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FIAS: Sambo and troubles with IOC recognition letter



FIAS application to IOC
It was announced during the last FIAS Congress in Minsk (November 7th, 2012), that the President of FIAS, Mr. Shestakov had sent a FIAS application in order to achieve recognition by the IOC. My request from November 1st (attached) “to provide us a copy of such application” has remained without a response.
Today I received a copy of that application (FIAS to IOC) from Vice President of FIAS Mr. Shultz and was stunned by how unprofessionally it looked:
The application consists of 87 pages in format A‐4 and the contents make me wonder:
1. Emblem ‐ The first page shows an unapproved emblem of our organization instead of the one approved and registered in FIAS Statutes in Lausanne.
2. Executive committee ‐ Out of 18 members of the FIAS Executive Committee – 8 are representatives from Russia. Is this suitable for International SAMBO Federation? Compared to other IFs this is far from the norm.
3. Anti‐doping (paragraph 3) ‐ “Acceptance of Anti‐doping code” states: “FIAS is unable to provide official statistics with regard to anti‐doping control for the past period”. How are we planning to be an Olympic sport while unable to provide an adequate anti‐doping control? Besides, we have already received
a warning of “suspension” from SPORTACCORD on the same matter.
4. Membership base ‐ It is clear from the application that out of 80 countries which are members of FIAS, 42 only show (by this document) that they have a registered number of participants that is less than 10 people. For example, there are only 4 registered members in Italy, while there were 23 sportsmen participating in the last World Championship; or, in Belgium, there are 4 registered members according to the application, while there were 7 at the last World Championship. What is it – inability to read and fill out documents properly or countries send “illegal sportsmen”. Moreover, it states only 2 sportsmen in Cyprus and Finland, and 4 sportsmen in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Turkey,
Algeria, Mauritius, Nigeria, Philippines, Yemen, and Trinidad and Tobago each (Is Trinidad a recognized FIAS member?)
Moreover, the motherland of sport‐ the Russian SAMBO Federation has only 1,014 registered sportsmen (according to the Application), while according to Moscow SAMBO Federation only, the official statistics for the end of 2012 has 18,940 registered members!
What is it, criminal negligence or deliberate action?

5. Paragraph 6.1 – List of Continental Championships (for the past 2 years) ‐ There was only the 2012 Asian SAMBO Championship mentioned. However, as everyone knows, there was one in 2011 as well. Also, regarding Pan‐American SAMBO Championship, the year is not stated. I would think it
should be 2012; however there were 14 participating countries (not 8). And there were 13 (not 5) participating countries in 2011. 
6. There are many other mistakes and discrepancies in the text of the Application. For example, the “Application shows: 
a. There are 15 “registered participants” in India, however there were 200 participants in the National SAMBO Championships.
b. There are 20 “registered participants” in South Korea, however there were over 160 participants in the National SAMBO Championship.
c. The number of participants in the National SAMBO Championships of Japan, Jordan, Taiwan, Nepal, USA, Montenegro, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Belarus, Latvia, Iraq, Lebanon, Thailand, China, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan haven’t been mentioned at all.
7. Paragraph 11.2 –  Web visits’ statistics represented only by a single website, but totally ignores other existing sites:,,, and many more.
8. Financing (paragraph 12) – This subject requires additional investigation. We all remember were promised by Mr. Shestakov to provide annual financing for the development of SAMBO in the amount of 10 million dollars.
However, it is clear from the FIAS report that for the past three years 2010‐2012, it spent 970.378 Swiss Francs (which is approximately US$873,340 dollars), i.e. approximately $290,000 per year. This is almost 35 times less than what was promised to all of us. No one verified completeness and correctness of the report (since no one performed an audit of our financial statements), however a quick overview causes a lot of perplexity. For example, according to the report, the Pan‐American SAMBO Federation had received 53,612 Swiss Francs, however according to Dr. J.Kogan – President of AASF, they received $16,320 USD (approximately 18,000 Swiss Francs proven by documentation). 
Also, according to the text of the application “Russian VneshTorgBank” was the main sponsor donating $1,000,000 annually. The question is: Where is the money? 
9. Ideology and Values (page 66) – reads “Fundamental values: “…Russian roots – means intellect, endurance, invincible spirit”.
Completely wrong approach. SAMBO – is an international sport. And, in case Mr. Shestakov is unaware of SAMBO he should read through the description in Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia: “Professionals consider SAMBO as a synthesis of various martial arts”. This means that SAMBO is a multinational sport with roots and traditions going back to Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Japan, etc. 
This Application has been signed by one person – President of FIAS, Mr. V.Shestakov.
If this  is  criminal negligence or deliberate action remains unclear. But what is clear is that such application will delay our attempts to be recognized  by the IOC or could make it simply impossible. This contradicts the goals declared by Mr. Shestakov many times.
And for this application is paid one million dollars?
Dr. David Rudman,
Honorary President of FIAS
1st Vice President of FIAS
1. Copy of the Application:
2. Copy of email to the President of FIAS
Subject: документы
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 11:49:33 ‐0400
FIAS President Shestakova V.B.   
Dear Vasiliy Borisovich!   
Please send copies of documents you sent to the IOC for provisional
David Rudman, 
FIAS Honored President 
First Vice President of FIAS

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