a very atractive among Russian students.
And KICKBOXING is present also among university sports on a website of University sport federation of Russia while SAVATE is absent.

Russian UNIVERSITY sports (NO SAVATE):

  1. Armysport
  2. Biathlon
  3. Badminton
  4. Boxing
  5. Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling (women)(men)
  6. Volleyball
  7. Handball
  8. Boating and canoeing
  9. Darts
  10. Judo
  11. Equestrian sport
  12. Skating
  13. Track and field
  14. All-around skiing and hiking
  15. Cross Country Skiing
  16. Mini water polo (men)
  17. Table tennis
  18. Swimming
  19. Sambo
  20. Sports Tourism
  21. Sports aerobics
  22. Gymnastics
  23. Orienteering
  24. Ski orienteering
  25. Dance sport
  26. Taekwondo
  27. Weightlifting
  28. Fencing
  29. Fitness Aerobics
  30. Football
  31. Mini Football
  32. Gymnastics
  33. Free callisthenics
  34. Chess
  35. Russian Checkers International Checkers
  36. Aesthetic Gymnastics
  37. Rugby 15, 7
  38. Laptbol
  39. Kickboxing

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